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  1. I like how easy it was to swap (upgrade) the whole system and case, just connect the drives and power on!
  2. Enable FTP (on local network only! dont edit your firewall), so you can use your VPN and ftp
  3. Can you post this full .conf? I added that to mine, but it doesn't seem to work. ("Welcome to our server" message) My other reverse proxy's are working thanks
  4. Im in love with unRAID for a few years now, 2 servers running (production server and a test server). Have to upgrade some harddrives soon! Also i would like to have some merch
  5. I got the same issue here, I had to go from 16gb to 8gb. I have a total of 24gb, i hope my diagnostics helps to find a problem nas-diagnostics-20170716-2023.zip