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My favorite thing about unraid is the fact that i can add different sized drives one at a time as I can acquire them.

The change i'd like to see is a toss up between VM clustering, and My favorite thing about unraid is the fact that i can add different sized drives one at a time as I can acquire them.

The change i'd like to see is a toss up between VM clustering, and SSD array support

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I love the ease of use of setting up a NAS, setting up shares, and all the docker apps and community support.  The #1 thing that attracted me to unraid is the ability to expand storage ore replace drives without having to match drive space or drive specs.  The ability to use an ssd as your cache drive is a major bonus.  I'm currently running a 4tb drive as parity, another 4tb drive, a 1tb drive, and a 320gb drive.  I don't really have the money to replace my 1tb drive that already has a s.m.a.r.t warning.  I do have faith that the Unraid parity will allow me to postpone purchase as long as possible to reduce the costs of the drive purchase.


I hope that I can win a discount so that I can purchase the middle priced license.  Hopefully my 1tb drive won't fail before I can save enough to purchase another one.  If not, I will have to reset my config without the failed 1tb drive. :-(  Wish me luck!


Happy new year everyone!

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I like the flexibility it provides when you have spare disks laying around.

It would be nice to know an approximate power draw that the Unraid server is using and a histogram for it. This can be an approximation based on hardware specifications (type of processor, type of drives). Not everyone has a UPS that displays the current power draw and it could be helpful in making better decisions.

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I love that expanding the storage pool does not require more than one drive change or addition at a time.


I would like to see a plugin that helps to migrate the cache drive more easily. The cache drive is being asked to do more and more (due to dockers) but isn't so easy to expand. I realize there is a procedure for this, but I'm looking for something more simple.

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I really like how it's easy to setup, the improvements to the UI this year made it a lot more appealing to join.


I think one thing I would like to have more improvements to SMB performance. It hasn't ever been stable. I was able to mitigate the problem with the performance dropping to 0, but it still doesn't feel stable, which I'm concerned will be worse when I decide to upgrade to 10g

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The stability and functionality make me confident about unRAID today, the responsiveness and great support of Tom, the developer team and the community make me confident about unRAID in the future. Simply said: thank you


I keep close track of my hard disks and track the development of especially wear SMART values manually. It would great if unRAID would keep a log of the SMART history for me, e.g. by polling a drive once a day (customizable) and keeping track of changes. 

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I like how shares, containers and VMs all work together. I have tried most other ´home server´ distros and unRaid just works.


I would like to see the ability to remove a disk from the GUI without losing date. This should also include moving the data off first.

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I have been using UnRaid for about 10 years, since 4.4 maybe.  It has come such a long way in that time and just keeps getting better.  When you added dockers it was my favorite feature and made setting everything up so easy.  


I can't wait till Wireguard is built in natively so I can safely and securely access my server remotely.  


Keep up the great work, I look forward to see what the future holds.

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Unraid allows gradual (you can start with just 1 drive) and safe (adding additional drive won't stress the rest) storage expansion, and even if you need for some reason to access data independently of system, you can!


mt-st support, edac-util and built-in unassigned drive functionality (so it can be used in safe mode)

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My favorite feature about Unraid is the ability to consistently add various drives. This is a much have for lower budget home builds that want future expansion without creating new arrays for single drives.


A feature I would like to see would be maybe more GPU passthrough features like slicing a GPU for multiple VMs.

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