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  1. Update got stuck on this: Left it for about 5 minutes and it was still there. It wasn't until I checked notifications on my phone that I saw everything had updated and to reboot.
  2. Since this update the webgui will work for a day or so but then it stops displaying the drives in NAS and doesn't have any info for the CPU, GPU, interface, system, etc. Only a reboot brings them back. All my dockers work and the System Stats app shows this info.
  3. Fix Common Problems notified me about this and I just want to be 100% sure I'm safe to IGNORE WARNING if I don't have any "Not Available" messages on my dockers? Thanks.
  4. Did you solve this because mine is the same? EDIT: A reboot fixed it.
  5. I don't even know what it does but having disabled it with no adverse effect I guess I don't need it!
  6. Can VT-d be re-enabled on Gen 8 servers now or is there no real need to?
  7. Thanks, will do. EDIT: Deleted and rebuilt the docker image but the corruption is still there. May 29 14:57:46 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (77): /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/cache/docker.img' /var/lib/docker 20 May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: loop2: detected capacity change from 0 to 41943040 May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS: device fsid e7cdcd01-5af4-4abe-a9e1-80c5bf296181 devid 1 transid 105165 /dev/loop2 scanned by udevd (6410) May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): flagging fs with big metadata feature May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): using free space tree May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): has skinny extents May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): bdev /dev/loop2 errs: wr 1, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 259, gen 0 May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): enabling ssd optimizations What should I do next? Thanks.
  8. Did a search for BTRFS in my diagnostics. Is this the corruption in question? May 29 14:57:46 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): bdev /dev/loop2 errs: wr 1, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 259, gen 0 tower-diagnostics-20220529-1638.zip
  9. Same server and CPU here; instructions worked perfectly. Thanks.
  10. Apologies, even though I'm using binhex-sonarr I seem to have changed the repository to linuxserver/sonarr:develop at some point. Is there a safe method of changing back? Thanks. EDIT: Backed up and then just changed the repo back to binhex-sonar.
  11. Getting this warning message - Safe to ignore?
  12. Sonarr updated last night (v3.0.6.1348) and I noticed an episode never downloaded like it should. Did a manual search and there was the release I wanted but with an exclamation mark next to it that said 'Contains these ignored terms: AMZN' which is weird because that's the required term as well. Checked the profile settings and all of my profiles now have the required terms duplicated in the ignored terms fields. When I try to delete them and then save it doesn't work - I get an exclamation mark in the save button. Deleting and trying to add a new profile results in the same thing. Thanks. EDIT: Seems to have been fixed now.
  13. Just installed and I'm a bit confused about what to select for CPU/Motherboard as they both have the same selections to choose from. What are tg3 and acpitz? Thanks.
  14. Just trying out the new version and it looks good. Any ETA for audio convertors or should I rollback for now?
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll open a new issue as requested.
  16. I can't get this to add a stereo track to my videos while keeping the original track(s) intact so I can enjoy the enhanced sound tracks at home and they can also be played by Plex for my sons. I've enabled 'Enable Audio Encoding'; disabled 'Enable Audio Stream Transcoding'; and enabled 'Create a stereo clone of all audio streams' but nothing gets scanned as needing re-encoding. It only works if I enable 'Enable Audio Stream Transcoding' as well which then destroys the original track(s).
  17. OK, and how would I format/preclear the old drive afterwards?
  18. Trouble is I don't have any more slots so they'll be using the same one.
  19. Need a little help regrading the Replacing a Data Drive guide at this part - 4. [ Optional ] Pull the old drive (you may want to leave it installed for Preclearing or testing) I'd like to know how to preclear the old drive before installing the new one as this isn't explained in the guide and at that point the array is powered down. Thanks. PS. I'm installing a larger drive so there's nothing wrong with the old one I just want it cleared before removing so reformatting is also an option but I don't want to get the procedure wrong and have the Unraid think I'm deleting the array data.
  20. Confirmed working for me with Kodi. Thanks.
  21. Someone messed around with it on TVDB and I fixed it yesterday but Sonarr isn't getting the updated info for some reason.
  22. Found this thread through this Kodi forum post - Any thoughts as this is still a problem?
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