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  1. Hi I finally got two LSI cards from ebay delivered (Used) LSI SAS 9201-8i PCI-Express Controller 9211-8i (IT-mode) - FW rev: LSI SAS9201-16i PCI-Express 2.0 x8 SAS 6Gbs HBA Card - FW rev: I have looked around and can't find the updated FW for the -16i card also the guides to perform the upgrade is different UEFI, DOS Also some are stating to skip the 20 version and use a v21? I have done many firmware updates on different controllers, but seems that this one might be better with an older version? Again thanks for your help couldn't have done this without your and the other comments to this thread! UPDATE Found this: Cheers Casperse Okay this went pretty smooth, to anyone else who wants to do this just: The card now reports as a SAS2116_1(B1) but the Utill still show it as a SAS9201-16i main thing is that everything works!
  2. OK point taken! (-: I will look for used items. Just wondering. When I have two LSI cards in the same machine, I then have two different firmware menu? how does the card not conflict with each other? Or will they recognize each other and only show one menu?
  3. Anybody , @testdasi, @bonienl who have experience positive buying LSI cards from china? (Fake?)
  4. Thanks Ok, running out of time and can't really find any PCI 3.0 that isn't close to full price and then you get warranty also goes for expanders for 24 drives is non existing on Ebay Would this be okay for 24 bays (Approved HBA card to be used for unRaid HBA mode) LSI SAS9201-16i PCI-Express 2.0 x8 SAS 6Gb/s HBA Card LSI SAS2008-8I SATA 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA PCI-E RAID Controller Card Is the higher number, the newest card and therefore the best value for money, one is 9201 and the other is 9211
  5. Just noticed that the back plane in my case only states: " 6Gb/s MiniSAS" so a 12Gb/s and PCIe 3.0 would probably be wasted on this. Is the LSI 9202-16e the preferred card for HBA? (Most of the ones I find on Ebay only have external and not internal connectors?)
  6. Ooh maybe a fourth option: LSI MegaRaid SAS 9280 -24i4e would this work I think it’s only PCI 2.0 but would this actually create a bottleneck when adding 24 drives to a single card? (HBA mode)
  7. Hi All Since allot of people using unRaid also is running Plex, I believe this is the right forum to ask this question in... Also I am really impressed by the forum supporters like and others to help the "newbies" So I have tried to gather as much information as possible to help you help me built this 😉 First requirements: I tried to make a table of all the CPU's but it didn't really help me, because the MB is also a very important factor and I dont know alot about Xeons Update: The Passmark [20.000] was without the Quadro P2000 for Plex! so I think it can be lower now My personal input to my research is that if I don't need ECC ram? and IPMI support? and if Intel's Core i9 9900K is supported by ESXi? Then I might be better of waiting for that to launch? on the other hand Xeon is lower power and sort of built for this virtual Home Lab? As always I highly appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences 👍 BTW: I am currently running a Synology server with 24 drives so this would also be a test to see if I could move everything over to this multi-platform? Best regards Casperse
  8. Thanks for catching that!! I got the wrong link from their sales department LINK What about recommendation for 16 port? (The one I find keep having the ports "outside" and not on the card itself?)
  9. Thanks! - So after reviewing all your valuable information I have drilled it down between 3 solutions for a minimum of 24 drives or more: 2 HBA cards: LSI SAS3008 9300-8I/LSI 9211-8i/LSI 9207-8i ? and a LSI 9202-16e (Any model recommendations buying used LSI with PCI 3.0? EBAY is a jungle of different models) Expander 36: RES3CV360 and LSI 9207-8i and 8 x SFF-8087 miniSAS to SFF-8087 miniSAS cables between the cards (Short ones would be nice) Expander 24: LSI 9207-8i and the RES2SV240 expander and some cables? (I don't like buying used cables, so new ones any brand recommendations?) BTW: I still only have 6 SAS ports on the back-plate of my new server case, so regardless of the above solutions I can order 6 of these cables with the case right?
