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  1. @gaikokujinkyofusho I think I may have solved the issue. I found that 'Automatic Torrent Management' was not on/ticked for every new torrent. If I start a torrent then manually tick this it looks to get moved correctly. Unfortunately it looks like the options to configure this are not available in the WebGUI only the full desktop client, but... I opened the qBittorrent.conf in notepad and adjusted the following section to look like this (I only had to modify the last line on mine, false to true) [BitTorrent] Session\DisableAutoTMMTriggers\Categor
  2. Same here, tried a number of different things, but still can't get it to work. May see if I can get some debugging set and trace a small download end to end.
  3. I'm glad I came and looked, I am having exactly the same issue. I thought it was my config and have completely rebuilt the categories and folders. Hmmm I wonder what has changed.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks, this has really tidied up my list of containers
  5. 1) Using Unraid meant I was able to hugely condense multiple physical servers and service into one box (ha/dr to a second) whilst keeping power usage to a minimum and heaat output low. Something that I would welcome in 2020 would be some small improvements to the docker implementation, for example, visual updates for container grouping which could be collapseable. Its really great already, but with a little more tweaking would tip it over the edge into awesome.
  6. So very short term user, but already I've managed to reduce my home infrastructure to a single server (offsite data backup still and some other dedicated devices) running multiple containers and vms. This has reduced my electrical demand, heat generated and space required massively. I am over the moon with my setup that even though I don't need it I bought the pro license as a sort of thank you! I am still trying to think up new ways or things to do with my server to increase the value add.
  7. Technically it doesn't get a new external IP as its using the other container for its connectivity, but yes confirmed the route and that there is no leak to other interfaces. TBH its a great solution to what I was looking to do. Also running packet trace at the firewall to make sure all is as it should be.
  8. I have a rather custom setup where I use --network=container:[containername] via the 'extra parameters' option field (network type in the GUI is set to none). This means if I need to access the WebUI of this container I need to route via the other containers IP and port. Therefore I would like to be able to unhide/override the default behaviour for the WebUI menu item (which is hide on 'network type' = none) so I can manually point it to the correct address. Thank you for the consideration.
  9. Shame, never mind, thought I'd at least ask. I was hoping I could temporarily modify the xml or a flag to show it even though none was selected. Thanks for the help!
  10. I really do want it to appear as I am using --network=container:[containername] and want the webui option (manually configured) to use the ip and port assigned to the other container.
  11. Hello, I am using a custom network configuration, but I still want the WebUI option to appear with my customer ip/port configured. For some reason when network is set to none I lose the WebUI menu item. Any way to get this back?
  12. Found a way round this by using the custom command --network=container:contanername and pointing at another container with the vpn software running
  13. I am in the process of moving over to unRAID and want to try and reduce the kit I am using. I have a setup with 1 onboard and a dual port Intel Pro 1000 NIC. I would like to have at least 2 NIC configurations, 1 using gateway x.x.x.254 and one using a gateway of x.x.x.253 My assumption was to configure 2 bridges and then just assign the appropriate container to each but I can't get multiple bridges to show in the GUI. Network Type shown: Bridge Host None Custom: br0 Have I completely misunderstood the setup or can someone