[SOLVED]Yet ANOTHER...'Replacing Drives' Question

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1 minute ago, CDLehner said:

Oh, wow; that was quicker than I thought it would be.

Yes, formatting is a quick operation, it just sets up a blank filesystem, it doesn't actually overwrite the storage area of the disk. That's why formatting to XFS may, possibly, hopefully, be somewhat recoverable, since the actual data wasn't overwritten, just the table of contents. We just have to sort through all the raw data that doesn't have any references to tell which file is what and where the files start and end. ReiserFS is actually pretty robust at being able to recover from this sort of thing, we just have to convince it to try.


All file recovery software does roughly the same thing, walks the entire surface of the disk to try and piece together files from a mess of bits with no valid table of contents. Some files have distinct markers that make it easier to figure out, but it all comes down to how well it can make good guesses as to what went where.

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1 minute ago, CDLehner said:

Oh snap; obviously I am not used to TelNet/PuTTY. So I was thinking “replaying journal: no transactions found” was an end and bad news.


Of course, it’s running something…or I’d be back to my root@ prompt.

Yep. no transactions found is expected, you just wrote a healthy blank ReiserFS filesystem to the device. Now it's digging across the entire partition to see what it can find.

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9 hours ago, CDLehner said:

^ FWIW; it does show this...




Space used. Sorry; how do I view contents of (an unassigned) unR drives?

You can also click on the blue text against partition 1 to browse its contents from the GUI. 


Ideally you want the Dynamix File Manager plugin installed to to get the best file management experience from the GUI.

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That's all the stuff repair couldn't figure out. Linux 'file' command might be able to tell you what kind of data is in a file so you can maybe open it to see what it is. Maybe not worth the trouble.


I doubt some other file recovery application is going to do much better, but I guess you could try.

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