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    It is included in the upcoming Unraid version 6.7
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    Support for Nginx Proxy Manager docker container Application Name: Nginx Proxy Manager Application Site: https://nginxproxymanager.jc21.com Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager/ Github: https://github.com/jlesage/docker-nginx-proxy-manager Make sure to look at the complete documentation, available on Github ! Post any questions or issues relating to this docker in this thread.
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    Ah yes. Good point. Didn't think about that. Out comes the RAID card!! Thanks.
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    I moved all my machines over to those. They perform well and are zero maintenance.
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    MAN I KNOW RIGHT! I always want to create new accounts on boards i've never posted on and ask questions that are crazily discussed at holiday parties! It's like the other day, for the second night of Hanukah, me and Ishmael were having some friends over, and some guy was like "if I was going to do 10gbe in my house, I would go fiber, i don't care about the cable expense!" But this other guy was all "MAN, you gotta go copper. It's a little pricey now for the cards, but it's the future!" So after that, I went and created an account on the synology forums and posted: Do you use 10gbe? I have tried several 10gbe hardware providers like Intel, Quanta and as of lately, Mellanox. Would rank Mellanox the highest because it has the best quality for a very low price, really impressed with the provider. What do you use? Totally legit. Welcome to the forums.
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    Make sure that the flash drive is set to be the first boot device in the BIOS Sent via telekinesis
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    The drivers are built into the linux kernel, so they are linked to the unraid release. To know what kernel supports AGESA is a little google away. I believe that entered in the 4.1x tree and unraid 6.6.5 was 4.18...so it is likely supported, but you would have to dig a bit deeper to find out....I'd hit google more but work is calling!
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    Been having an issue since the latest update when I tried to change a backup set. When I try to change the frequency that backups are taken with the dropdown, suddenly the entire browser window goes white (except the File, Edit, etc menu bar). This issue is happening under the frequency and versions section of the manage backup set. Anyone else getting this?
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    just to be clear on this, not all UK ISP's have to log, you have to have a certain number of customers before logging is mandatory, thus i dont use any of the larger (and frankly crapier) providers 🙂 edit - oh and did i mention no blocking of any sites too, win win.
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    I've personally never done more than one. I think the rationale for more is to try to get the disk past infant mortality. Like most electronics, if it doesn't fail early, it may last until obsolete. But if the rest of your array is healthy and you are diligent you should be able to survive a single disk with infant mortality. Do you have Notifications setup to alert you by email or other agent as soon as Unraid detects a problem? Do you have backups of anything important and irreplaceable? The original purpose of preclear was to allow you to clear (zero) a disk so it can be added to a new data slot without invalidating parity. If you try to add an unclear disk to a new data slot, Unraid will clear it so parity is maintained. Older versions of Unraid took the array offline while it cleared a disk, so preclear was invented to clear the disk before adding it to a new data slot. Later version of Unraid clear the disk without taking the array offline, so that original purpose isn't really necessary anymore. And, note that except for adding a disk to a new data slot, Unraid doesn't need a clear disk for any other scenario. Such as replacing a disk, since the disk contents would be completely overwritten by the rebuild anyway. Additional functionality of preclear includes some things that also test the disk. but it is possible to test a disk using other tools, such as badblocks or one of the utilities provided as free downloads by the disk manufacturer.
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    I realize that and I am simply commenting about what they do with your personal information, take it as you will. Sorry I can't help with your question.
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    Why would you want to use Trakt? Especially with Plex? Have you read Trakt's privacy disclaimer? They share, sell and will disclose your personal information with the Government and law enforcement.I get the convenience side of it, but what they do with peoples personal information is scary and I would never use their services. Just an FYI