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  1. Looking at the edit to your original post it looks like your unraid-api instance stopped communicating with mothership. I'd suggest next time trying `unraid-api stop` waiting 2 minutes and then `unraid-api start` in your terminal on your unraid machine and see if that resolves it. From what I can tell in the logs it looks like your unraid-api is reconnecting quite often. I'll add some more logging and see if I can get to the bottom of this.
  2. Okay but what do you mean by "working again"? If I knew what the issue was that you were having I could say if it was a bug, etc. don't really have much to go on at the moment.
  3. Could you expand on that? What exactly isn’t working?
  4. Looking on our end it seems your client is reconnecting quite often. Would you mind running `unraid-api stop` then waiting 60s and running `unraid-api start`. This should help narrow down where in our stack the connection is failing.
  5. That sounds like it's having trouble connecting in the first place. 10 minutes is our timeout before we drop the connection if it's unsuccessful in validation it's API key. Can you confirm that /boot/config/plugins/ exists and has a "apikey" line? Please don't paste it here I just need to know if it's missing or not.
  6. Yes. I’m currently working on this.
  7. Could you run this to confirm the unraid-api file correctly downloaded? root@Devon:~# ls -l /usr/local/bin/node/unraid-api/unraid-api -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 115980450 Mar 16 09:00 /usr/local/bin/node/unraid-api/unraid-api*
  8. Can I get you to check the my servers page when it IS working and see if the little i shows services when you hover and if they’re counting up.
  9. If all goes well I hope this is actually fixed in one of the next updates and the install does run it.
  10. Please `unraid-api restart` In a terminal on that server. That should resolve it.
  11. Does running `unraid-api restart` fix the graphql offline issue?
  12. Would you mind running `unraid-api restart` in a terminal and let me know if that sorts it. I’ve added this to our bug tracker.
  13. Looks really interesting. Have you seen the official api were working on?
  14. R710 - dev machine - ~250w/24/7 R510 - production box - ~200w/24/7 The rest of the power is used by my networking gear.
  15. Not sure I'll be getting that one at least for a while. Just this morning I had mine bumped to "Community Developer" from "Member".