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I just started using it, but love the clean gui, simplicty of use, and the great forum help I've received so far.


Would love to have the ability to configure folders or shares to duplicate contents onto multiple disk's, like DrivePool has.  (I'm still becoming familiar with unraid, so this may already possible and I haven't come across it yet)

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I like the simplicity of the management interface. The GUI is easy to navigate while still exposing many of the configuration options.


I would like to see the ability to have multiple arrays on the same server. Somewhat similar to vdevs in ZFS. Where you can have 2+ groups of disks protected with their own parity drives, while maintaining the flexibility we love with the unraid array.


Cheers to a great year in 2020!

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What do I like? The community, specifically and I wish to thank spaceinvaderone as the other reddit users.


Something for the future? Better integration for graphics card drivers, the current nvidia solution is awkward at best.

I also believe the license costs should be reviewed. Home users should be allowed a free or gimped license, this would increase the users of the software that are otherwise using proxmox, omv etc.

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I love that you can grow your storage gradually. 


I would love to see silent corruption detection natively integrated with parity checking for automatic repairing of the corruption.  BTRFS only supports determining if there is corruption with a single drive, but the data exists in parity.  Shouldn't have to go dig up a backup for this.  Same with the Dynamix File Integrity plugin, from what I understand.  

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Quite hard to select one thing I love about Unraid, but if forced to reduce to one, it'll be back to basics: The ability to add drives, in singles or batches, of different sizes, and get them all protected and still recoverable in case of multi drive failure. This has been Unraid's first differentiator, and I think it still is. Now with encryption and dual parity... 


I'd like to see SAS drives spun down... 🙂

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The best thing about Unraid is its Accessibility for the masses via Secure Array storage, various Docker apps, or VM operation, Unraid enables users to make their server anything they need it to be. Not many systems can claim that and especially not at Limetechs price point...


I have been running spinners for years, and use array drives as secondary for my VMs; OSes are unassigned SSD's. I'd like to start using SSD array storage, (ie speed) in 2020, this would render unassigned VM drive allocation moot and yield rather fast large "VM drives", great for running multiple 80GB+ games as well as better match my 10GB home network transfer read write speed negating the need for using the cache drive on a few of my shares.

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I like that with Unraid I can add storage as my environment grows.



I would like the ability to bind the WebUI to one specific IP instead of it binding to port 443/80 on every IP/NIC assigned to the box.  I would also like to see an admin user that isn't the root user.

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Thought of another future feature/enhancement.
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My favorite thing is the ease of use getting started with the basics, combined with heavy customization once you know your way around.


in the future is really like to see native support for disk striping technologies. Yes, I know it’s “unraid”, but mostly I’m here for the UI, VM, and Docker support, not the ease of adding drives.

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On 12/27/2019 at 2:27 PM, SpencerJ said:

The Unraid forum is about to hit a major milestone: 100,000 members! As of Christmas time, 2019, we're sitting at approximately 99,000 forum members. To commemorate this awesome community achievement, let's do another giveaway!


What's at stake?

  • 90 winners will receive limited-edition Unraid case badges! These 2x2 inch domed, polyurethane server badges will look great on your own home lab (badges not for sale, sorry)!
  • 9 winners will receive an Unraid case badge AND a $25 gift card to the Unraid merch store.
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner: receives a case badge, a $25 gift card AND an Unraid pro license! Pretty sweet huh!?


See the linked blog post for pics and additional info!


How to Enter:

Simply tell us:

  • one thing you like most about Unraid


  • one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020



That's it! Winners will be drawn at random from the forum entrants here. 

At our current rate, we will likely hit 100,000 members late January or early February 2020. Follow the Unraid twitter account for periodic forum # updates!


Entries will close as soon as we hit 100,000 forum members so don't delay in entering! Good luck.



I love the ability to store all out media from photos to entertainment. To loop in the improvement with that. Having the ability to use another Unraid users storage to store backups of configuration, flash, docker IMG in a encrypted backup. 


For example my buddy has Unraid server and we can have a off site backup of our configuration on each other's and have it encrypted with only the Unraid owner can open is the cherry on top! You can set a limit and even maybe do some other backups if both parties agree. 


Thanks for the contest, sport for the long post, just love Unraid and the power it gives its users! 

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