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  1. Could I please get a copy of your That does look high compared to what I’d expect.
  2. Did you ever get anywhere with this?
  3. Thank you. In a terminal on that server can you run "unraid-api restart" and just see if that makes any difference.
  4. That's our API that's installed when you install the my servers plugin. I'd expect it to be using a lot less CPU usage though. Could you confirm you're on the latest version of the plugin and can I get a copy of your ?
  5. Sorry to bump an ancient thread but I just found the same device on my new server. Did you ever work out what it was? I did find this.
  6. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? If not then give that a go and let me know how it goes.
  7. Being on a trial shouldn't effect it at all. If you goto Settings -> Management Access and scroll to the bottom. Is "Allow Remote Access" set to "Yes"? If not then that'll be the issue.
  8. Yes that's normal as it'll cache the pid on startup. I've looked through all the logs I can and honestly I can't see anything showing your server successfully connecting. I'm going to keep digging into this for you.
  9. So my bad on not checking before posting. Seems it was fixed immediately after the last release we pushed to everyone. The next update will include these changes.
  10. Can you confirm you’re on the latest plugin version? This has definitely been fixed.
  11. Would you mind reinstalling the plugin? It looks like some of the files we installed ended up corrupted.
  12. Yes, sorry for the inconvenience. I have a ticket open to fix this.
  13. We think we've found the issue, currently working on a fix.
  14. Just to confirm this was all working until you updated the plugin? I've double checked the changes we included in the latest update and I'm not seeing anything that could cause this.