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OS on the USB . It creates a clear separation of OS and my data.  It's easy to backup the OS config, upgrade and try a new release, and downgrade should I ever need.


I use docker-compose to setup and config all my docker containers.  Would love to just provide the git repo / path to the docker-compose config.

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Very smooth and easy to install. A good example today is when I have built myself a new server and prepared myself for a lot of jobs after I moved my hard drives. Judging by my surprise when everything started up just like my old server, I just say unraid every day of the week it is absolutely superb. What I want to see as a feature in 2020 is a simple connection to dropbox or similar so you can take simple backups to the cloud.

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I love the VM support and using it for my gaming machine.


What I would love to see added is better VM control/support for my use type. Being able to switch VMs from a VM without having to open the interface from another device, better handling of the VM forms to better reflect XML changes, etc. If you’re using unRAID as the host for gaming clients on one device it can be a real pain sometimes. 

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What I like: The ease of setup and use. I have looked into ZFS and FreeNAS, and Unraid seemed to be the easiest to setup and follow for a relative beginner like myself.


What I would like to see: The ability to set up multiple drive pools so I can easier separate my data and have better parity for more critical data (two drive parity for critical data and separate single drive parity for non-critical  data).

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So I love UnRaid and how easy it was to get going and start learning about this OS. Still learning things everyday. 

The one thing I would like to see happen with UnRaid is to have some support for different configurations and faster transfer rates. 

But also want to thank everyone for there handwork on this and to the community for the support given to us newbies. 

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Favourite feature is the parity implementation, and being able to add a single drive at a time while keeping the parity fully intact.

If there was one thing I would like to see added, it would be to add support for having SSDs as a part of the disk array, as well as being able to setup secondary disk arrays.

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I like the reliability and ease of use.


I'd like to see FreeBSD working normally under Unraid the same way it does @ PVE. I don't see any changes on FreeBSD side that are specific to PVE, so if virtio works there, it should work here as well. Find out how they do it, make it so we can do it here.


I bought a monster of a PC (4000$) just so I can do everything I need at one place.

As a native-fbsd app developer running fbsd is kind of important. No FreeBSD is a deal-breaker for me.

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I like how "easy" it is to set everything up, but the most great thing about unraid is that you can do everything. Plugins, Dockers, VMs, As low specced or as high specced as you like. How unraid does things, is the future.


What i really want to see? Currently i would say better

-docker support (like stack support).

-Generally more up2date background software (but limetech seems to get better and updating more).

-More individual arrays... (main and cache)

-encryption for usb drive.. (if that is even possible idk)

-the holy grail would be unraid running on different servers, one interface, but behind the curtain it splits up. Like one docker server, one vm server (or multiple)

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I love how easy it is to grow your servers storage capacity.  Especially this time of year.


I would like to see a native means of remotely connecting to the server from outside the local network.  Also would love to have the functionality of easily syncing data on my server with another server off site.

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