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  1. So far I like this docker application. Great Job!!! I have managed to create my two presets to match as close as possible to the ones that I use for the Windows version of HandBrake. The one issue that I am running into is for the subtitles. Using the docker app it would appear that it is always setting the first subtitle as default. How do I change this to not have it selected as default? Basically I do not want any of the tracks set to default.
  2. I looks like it is time for an updated version of CP, getting the "Code42 wasn't able to upgrade but will reattempt in one hour." message. Docker version is and the current version on Code42 website is
  3. My 3 systems: VM Server - 64GB Plex Media Server - 32GB Cloud Server - 32GB
  4. Updated all 3 servers and so far so good. Loving the new look. Thanks. 😊
  5. Yes, what I did was for my Nextcloud docker was add my two external storage paths as additional mounts inside the docker by clicking on "Add another Path, Port, Variable, Label or Device": Then enter my details: Then once I had them entered, go back to External Storages app and added them there.
  6. For myself I used the External storages 1.4.1 app to share two unRAID shares that I have outside of Nextcloud storage.
  7. I am also seeing this - is there a fix?
  8. Upgraded all 3 servers with no issues. Many thanks!
  9. Any plans to also compress the Flash / libvirt backups in the same manner as appdata backup?
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Just wanted to check on that, since ljm42 made a statement in the 6.4.0 Release Note thread about moving any customizations from the go file to User Script Plugin, so I thought I would check.
  11. @Squid I did a search trying to find any notes about the schedule options, most of them are clear. The only one that I do not understand is the one called "At First Array Start Only". Can you clarify that one for me? To me it would seem to run the script at the first array start after a server reboot/startup. Also found the quoted statement above during my search and it may help answer my question. Thanks, StanC
  12. No worries. Just reporting a cosmetic issue.
  13. The "Done" button is missing from the dialog on the 2017.11.23 update to the plugin.
  14. Hello hurricanehrndz, I think there is something amiss with the Sonos portion of the Subsonic docker. When I go to setup Sonos using HOST network it finds my Sonos controllers but tries to enable it for Subsonic URL, which I believe is the internal docker image IP address. If I use BRIDGE network, then it cannot find the Sonos controllers and nothing works. Is there a config file that can be manually edited to change this? I would like to use this docker, but if a change cannot be made I will have to use Subsonic on a different machine. Update 10/17/2017: Hooray! I got Subsonic working on Sonos even after reading on other forums that it was broken after Sonos updated the firmware to version 8. Anyway here are the steps that I did to get this working. I installed the Subsonic docker with Network Type set to Host. Following the section "Using a remote Subsonic server" at, I clear all entries for the previous Subsonic installation by enter 242 into the SID field and leaving Service Name blank then click Submit. This will clear out the previous entry. Do not know if this was needed but I did it anyway just to be sure. I rebooted all of my Sonos devices by unplugging the power cords waited a minute and then plugged the power cords back in. Then waited until they were online - checked with pinging them. I then enabled Sonos service in Subsonic, do not worry that the logs show that it failed to enable the service. I believe this is because of the firmware 8 update. Next I went back to the section "Using a remote Subsonic server" at setting the SID to 242 and Service Name to Subsonic and the rest as stated in the steps. Logged into the Sono Controller app on my PC, from the Manage menu I click Service Settings. Here I clicked the Add button and scrolled down the list and saw that Subsonic was listed and selected it. I selected it and then clicked "I already have an account" and then enter the Login and Password that I created in Subsonic for the Sonos service then clicked Next. The service was enabled and now Subsonic was listed as a Music Source on the home screen of the Sonos Controller app. I then tested the service by select Subsonic from the home screen and clicked on one of my albums and it started playing. - I am very pleased that I go this working and hope that the steps I outlined here will help others.
  15. It has never worked for episodes. It only works for whole seasons. All shows (seasons or individual episodes) are under one library called TV Shows. That library is using TheTVDB Agent. But something that I just noticed is that the Plex DVR is renaming the episodes by adding the year onto the show title (TV Show Title (YYYY) - S##E## - Episode Title.ts), whether the TheTVDB entry has it or not. So I am wondering if that is causing the issue possible? Also I am looking around to see if there is a post process that will run the shows through FileBot and use the Plex naming convention or maybe just do manually and submit a request to Plex to have them follow TheTVDB naming convention for DVR recordings.
  16. The docker appears to work pretty good at picking up new movies and new seasons. But it seems to not work on new episodes. Is this something that will be coming in the future or is this something that is broken?
  17. I have been busy lately and got back to this. I created an test episode and then ran the following code: docker exec NowShowing combinedreport -t -v I have attached the log for you to review. At around line 1389 is where the ERROR took place. Thanks for your help. UPDATE: I did some clean-up of the server: 1. Removed my Music Library - was not really necessary since I use Libresonic/Subsonic to stream my music. 2. Ran Optimize Database 3. Ran Clean Bundle 4. Ran Empty Trash Then added a test show and re-ran the command and now it would seem that everything is working again.
  18. It would appear that it is no longer working for me. It stopped working after Aug 3rd. I have completely remove the docker app and reinstalled and now I am getting this in the log: # Logfile created on 2017-08-11 11:48:50 -0700 by logger.rb/56438 I, [2017-08-11T11:48:50.832559 #789] INFO -- : Starting up NowShowing E, [2017-08-11T11:49:36.327986 #789] ERROR -- : Something failed. If you are seeing this, please turn on debugging and open an issue. I, [2017-08-11T11:49:36.352359 #789] INFO -- : No new media to report! How do I turn on debugging? Do I need to use the -v switch when running docker exec NowShowing combinedreport -d -t?
  19. Has anyone gotten Sonos to work with this?
  20. Dang it - you are right. I just checked my Alias in the firewall and I typo'd the IP address now it shows it up and running. Thx.
  21. Do we have an answer on what was changed on 2017.03.31?
  22. The adjustment works but then disappears more quickly before you can get the mouse up to make a selections, seems to be too sensitive. I preferred the old way better.
  23. @ninthwalker I saw that your new app "NowShowing" has come up as a "Random App of the Day" and thought that I would give it a try running side-by-side with PlexReport. I chose the "dev" branch, because the "Default" one fails to install. Anyway I seem to run into an issue where the file '/config/noshowing_schedule.cron' does not exist - at least that is what the log is showing. Is there an initialization step that needs to be performed prior to use? Logfile Data: [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...exited 0. [s6-init] ensuring user provided files have correct perms...exited 0. [fix-attrs.d] applying ownership & permissions fixes... [fix-attrs.d] done. [cont-init.d] executing container initialization scripts... [cont-init.d] executing... cat: can't open '/config/nowshowing_schedule.cron': No such file or directory