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  1. I have a X9SRi-F with E5-2670 v2 with no issues. I am on ipmi 3.19 and bios 3.2a
  2. Thanks. Working now And thank you for this plugin. It is a godsend when you have a lot of containers
  3. I have an issue, when I create the folder, and sort containers by name. The folder does not open anymore
  4. I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure it wasnt always like this. Maybe I just didnt notice earlier, dont know.
  5. Not sure when this started. When I change permission or settings on any share, smbd is restarting and all clients loose connection for a few seconds. Did something change or do I have a weird setting I dont know about?
  6. Any way to import SSL certificate with this container?
  7. ehm why do you have nvme drivers in your array? and why is your cache raid0? I would toss a parity drive in there if I were you. I know you said you have backup, but still
  8. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I followed the guide on how to set it up with pfsense. Tried several VMs, and none of them can PXE boot. They get ip from my router and all that.
  9. Figured it out In case anyone wants it VM-Shutdown: #!/bin/bash #Empty vm list echo "" > /tmp/vms-running.txt #Get all running vms except backup server for VM in $(virsh list --state-running --name); do if [[ ! "$VM" == "VM-TO-NOT-SHUTDOWN" ]] ; then virsh shutdown "$VM" #Write running vms to list echo "$VM" >> /tmp/vms-running.txt fi done /usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/notify -i normal -s "Veeam started - VMs shutdown" VM-Start: #!/bin/bash #Get all running vms except backup server for VM in $(cat /tmp/vms-running.txt); do vir
  10. Yeah I know how to do this, with a manual VM-list, but I dont want to edit that one, each time I create or edit my VMs.
  11. I need help with a script. I need a script where I can shutdown/start all VMs except one. I know about start/stopping via virsh, but I cant find information how to do this on all except one particular.
  12. Not that I know of, BUT. Veeam version 10, coming in January, currently in beta. It has the new feature, NAS backup. So with this, you can take backup of all your Unraid data.
  13. I have been a user for 3-4 years now, I think. I love how easy it is to manage docker containers, and how flexible the system is. I have used several other storage systems in the past, but I love how you can upgrade as you go with UnRAID. And you dont have to upgrade your whole array.
  14. Any way to install vzdump on UnRAID?