  10. So this way the Expander would have higher capasity than it would actuall need for 24 bays (36 Expander might be more expensive than buying two cards 🙂) I found this article (Because I also would like to use ESXi running Un-raid) and here the MB actual have a built in LSI controller! So was wondering if I then only needed to buy the expansion to such a board?
  11. Would a 1x16 with an Expander improve speed? This would require 2 PCI slots And 1x16 port + 1x8 port would require the same. So money would be the only concern here? (Sorry if this is a stupid Q, and thanks for spending the time helping me!)
  12. So a expander card: And another LSA 1x8 port and these two cards would provide me with 24 drives? Are these card connected by cables? (Sorry the wicki didnt state if this was needed?) Looks like a mores "cost friendly" solution 🙂
  13. Ok that make sense, but what is an expander and is it better to buy more HBA not using an expander? (Speed/cost do I save a pci slot?) I want to make sure I can use any size sata disk without limitations 12TB etc
  14. Hi All New to the world of SAS/HBA Host Bus Adapter... I have found this case that fits my needs (Not to deep 55 cm and 24 hot swap bays) 4u-server-case-w-24x-35-hot-swappable-satasas-drive-bays-6gbs-minisas-550m-deep-sc-4324s So it states that the backplane has: "Six SFF-8087 Mini SAS connectors" to 24 drives So what do I need? cables and controller or controllers? (Recommended) LSI 9211-8i as HBA (IT Mode)? or a better card if there is one? How many cards? and what cables "SFF-8087" is there a card that would cover all 24 bays? Sorry I have read the wicki but this back-plate with only 6 connectors have me confused? Most people write about SATA connectors and cables (These I know :-) Best regards Casperse
  15. RESOLVED: Removed test: "enable" Test was stopping emails, I thought I needed this enabled in order to use the Test report option.... **************************************************************************************************** Hi First what a GREAT project - I use TauTulli but spamming people with 21 emails isn't very nice :-) so this is a lifesaver I installed the docker image on my Synology NAS, (For everyone who wants to do this you should run the Wizard, - command line will give you error and cant run) I am running version 2.0.2 and have not changed any of the cron settings and I have gmail working BUT... I have trouble understanding the rules for sending emails (I use on-demand for testing, which I assume would email everyone listed?) Also having two plex servers with different users, but only adding one plex server to ShowingNow, would it still send to all users associated with my account? I don't want to email to all my user accounts only a selection of them so I have set Cron test YES and Email Plex Users: NO I then added e-mails below for the ones I did want to inform on updates but only received emails to the first email (My own) I then added Plex user-names to the second box and tried again but still only received email to myself? When selecting Email Plex users: NO does it then "Blacklist" all Plex emails? because I use selected users emails? I have checked the config file and I can't see any problems - emails are listed like they should be UPDATE: Test announcement works, so maybe On-demand report is not what I thought it was? I thought that test report was only for me and theOn-demand report would be sent to everyone on my list..... Best regards Casperse --- email: title: "Plex Nyt for denne Uge!" image: "" footer: "Thanks for watching!" language: "en" web: title_image: "img/nowshowing.png" logo: "img/logo.png" headline_title: 'Just added:' headliners: "Laughs,Screams,Thrills,Entertainment" footer: "Thanks for watching!" language: "en" plex: plex_user_emails: "no" libraries_to_skip: - "TV Shows (DVR)" - "Movies (DVR)" server: "" mail: from: "Plex Server" subject: "Now Showing" recipients_email: - "" - "" recipients: - "Plexuser_A" provider: "gmail" address: "" port: "587" username: "" password: "longsecretpassword" report: interval: "7" report_type: "both" email_report_time: '30 10 * * 5' web_report_time: '30 23 * * *' extra_details: "yes" test: "enable" tautulli: server: "" port: "8181" https: "no" httproot: "" api_key: "long&secret" title: 'Statistics:' stats: "mvadDtT" token: api_key: "long&secret"