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I love how I can run a VM on my storage server, two birds with one stone. I also love the price...considering the money I dumped into Drobo when I was younger...dude!

I would like to see simpler health reporting for hard drives. Like DriveDx on Mac OS?

Congrats and here's to the next 100k! Those case badges look rad.

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Hard to pick just one thing, but what I like most has been the stability. Despite my best efforts I still haven't managed to break my system beyond repair. I have upgraded and modified the drive pool so that none of the original disks I started with remain, but I never had to start over from scratch, which is amazing.


One thing I'd love to see added would be a built-in backup utility that could automate backups to NAS / Cloud etc.



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I love how you can add new drives to the pool without a rebuild and the ease of use of everything.


I'd like the ability to update all settings no matter if VMs/docker/array are active/started. Instead of disabling those options till you turn off whatever there should just be a button to restart those services and apply the new settings all at once. I also like the idea of having multiple cache pools/drives

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Like a lot of people have said already, my favorite thing about Unraid is the ability to mix and match disk sizes in the array. I always kind of dreamed about having a RAID array to store my data on, but the cost of getting a bunch of matched hard drives all at once was prohibitive. Unraid allows me to get the benefits of a parity-protected array without the inconvenience involved with establishing and expanding proper RAID arrays.


The biggest things I'd like to see are just a focus on greater performance where possible (like the change in 6.8 that made the performance penalty of using the array while the Mover is running less noticeable), and some means to verify data integrity against bitrot (whether that's through ZFS or something else I'm not particularly fussy about).

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I've been using Unraid since 2008, in that time I've unfortunately had several drives fail, upgraded drives, expanded my array and even moved it to completely new hardware.  Unraid did what it was supposed to do each time and I never lost any data.  


A feature I'd really like to see added would be an integrated backup solution.  I've started putting together a backup server, and will soon have to decide on a backup software to use with it, if there was an integrated solution, that would be ideal.  

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One thing I really appreciate about unRAID is no longer having to deal with Windows Storage Spaces. Because it failed for me, it forced me to look for alternatives, which brought me to unRAID. Also, those pushy Windows updates were terrible. 


One thing I would really like to see in unRAID is screen sharing. A friend of mine wants to make the switch, but he's not the most technically savvy. It would be very helpful if he were able to screen share his unRAID GUI, so I were able to guide him remotely. 

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I've been a user since the 4.x days and the OS has come a very long way. I've setup quite a few servers over the years for friends, and I will continue to recommend it. The community support and dedication from Tom and team is unmatched by any other company!


I'd love to see built-in off-site backup support. Perhaps as a start, automated config backup to a specified cloud provider.

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I now have 2 unRAID servers with 16 disks of 108TB / 2 cache disks of 2.5TB, and planning to build another one with no less than 200TB.


I really like the flexibility of increase or reduce disk array, besides the stability is good, worry-free in most situation.


As for improvement for 2020, I'd like to see better disk array health summary and report in one click, so I can better planning disk  replacement.

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