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  1. Is it possible to create this gravity-sync as a plugin or would it be better suited as a user script? I have added it manually and ran it with userscript a few times now. But Am aware that update will likely wipe it every time and it persisting between updates is likely dependent on a plugin.
  2. Docker was in read only mode and could not restart server this morning. After attempting to restart docker/the array and then the whole box I had to force a shut down. After everything started back up it all seems to be working again. I had been smooth sailing before moving to rc2 thelibrary-diagnostics-20210102-1234.zip
  3. So when I built my system only back in January, I was a ware of this and turned it off then. I have never had a lock up until I move to RC-2. It would proably help to point out I have a server board in my build. ASRockRack X470D4U
  4. I believe I am having the same issue. thelibrary-diagnostics-20201228-1452.zip
  5. I've run the import for just about two days now and there are still no Photos in my library? I've pointed the import directly at the folder containing everything.
  6. 👍 Thanks that is plenty to go off
  7. Hey Squid, So does that mean that if your using br0 you cant change port mappings on the host side? Say for example using something like cloudflared for DNS over HTTPs and need to use port 53 instead of 5053, that its impossible.
  8. Sorry to wake an old thread, But was there ever any headway made on this. I'm facing the same issue.