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  1. I'm also experiencing some problems... Including being unable to login to game stores. ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/nginx/access.log <== [wsus] / - - - [10/Mar/2021:17:43:30 +0100] "GET /msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/ HTTP/1.1" 502 182 "-" "Microsoft-CryptoAPI/10.0" "-" "" "-" ==> /mnt/user/appdata/lancache-bundle/log/nginx/error.log <== 2021/03/10 17:43:30 [error] 2550#2550: *483 could not be resolved (110: Operation timed out), client:, ser
  2. I'm sorry to maybe misinterpreting your problem, but have you checked for any hardware faults? Please try some cpu and memory tests (xmp was for me a random crasher and causing some drive and network instabilities on a threadripper)
  3. To better understand your problem: Is this your user name? Also tried "samba reload" ?
  4. Does this mean we can upgrade to 6.9 rc1 directly?
  5. Hi, thanks for updating, unfortunately I have to roll-back again due to the following;
  6. I'm not trying to hush you, but any idea when version 6.9.0-beta35 will be supported? I had to rollback just now.
  7. I have somewhat the same issue: I have a dual socket motherboard which has onboard error leds and when these errors happen the leds points at the 2nd CPU. I still have some troubleshooting to do, (re-seat the CPU in the socket (re-seat the RAM), and if that fails switch the CPUs from socket), but it is hard when the system continues to run without errors for months even though i did not change anything.
  8. Deze mening deel ik. Al moet de vertaling dan inderdaad wel goed/goed genoeg zijn. Heeft iemand een link naar de pagina waar we de vertaling kunnen zien/aanpassen?
  9. Thanks for keeping things up to date, but... Since the update i'm not able to login for Steam or Epic, and games won't download/update for origin and uplay. Windows update cache seems to be working, I have no other services in use to test other pakages. Also; previous downloaded cache seems to be (partly?) erased, although files where only 3 months old (MAX_AGE was set to 700 days). Is there a way to downgrade to the older version? Greetings Joris Edit: The problem I had was with a single windows pc on the network, which network settings are broken,... even th
  10. To bad, Just to be sure; you did not leave the mac adress blank or '' did you?
  11. Leuk! Zijn er veel Nederlanders die het gebruiken? Misschien is het leuk om je setup te posten en waar je unraid voor gebruikt? Ik zal de eerste wel zijn; ik heb 2 Unraid servers. Een hiervan heb ik ingericht als allround media/file/game/VPN server, en de ander is ingericht als Pfsense router met addblock en LANcache (steam origin e.d. en windows updates). De router is misschien nog wel het meest boeiend; Alle fysieke NIC's zijn als passtrough ingesteld naar een pfsense vm. Er gaat geen jumper kabel van een van de NIC's naar de Unraid host, maar deze is met een virtuele NIC we
  12. I figured it out, yes it could bottleneck, use the following instead: <interface type='bridge'> <mac address=''/> <source bridge='br0'/> <model type='vmxnet3'/>
  13. Is anyone interested how to setup: Pfsense VM as firewall; with onboard NIC pass-trough as WAN, pass-trough Chelsio SFP+ PCIE-card for home network. Virtual 10g+ network for Unraid GUI and dockers. And with lancache DNS Docker, Pihole Docker for network-wide add-block without changing the settings of other devices. I'll probably not explain Pfsense settings as well as others, because i'm fairly new to it. But general settings for bridging will be covered. I run other dockers and VM's for a while now (4+ years I think), guides and videos about these are covered well
  14. I know its an old topic, but I have the same question. Can someone answer please? Also was this working for anyone?
  15. I like how easy it was to swap (upgrade) the whole system and case, just connect the drives and power on!