LSI Controller FW updates IR/IT modes

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On 6/8/2018 at 10:20 AM, MvL said:

Hi I have a LSI 9207-8i. How do I upgrade this card? Is there a guide? Has anybody upgraded this card before?

What problems are you having that causes you to need to update?  I normally only update firmware if I'm having problems.  Updating can CAUSE problems so I don't update unless I have to.

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On ‎6‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 1:47 PM, 666gene said:

Hey guys New User here. Just purchased the Controller Below.


Just confirming the guides is still valid as zip files are from 2011 :P



While the guide is valid, the files are probably outdated.

Either grab them from the Broadcom site (look for P20.00.07.00) or grab the Dell Perc H310 package.

Read the instructions.

The resulting file should indicate the present firmware, maybe you don't even need an update.

In case you do, you need only step 5_lsi_P20 and maybe step 6.

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On 6/12/2018 at 4:58 PM, Fireball3 said:

This card is a plain HBA.

Firmware is available in that place and instructions should be there also, if you need more assistance, feel free to ask.



Much, much appreciated!!! When I can find some more time I try to flash the card. When I have more question I report back.

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On 6/12/2018 at 9:58 AM, Fireball3 said:

This card is a plain HBA.

Firmware is available in that place and instructions should be there also, if you need more assistance, feel free to ask.



I just got the same card I believe. Ordered from eBay and I did decide to try it out after looking in bios it was indeed it mode. I changed boot support to disable. And everything is working like normal. very impress with this little card and this speeds. If I ever felt the need to update are their any how to? 

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Hello! I got through Jonny's Guide and Flashed my Fujitsu d2607-a21 properly however I never got he 2nd port Working even when I redo the 

megarec -writesbr 0 SBR-A21.bin

Is there someting else to be aware with this card.

Here's the link to the Actual card I got on ebay:

Edit: It worked after a 3rd try. Got both port working, I'd recommend that card on ebay very good price.

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I just flashed my LSI 9207 4i4e and managed to wipe the SAS address with -e 7. Problem is i have no idea what to tell it to use as address from now on. Does anyone have an idea of what i should tell it to use? Is this address like a MAC address for a network card and unique? Is it model based or is it something the user can set to whatever they like?

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Thanks @Fireball3! That did the trick.


I think i should mention that the new/updated EFI version of the tool that i used had slightly changed parameters.



-o -sasaddr <address here>



-o -sasadd <address here>:


Note the missing r on parameter and trailing : after, i dont know if the old syntax had the trailing one.

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On 7/20/2018 at 3:36 AM, Fireball3 said:

9207 is an HBA, that means, sold in IT mode.

The download page suggests it can be flashed to IR mode though.

The equivalent card in IR mode is obviously called 9217


Sorry, I was too vague. My contact is the SAS9211-8i. But I see that’s the flashing can go both ways. Thanks.

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On 03/05/2011 at 19:46, madburg said:

Chipset LSI SAS1068E


1) LSI SAS 3081-R


2) IBM BR10i


3) Intel SASUC8I



Por favor, deixe-me saber (PM ou postar aqui) o cartão que você conseguiu com sucesso com o chipset LSI SAS1068E com o zip fornecido


FW:, BIOS / 20-DEC-10 (LSI P20)

Ambos os modos IT / IR disponíveis

Controladores LSI SAS1068E (P20) .zip - 3,8 MB (Windows)

Controladores LSI SAS1068E (P20) - 4.5 MB (unRAID)


FW:, BIOS / 22-AUG-11 (LSI P21 )

Ambos os modos IT / IR disponíveis

Controladores LSI SAS1068E (P21) .rar - 1.46 MB (Windows)

Controladores LSI SAS1068E (P21) Linux.rar - 2.02 MB (unRAID)


Driver Linux : MPTSAS - suporta os chipsets LSI SAS1064, SAS1064A, SAS1064E, SAS1066, SAS1068, SAS1068E e SAS1078. (Obrigado ao post anterior do "BRiT")

Suporte unRAID : Adicionado a partir de 5.0Beta6a


Drive Spin Down Support : SIM ( ATUALIZAÇÃO: adicionada a partir de 5.0Beta7 )

Leituras temporárias da unidade : SIM


3TB Drive Support com este cartão : Oferecerá apenas 2,2TB de 3TB ( ATUALIZAÇÃO: mesmo que 5.0Beta7 tenha adicionado suporte a 3TB Drive, esta placa NÃO suporta drives de 3TB, ele só vê e usa 2.2TB de uma unidade de 3TB )


*** Nota: Múltiplos controladores todos postam sob um MPTSAS Bios, existem configurações globais que afetam todos os controladores e configurações individuais por controlador disponíveis ***



It worked perfectly on the Dell PE 2900.
I just can not change the order of the boot disks.


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I'm relatively new to server-grade equipment, I got an old HP DL380G5 with a P400 Raid controller. I've been looking to flash it as it is just a LSI SAS 1078 chipset and I see a few times on here saying a Linux driver supports the chipset (1068E and SAS2008). Does this mean I can flash my card with either of these firmwares or am I just wrong and can't I flash this card at all?


Sorry if it's a bit of a noob question but I'd rather not just try and find myself with a bricked card. Also I have been browsing this thread for a solution to this, but as there are 60+ pages I may have read over the solution, If this is true, please point me to what I need and call me an idiot ;)


Kind regards

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