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  1. I had the exact same issue on 6.7.x. Multiple file transfers locally Downgraded to version 6.6.7 and it works fine
  2. No, I think that was all I did. But I am not using qbit anymore. Maybe something has changed in the docker template since then? If you open a terman to the container, can you run unrar from there?
  3. You can´t do that, since you can´t install the Veeam agent on UnRAID. Unless someone makes it into a a plugin or docker container.
  4. You can now, but you couldnt when it first was forced. The message was some people want larger font, deal with it. A choice was later introduced
  5. I can understand you dont want to support several styles, but it would be nice to either include the community when such big changes are being made, or at least give people a choice. Seem like some really bad design choices are being made recently. First it was the way too large font that was forced, and now these (sorry) extremely annoying and boring icons. Colored icons is not only easier to look at, but gives much more life to the system and way easier to locate.
  6. Why was it scraped all the sudden? The monochrome is really bad imo
  7. Can we get a toggle for some more colorful icons? I find the new B/W icons really boring and doesnt fit the overall theme
  8. But you could monitor hardware temp with something like Grafana. Depending on your hardware Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  9. That is not how VMs works. It is a closed virtual environment. You don't have access to onboard monitoring. Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  10. I have a issue writing to local disk. Tried with user share and rclone disk, but Crashplan fail to add it as destination
  11. Have you tried to enable turbo write? Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  12. I just spotted this in the release notes of the community application, and was wondering if the next version was coming out soon?
  13. Yes it is in the docker I use this to extract to current folder: /sbin/unrar x -r "%F/." "%F/"
  14. Both private and public. And both down and up Sendt fra min ONEPLUS A6003 med Tapatalk
  15. I am getting really slow transfer speed in rtorrent. I cant figure out why. I have tried different VPN endpoints, change rtorrent settings, checked log etc. If I restart the docker i will shortly get higher speed, and shortly after return to a few kb/s. All of these should easily could get 50-100mbit/s If I start the qbittorrentvpn container, I can easily max out my internet connection.