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I love how Unraid operates in that it is not a true RAID setup. This has made it extremely easy to expand storage and even migrate to new PC hardware (where drive order and other factors matter in traditional RAID).



I would really like it if iSCSI (LUN) support could be added. Mapped drives in Windows has proven to be unreliable (in the sense that they do not always reconnect and I have to rely on scripts), which can cause issues with applications like Steam (if they are set to automatically start w/ Windows) where the file paths have to be manually re-added. - Furthermore, other launchers like the Epic Games Store and even the Windows App Store will either not play nicely with the mapped drives or not even support them at all (and even symbolic links are not 100% reliable). - I would rather not have to dedicate an actual HDD via Unassigned Devices to my gaming VM and would prefer to put it to use within my Unraid Array instead.


Having this type of support would also keep me from having to purchase either a small standalone NAS (i.e.: QNAP or Synology) or even building a secondary server w/ FreeNAS. - Neither of which I have done yet, but have considered.

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I appreciate the fact that unRAID continues to improve and extend its capabilities in relevant ways for what is effectively a one-time lifetime licence fee and provides truly useful support through its forums. (Unlike, for example - well, something that rhymes with Flex.) And I've learned a lot more Linux. (I think that's a plus 😉?)


I'd love to see more guidance/documentation on how to use dockers from DockerHub that don't come pre-packaged in Community Apps.

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For me the star feature has always been the unRAID array. The flexibility of basic drive pooling, the redundancy of parity protection, rock solid stability, and the ability to recover the majority of data in failure scenarios makes it the perfect solution for a home NAS system.


One feature i would like to see added upon is the ability to display and control groups of docker containers as a unit.

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10 minutes ago, CrashnBrn said:

Am I the only one thinking people are making new accounts to try to win? There are a lot of accounts here with only a single post.

But according to the contest rules in the first post, the creation of those accounts takes the forums closer to 100,000 members, at which point the contest closes? (to be clear, I haven't created any accounts, this contest is just for fun and I've entered once above)

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The one thing I like is the versatility of the platform. The ability to add more functionality to it than just data redundancy and storage is a huge win for me and at the ridiculously low cost and with hardware I have laying around is fantastic!


On the note of old hardware... I would love to see a feature of text alerts using something an interface through google voice, and or specific fan alerts, and other temp sensor alerts. While hard drive alerts are great don't get me wrong if a case fan fails I don't know about it unless a HDD temp spikes in correspondence. Where as if I get an alert about a non spinning fan I can swap out a replacement before it becomes a problem to the HDD's or take the side of the case off and put a box fan there in the mean time until a replacement comes in (again using old hardware)

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From a user who never build a server or used "server" software till a week ago........


I started a week ago and at this moment I have an unRaid server with 4 4TB data drives, an 8TB parity drive, 2 cache ssd's and a M.2 NVMe drive for the VM's, 2 VM's running, auto rsync backups to offsite, installed dockers, auto updates, etc etc........So what I like? Well the fact that a noob like me was able to pull this of.....thx to unRaid!! The flexibility, yet easy to understand, is just.....well awesome!


What I like to see added......well bummer..... can't really answer that right now because I'm not missing anything at the moment. But to put something here: Build in GUI for backing up to extern location...

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This is my first post because I'm new to Unraid but I already love it :D

I love it for the amazing community, Docker support and the ease of use especially for server newbies like me :) I was trying to go with Proxmox but that was really driving me crazy. When I switched to Unraid I successfully managed to implement everything I need within almost a day, where I wasn't able to with Proxmox trying for weeks... Now I just need a license :D

What I would love to see is proper ZFS support.



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I love the Community! Im quite new to Unraid. Having used it for a few months now for a low spec NAS I’ve fallen in love with the ease of using Docker containers compared to a regular Linux Distro, and there are so many brilliant people in this community who have helped me get my rig up and running. I’m sure they’ll be extremely useful in the forthcoming few weeks as I have just ordered a 2700x and GTX 1080 for a Windows Gaming VM, this will be fun!


One thing to improve in 2020... possibly the ability to create a separate SSD array for use cases where the fast RW of SSDs would be important, especially with the falling prices of SSDs we have seen through 2019.


Thanks to everyone in the Unraid community and of course the amazing dev team. I hope to be engaging more regularly in the upcoming weeks!

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