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  1. @itimpi Thanks! I am now going through the USB recovery/switch process without "a recent backup". Let me document the experience, it may be useful for others. I did have a backup of the USB which was about a month old by the way, and it made some things much easier. - Get new USB, setup unraid using the the unraid creator --> Easy - Copy the license file to new usb and replace key --> Easy - Add your drives back into right places in the array and start with valid parity checked. I have only 3 drives so it was easy for me to remember the config. - Users were gone. I guess the file for user in the USB is "smbpasswd" copying this file to new USB may work. But I just recreated users since I didn't have many and remembered the passwords --> Easy - Shares were there but their settings were gone. I copied them from the USB backup under config/shares --> Easy if you have the backup, otherwise you'd need to redo all shares setting one-by-one could be time consuming -VMs were all there with their settings intact. I didn't have to do anything there. - Plugins were all gone, I reinstalled them --> Easy if you have a backup or if you remember what plugins you had - Docker apps were there and running but unable to update, icons weren't there and Web UI option was gone. The config for docker apps are under /config/plugins/dockerMan folder. Fortunately my backup contained my most important apps configuration. It may have worked if I had uninstalled and reinstalled the applications. That last step failed when I tried to update my docker apps and I started getting many errors around docker apps include "read-only file system" I am not sure what exactly, but something went wrong with the image and it got corrupted. It's best to delete the image and reinstall application from their templates. With that I also switched from vdisk to folders under docker configuration. I had never seen this config before. Directory option must have been added with unraid 6.9 I guess.
  2. Mine also just died today after about 18 months (ultrafit 32G). Completely gone and I don't have any recent backups. It was hot when I pulled it out. I agree with the comments above, I think it's best to stick with USB 2.0 devices, I was using sandisk cruzer fit before and it worked fine for about 3 years and the stick still works ok. So by the way, what do I do now? What did I lose exactly? If the parity is still intact I think I can recover without too much effort.
  3. Well, I was telling myself not to rush and try random things to fix it, risking breaking it further, but I have no patience I was able to fix the mounting issue after some googling, and I'm backing up my data (my VM disk images) as I type this. Solution was posted on reddit r/btrfs. Basically all I did was to run this command, which I understand deletes the btrfs log marking the drive bad, so it's mountable again at your own risk, which is what I wanted. btrfs rescue zero-log /dev/sdi1 And I don't think the root cause here was drive failing (it has CRC count of 1) I was running qcow2 VM disks on this btrfs raid0 config. I've seen a few times the windows 10 VM reporting it's disk being full, while in reality it was far from being full. And it would go back to normal after a restart. And when I checked the disk image size it was maxed out as well, being qcow2 it had to be closer to the size of disk user, rather than size allocated. So I think there is a bug somewhere making the file system confused in this particular scenario. I ordered a new nvme drive to replace this configuration and I will go back to boring old XFS without any raid config
  4. Hi all, I have 2 sata SSDs I had setup as a raid0 btrfs cache pool. After one of my VMs (with the disk being on cache) being frozen I had to restart the array and now I cannot mount my cache drive(s) even though the array starts. So dockers and VMs are disabled. It seems like one of disks started failing I just saw unraid posting a CRC error. Is there any way I can mount this back long enough so I can get the data out of it? It would save me some headache. What I've tried so far 1- Unassign disks start array, reassign and start array 2- btrfs check --readonly (it shows same result for both drives) Opening filesystem to check... Checking filesystem on /dev/sdi1 UUID: f4c7a0bf-b527-47f1-ada2-5da96e590ef7 [1/7] checking root items [2/7] checking extents data backref 2013043068928 root 5 owner 623 offset 100331225088 num_refs 0 not found in extent tree incorrect local backref count on 2013043068928 root 5 owner 623 offset 100331225088 found 1 wanted 0 back 0x62aa9a0 incorrect local backref count on 2013043068928 root 13 owner 623 offset 100331225088 found 0 wanted 1 back 0x62aaad0 backref disk bytenr does not match extent record, bytenr=2013043068928, ref bytenr=0 backpointer mismatch on [2013043068928 65536] ERROR: errors found in extent allocation tree or chunk allocation [3/7] checking free space tree cache and super generation don't match, space cache will be invalidated [4/7] checking fs roots [5/7] checking only csums items (without verifying data) [6/7] checking root refs [7/7] checking quota groups skipped (not enabled on this FS) found 538120765440 bytes used, error(s) found total csum bytes: 86454728 total tree bytes: 452263936 total fs tree bytes: 287948800 total extent tree bytes: 64061440 btree space waste bytes: 81374861 file data blocks allocated: 961713012736 referenced 534715310080 3- blkid output /dev/sdh1: UUID="f4c7a0bf-b527-47f1-ada2-5da96e590ef7" UUID_SUB="166aa0d2-ada9-45f3-b388-82897c1caf40" BLOCK_SIZE="4096" TYPE="btrfs" /dev/sdi1: UUID="f4c7a0bf-b527-47f1-ada2-5da96e590ef7" UUID_SUB="62953cd2-a423-47a2-9a2c-b9f6a3f1af4b" BLOCK_SIZE="4096" TYPE="btrfs" 4- btrfs fi show f4c7a0bf-b527-47f1-ada2-5da96e590ef7 Label: none uuid: f4c7a0bf-b527-47f1-ada2-5da96e590ef7 Total devices 2 FS bytes used 501.16GiB devid 1 size 465.76GiB used 277.03GiB path /dev/sdi1 devid 2 size 465.76GiB used 277.03GiB path /dev/sdh1
  5. Thanks! Before I saw this, I did the steps below and it worked. The official docs in there are not unraid specific so you will have to figure out some details yourself. 1- I copied the sqldb file from paperless to paperless-ng location 2- I copied the pdfs from paperless to paperless-ng location 3- I ran the commmand "python3.7 document_index reindex" on the docker console (for example it's not clear you can run this command this way on the official docs) However multiple user scenarios don't work at the moment, I think I need to switch to postgresql as well
  6. Is there a guide for migrating from paperless to paperless-ng?
  7. @LoneTraveler I've got nextcloud working on my first try within 5 min. However I cannot get droppy or bitwarden to work with NPM. Any suggestions? Droppy shows login page but I get a blank page after login. I'm not even trying https.
  8. I'm trying to setup reverse proxy for droppy using nginx proxy manager. It doesn't work. Blank page after login. Anybody have ideas?
  9. I installed the shaarli docker. This is probably the best bookmark app out there, however I couldn't get the "bookmarklet" working. It seems like it's hardcoded to go to for some reason. I tried the firefox addon as a workaround, that works.
  10. Bump. Segfault issue with Ryzen 1700 here. kernel: ffdetect[13270]: segfault at 38 ip 000000000040412a sp 00007ffc4b423980 error 4 in ffdetect[403000+c000]
  11. How do you get the event log in BIOS?
  12. If I change the time zone to something else from UTC, web UI stops working. This suggestion below worked for me, thanks! But I think this may be the reason that if I change any other settings UI stops working
  13. Guys I'm still stuck here, I really need some ideas to troubleshoot this because my BMC doesn't control fans either for whatever reason. All Fans stuck at the same speed, CPU fan included. It was working at first but None of the buttons work, so I cannot change any settings. I'd appreciate any feedback
  14. Did anyone manage to get GPU pass through working with x470d4u? I tried for a few hours today, it just doesn't work. Otherwise, everything else works just fine. This board is great for a home server, unraid build.
  15. Hi all, Today I've added a new fan in the case and started unraid back up and tried to add the readings of the new fan onto dashboard. Now in IPMI tools, I cannot change any of the settings anymore. The apply button is not responsive. It's still polling the readings, no problem there. I think maybe it cannot write into the config file for some reason. It is possible that I may have installed the ipmi tools plugin before I had a root password setup. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help. Any ideas?