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  1. Yes, sorry for the inconvenience. I have a ticket open to fix this.
  2. We think we've found the issue, currently working on a fix.
  3. Just to confirm this was all working until you updated the plugin? I've double checked the changes we included in the latest update and I'm not seeing anything that could cause this.
  4. No these are completely different.
  5. This sounds like a permission issue with SMB not related to my servers. By default the files app will connect with the guest account that’s likely the issue you’re having here.
  6. Just to confirm, are you seeing this issue on every page of the WebUI or just the my servers settings page? Can you also check to see if your /boot/config/plugins/ looks similar to this? [remote] apikey="___REDACTED___" regWizTime="___REDACTED___" email="___REDACTED___" username="OmgImAlexis" avatar="" [upc] apikey="___REDACTED___"
  7. Sorry for this. Currently working on getting it back online.
  8. Just pinged a team member about this. Don’t have an ETA yet but hoping to have it fixed ASAP. This is an issue on our end.
  9. Looking at the edit to your original post it looks like your unraid-api instance stopped communicating with mothership. I'd suggest next time trying `unraid-api stop` waiting 2 minutes and then `unraid-api start` in your terminal on your unraid machine and see if that resolves it. From what I can tell in the logs it looks like your unraid-api is reconnecting quite often. I'll add some more logging and see if I can get to the bottom of this.
  10. Okay but what do you mean by "working again"? If I knew what the issue was that you were having I could say if it was a bug, etc. don't really have much to go on at the moment.
  11. Could you expand on that? What exactly isn’t working?
  12. Looking on our end it seems your client is reconnecting quite often. Would you mind running `unraid-api stop` then waiting 60s and running `unraid-api start`. This should help narrow down where in our stack the connection is failing.
  13. That sounds like it's having trouble connecting in the first place. 10 minutes is our timeout before we drop the connection if it's unsuccessful in validation it's API key. Can you confirm that /boot/config/plugins/ exists and has a "apikey" line? Please don't paste it here I just need to know if it's missing or not.