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1) Using Unraid meant I was able to hugely condense multiple physical servers and service into one box (ha/dr to a second) whilst keeping power usage to a minimum and heaat output low.


Something that I would welcome in 2020 would be some small improvements to the docker implementation, for example, visual updates for container grouping which could be collapseable.

Its really great already, but with a little more tweaking would tip it over the edge into awesome.

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I really love the Docker template system and how it makes it easy to maintain a huge collection of configured containers that can persist across changing container sources and updates.


I'd love to see more in-app suggestions and warning flags for helping people make better decisions. About to set your cache drives to XFS instead of a BtrFS pool? There should be a quick prompt telling users what they're about to do and what the consequences are. About to make a BtrFS pool with multiple drives of different sizes? Explanation about BtrFS profiles and which to use. Adding hoards of in-app documentation can help people learn and avoid making catastrophic mistakes.

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One thing I like most about Unraid:
This one is easy - the community of course!
One thing I'd like to see added in 2020:
This one is a bit more difficult, since Unraid varies so much depending on what is required by the operator. Something I see asked for a lot is a proper remote access gui, rather than connecting via a vpn to your network - this would be handy, but if it isn't properly secured, it would also be asking for trouble. So, I'm going to suggest something different, and that is built in unraid server syncing, which would keep two systems at different locations in sync (at specified times, eg, end of the day). I'm sure there are guides and plugins on how to achieve this, but if it was made simple, with a setup wizard, that would be amazing.

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I love the fact that I can just pop in a new drive and expand my storage and not have to rebuild anything. This is the main reason why I chose UNRAID and not FreeNAS. 

I would love to have a Discord notification built in. Also I would love to have off-site backups happen automatically to another UNRAID server.

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Love the ease of everything... Backups, upgrading parity drives, etc. Great docker container support, etc


For 2020, would be great to be able to roll back plugin/docker updates easier. Oftentimes an update breaks them.


An integrated processes viewer would be cool too to track data usage, network usage, etc

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Best thing: re-purposing drives of varied sizes as I decommission my raid servers, without worrying that a drive failure could result in losing the entire contents of my NAS.


Feature(s) I'd like to see:  man pages! (I support trying to do as much as possible via the GUI, but there'll always be something a power user wants to do which requires the command line.)  Speaking of things to add to the GUI, I'd like to be able to route network traffic from several docker containers through a single container hosting a VPN client. But, this requires named network interfaces for the containers. Creating and connecting these to containers is not currently possible through the GUI.

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The thing I like most about Unraid is the dedication to bettering the product and helping users from both Lime and the community.


The new feature I would like to see most is one I've seen advertised recently on a commercial NAS, and that is the ability to share space in a storage array (with a friend, family member, etc) for remote backup with the option to encrypt.

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