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I cannot find 1 thing i like about UNRAID, is just too awesome. The docker, the VM, the ease of hardware swap (CPU, motherboard, HDD, casing etc).

but if i have to choose, the most impotent thing that i like is that i can add drive over the year and expend my array anytime i like, and allow different size of drive to be added!


a multi cache pool would be nice, keep having my VM hang when transfer large files in to cache enable share :(

1 SSD pool for my VM and 1 SSD pool for array cache/docker

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The thing I like most about Unraid is I no longer have to run a bunch of stuff from my personal PC. I got my hands on a cheap but functional server a business was getting rid of and have been using that for about 6 months. As for a specific thing, It's ease of use, I have some friends also running Unraid and they helped me getting started but beyond that it's very straightforward. One thing I'd like to see added in 2020 is more OS customization options.

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constantly and the admin want to fix all thr issue to make a stable release and the plugins and docker too..

The next version of the OS i want if is possible that we could customize the VM such like a bare metal where you can choice or arrange the booting sequence of your HDD, USB, or CD\DVD all them for sure coming will be implemented in near future..

Thank you UNRAID to let me chance to give my suggestion and opinion.. BEST OF LUCK TO US.. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE..

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I like being able to construct my array with drives of differing sizes.  And the open platform for docker containers and community applications is wonderful.

I'd like to see better more authoritative documentation on a version specific basis.   Specifically around "what are safe operations" like moving files between shares on drives, symbolic links, deleting the docker image file and restoring from previously installed "applications".


Thanks for a great product.


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Its like a swiss army  knife that has all the features someone needs to create a home server that can exceeds your needs. Learning how to do that is where the fun starts and knowleges begins


I have 64 gigs of ram on my server a very small percentage of ram used for caching files or moving non critical files in memory or some kind of ramdisk. Asus has a special ramdisk that is allocated to ssd's and folders to speed up file transfers and to keep files resident in memory. It would be cool if the ramdisk could be resident on reboots (create a file on disk).

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I am very interested in learning more after watching several videos and reading these forums.  What I like most so far is the very active community support.  It appears this is the software I need to support my file server.  

I would like to see more support for SSDs as others have mentioned.  Though I feel this would defeat the purpose of making this software affordable I.e.  it isn’t necessary to use SSDs as the speed isn’t needed for a storage array.  

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