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  1. Because every one that's in a position to help doesn't necessarily know what to look for. Diagnostics covers it all. Besides, there's nothing within diagnostics that is a privacy issue. If there is something which you're not comfortable with posting, then issue a feature request to have it removed.
  2. Based upon where you've posted the question, the answer will probably be the linuxserver version...
  3. Don't really understand why we need to push these applications (folding at home and boinc). After all, I thought that the President of the United States himself has announced that there was absolutely nothing to worry about with regards to Covid-19, that every thing was completely under control, and that those 190,000 deaths so far in the US was just "it is what it is"... Shouldn't we trust the President? I mean wasn't his uncle some scientist or something, and doesn't that make Trump a genius? Myself, I think that he's completely trust worthy and truly, honestly dese
  4. Wonderful. Yet another codec that's going to require a massive investment in CPUs / GPUs to actually support it, when the cost of the extra storage space required for 264 / 265 is far far cheaper. 🤔
  5. So is that 6.8.3 or 6.9.0-beta1 (or 6.9.0-beta12)? To be expected and by design. When using passthrough, there's no reason to have a virtual video card for VNC. Have you "stubbed" the video card? Post your diagnostics...
  6. Sweet. But while it may now be defunct, I think that the Pirate Bay logo really conveys the meaning of what containers may be within the folder.
  7. Cool... I never once would have thought that I could walk into a brick and mortar store buy a piece of software and then later decide I didn't want it and subsequently return it... Guess since I've never been quite willing to shell out the coin for an up to date Office suite that now I can get it easily for free
  8. It's one of these things that some users see on occasion (along with shfs consuming all CPU resources and wsdd consuming all CPU resources) that the majority of users do not see for some unknown reason.
  9. The way that I understand it is that you've got some media randomly pausing What else did you expect? Some magic fix when there's no details of the circumstances etc on a reply to a post 3 years old? "Excuse me, Mr Car Mechanic, I hear a noise on occasion just like that other guy you had in here 3 years ago. What's wrong?" What answer would you think that he's going to give you? Yes it may be hard to believe, but not every one has an answer for any given random question, especially when it's on specific hardware.
  10. I can think of many other examples across the board of "why not ask in the support threads hosted by the app itself?"
  11. Bad Squid. Let's vote on a suitable punishment...