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  1. The version we pushed out yesterday should resolve this.
  2. Please open a seperate issue as this is unrelated. The outage shouldn’t be effecting backups.
  3. The issue in the original post is solved. The issue you're all having is unrelated, it's related directly to the cloud issues we're currently having.
  4. For those that have it installed still would you mind checking the dashboard. It may be slow at loading but I believe I may have resolved that part of the outage.
  5. Still working on it. I'll have an update once we get things sorted.
  6. Nope. Just me. Sorry about this. Should be back up as soon as we resolve the issue. Feel free to join the discord while you wait.
  7. Hey so sorry about this. We’re currently dealing with a few issues and should have a post up about this soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. I believe this should be resolved in the next plug-in update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. The api has nothing todo with remote access. Restarting it won’t change anything. If your connecting ip address is the same as the server’s wan you’ll get the local otherwise you’ll get the remote. Has anything changed network wise?
  10. Okay, is there any chance you could try running the api without those containers or healthchecks and see if you notice the CPU still spiking? If that resolves it then the next plg update should fix this for you.
  11. Just to check do any of your containers have health checks?
  12. @BoonioX sorry for not seeing this until now. Are you still having this issue? If so I'll raise the issue with someone on the team. @thunderclap I've never seen that on unraid before. Would you mind creating a new thread for this or hopping on our discord?
  13. Can we get the output of "view full report"?
  14. I believe the next update should address this issue. I don’t know exactly when that’ll be though. Sorry.
  15. Sorry to bump an old thread but @SpaceInvaderOne did you ever get around to the 95 guide? I can't find anything related to it.
  16. Have you forwarded this port in your router? If this is showing an error the remote access link isn't going to work.
  17. The logs of the update would help. No one else has reported this and seg faults generally only get thrown by node when something happens hardware wise. 🤔 When you say you have go through those steps, does rebooting fix it? Does just reinstalling fix it? Just trying to narrow down what’s going on here.
  18. Please create a separate post for your issue and include some more info such as plugin version installed, what happened and logs if you have them.
  19. Sorry for missing this thread. Can you run `unraid-api restart` in a terminal or reboot the machine? The connection issues should hopefully have been resolved.
  20. From experience this usually points to hardware failure.
  21. Can you try running "unraid-api stop" wait 10 minutes and then run "unraid-api start"?