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What i love most, wow that a hard one. I would say STABILITY. A server that you can rely on to be there every second of every day for years to come , hosting your valuable data, serving you with dockers and VM's galore and does it without beeing noticed.

Love it ....


Wishes: zfs suport for cache pool. Love the zfs plugin to death but would be great if i could use zfs intead of btrfs for the cache.



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I love how easy it is to use and the support from the community. Have been using to store my media and recently started using Plex was very easy to setup.

Everytime I turn around new functionality is being added that I did not even think about but don't know how I could live without it now. Keep doing what your doing it works.

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Unraid allowed me to take everything I was doing haphazardly across a few machines and seamlessly integrate it all into a single box, with a method of expansion and support not available elsewhere. I don't see myself using anything else for my home server setup, and have plans for future upgrades and even new Unraid boxes in the future.


One thing I think we're missing is a proper file management solution within the UI. I currently have to utilize at least three 3rd party solutions to quickly move files around within the environment, while handling permissions. This is, in my opinion, something that should be a solid user friendly part of the Unraid experience, but currently isn't.

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I love the versatility unraid can be used for, ie: VM host, bulk storage, docker host, etc.


One thing I would like to see in the future is an easy way to have remote data replication between 2 unraid hosts for remote site backup. I know this is possibly with the right knowledge and tools configuration, but I think it should be simplified so that anyone can set it up. I'm fairly technical and still have not set it up because of that reasoning.


Other things I would love to see:

1. Wifi support (With this, I could in theory make all desktop computers unraid hosts and use VM's for normal desktop usage, which would increase flexibility)

2. Easier VFIO setup. I'm still attempting to get my first attempt working, but the fact that you have to edit the xml to pass a gpu correctly should not be a requirement if possible. It should know when passing both the gpu and gpu sound card together to set the correct settings.

3. Nextcloud support to enable replacement of cloud based contacts/calendar/storage solutions. I know this can be done via docker, but some of them could be considered not friendly to setup for new users. With the feature for remote replication,  and this, I would feel comfortable replacing online services with this solution. Right now I haven't done so because of the lack of easy remote replication for data safety reasons.


Anyways, thanks for everything! Excited to see where unraid goes in the future!

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Ability to use old Server Grade Equipment easily in a home environment.  I am not a expert by any means but I have build a fairly inexpensive yet capable server.




I'd like to have a way to organize my docker containers into categories / sections.  I'd also like to have the ability to collapse or expand each section with a hierarchical menu somewhere also.

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The ability to add 'random' drives to the array at any time is the killer feature. Currently working on moving all my data to my new UnRaid install.


More detailed process viewer (see a more 'live' version of what's using up the CPU) and native ZFS support (even though I'm not using it... for now)


I'll probably think of things later down the track, but those are the only ones which come to mind. So far I'm enjoying my experience with UnRaid!

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