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  1. Thanks! Before I saw this, I did the steps below and it worked. The official docs in there are not unraid specific so you will have to figure out some details yourself. 1- I copied the sqldb file from paperless to paperless-ng location 2- I copied the pdfs from paperless to paperless-ng location 3- I ran the commmand "python3.7 document_index reindex" on the docker console (for example it's not clear you can run this command this way on the official docs) However multiple user scenarios don't work at the moment, I think I need to switch to postgre
  2. Is there a guide for migrating from paperless to paperless-ng?
  3. @LoneTraveler I've got nextcloud working on my first try within 5 min. However I cannot get droppy or bitwarden to work with NPM. Any suggestions? Droppy shows login page but I get a blank page after login. I'm not even trying https.
  4. I'm trying to setup reverse proxy for droppy using nginx proxy manager. It doesn't work. Blank page after login. Anybody have ideas?
  5. I installed the shaarli docker. This is probably the best bookmark app out there, however I couldn't get the "bookmarklet" working. It seems like it's hardcoded to go to for some reason. I tried the firefox addon as a workaround, that works.
  6. Bump. Segfault issue with Ryzen 1700 here. kernel: ffdetect[13270]: segfault at 38 ip 000000000040412a sp 00007ffc4b423980 error 4 in ffdetect[403000+c000]
  7. How do you get the event log in BIOS?
  8. If I change the time zone to something else from UTC, web UI stops working. This suggestion below worked for me, thanks! But I think this may be the reason that if I change any other settings UI stops working
  9. Guys I'm still stuck here, I really need some ideas to troubleshoot this because my BMC doesn't control fans either for whatever reason. All Fans stuck at the same speed, CPU fan included. It was working at first but None of the buttons work, so I cannot change any settings. I'd appreciate any feedback
  10. Did anyone manage to get GPU pass through working with x470d4u? I tried for a few hours today, it just doesn't work. Otherwise, everything else works just fine. This board is great for a home server, unraid build.
  11. Hi all, Today I've added a new fan in the case and started unraid back up and tried to add the readings of the new fan onto dashboard. Now in IPMI tools, I cannot change any of the settings anymore. The apply button is not responsive. It's still polling the readings, no problem there. I think maybe it cannot write into the config file for some reason. It is possible that I may have installed the ipmi tools plugin before I had a root password setup. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help. Any ideas?
  12. @SnickySnacks Thanks! I ended up doing something very similar to what you suggested above and I tested then I finally got my new server up yesterday.
  13. Thanks for looking into it! I just read the whole thread. Thanks to @sjerisman as well. Compression looks promising
  14. OMG, I just discovered this and wow. Thanks Djoss! I had the let's encrypt, nextcloud setup working for almost 2 years now, but I could never figure out how to add a second site/webapp to reverse proxy using let's encrypt docker. With this I figured it out in about 10 min. And the first 5min I spent on finding the defaults credentials to log into the web UI I want to read the whole discussion here but it's 26 pages. I am also wanting the sub folder functionality, it is there yet? One question, Let's encrypt docker couldn't renew license
  15. Can I suggest using zstd for compression? This will cut down the time to compress the image by like 10 times. Or lbzip2 if have many cores this will also make it much faster. Or can we have options for these? Both of these are already on unraid 6.8 by default.