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Really like the scalability of unraid both on the hardware and software side of things.

One rig is just a simple NAS with a rather old c2000 atom. It's still able to host some dockers.

The other is more of an all out application server and vm's for multiple users.



One feature for 2020, perhaps a more mobile orientated GUI so I can manage them a bit easier on the smartphone while traveling(Unfortunately controlR isn't for me)

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one thing you like most about Unraid


Well, i went for Unraid because it fits my needs: no need to allocate gigabytes of ram per tera on storage (as Freenas) and the freedom to use whatever drive(s) i want without minding too much about raid.



one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020


Definitely, the ability from Unraid gui to search for files in the array.


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Thing I like most is Docker management and app store.  Totally reduced my home server count and improved the richness / effectiveness of my home security!


Would love most is more support for cut and paste into the vnc docker sessions.  Seems broken.  Would have said better VPN support but Wireguard is almost perfect and getting there with support for advanced docker networks in 2020!

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Absolutely love unraid, I have it running on 2 systems with an eventual 3rd. 

The best part of unraid for me is the simplicity of hardware passthrough and the amazing community.


One feature I wish that I would love to have would be support for pcie fusion Io and memory io drives. These are fantastic as a cache drive and the endurance on these is beyond belief.


Thank you for wonderful software and the great community team unraid.

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Hard to pick one thing for both so two things that tie for number one.
1)ease of use (for the most part) much easier then it was years about. 2)unraids core feature, redundancy with any drive added at any time of any size/manufacture etc.

Again a tie for what I would like to see in 2020. 1) easier/built in server to server backup and backup to cloud storage. 2)multiple cache pools (which I know is a planned feature)

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I absolutely love how easy it is to implement anything. The selling point for me to use this was the ability to add more drives as I continue.


Out of left field for this request, but I would love to use the monitor that is hooked up to the server as a way to display unraid stats. No interaction, just stats. I can leave it running all the time and i can quickly glance to see cpu usage, temps, drive usage, etc.

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The thing I like most about UnRAID is how easy it is to manage growing/evolving storage (i.e. swap drives out of/into the array, grow my storage over time without worrying about losing anything!)


My 2020 top feature request - GUI support for Docker Networking, i.e. a page to create docker networks in the GUI, then go into an app and be able to select which of those docker networks each app is part of - similar to what is typically done in a single docker compose file that contains for example, web, app and db docker images. My ultimate implementation of this would be to merge dockerman with docker compose so that docker compose is "how" you do docker on UnRAID but the most important part for me is sane, gui-based management of docker networks. I'd also be happy to see this implemented as Docker Swarm instead, but... baby steps.


Note: I'm fully aware of the ability to run docker compose after installing the nerd pack, I'm working on that now. It's the GUI/native integration that I'm after like a lot of users. It's in big part what draws us to UnRAID in the first place.


Once this is implemented in 2020, lets make 2021 the year of HA between multiple UnRAID boxes with support for an overlay k8s management suite for the docker/apps portion! :) I own a pro license. I'd happily buy 2 more tomorrow if I could easily cluster the 3 for redundancy for all of my apps (VMs and storage would be great, too).


Keep up the awesome work, guys & happy new year!

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I love that unRAID OS has been maintained, for me since 2011, and continued adding new features while still running on my ol HP G7 microserver N40L. 
For 2020, I’d really appreciate it if more drivers were bundled, while their installation would be optional. I’m thinking in particular about the great Linux homeserver team’s work on Nvidia and DVB drivers. It’d be mental if, say after install, limetech included plugins to run custom install of drivers based on user selection. 

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I'm still very much a novice and am still learning how to use Unraid but so far I like how versatile Unraid is for use in applications scaling from a tiny home server to a multi-terabyte corporate NAS.


I would like to see the ability to install Unraid on an internal drive, which in my experience is sometimes more reliable than simply running it off a USB thumbdrive.

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