VirtualBox Plugin for unRAID v5 and v6


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Do you have a firewall that may be blocking this port?


Also copy config.php-example to config.php and change this line:


#var $noAuth = true;


var $noAuth = true;

remove # from beginning of line


no firewall..

did you notice that on the webserver plugin page it says:




what is wrong?

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I think you need to ask this in the apache webserver thread.


Did you try to restart the server?


I have uninstalled the plugin,

then installed apache server as a docker, config looks bit different.

after configuring few things, I am able to enter the phovirtualbox.



am getting this message:

An error occurred communicating with your vboxwebsrv. No more requests will be sent by phpVirtualBox until the error is corrected and this page is refreshed. The details of this connection error should be displayed in a subsequent dialog box.


after clicking ok, receiving the following error:

Could not connect to host (





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did that...


now getting error message:

An unknown PHP error occurred. This is most likely a syntax error in config.php in phpVirtualBox's folder. The most common errors are an unclosed quote or a missing semicolon in a configuration item that has been entered (e.g. location, username, or password).


Depending on your PHP configuration, navigating directly to config.php in your web browser may display the PHP error message.




I have changed the config.php file back to config.php-example

and still getting the same error messages.

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I had all the error messages as amstel.

I finally succeeded to install phpVirtualbox on my unraid and made it works  ;D

Here's how i dit it for those who, like me, are noobs.


1) Install software:

    - install the virtualbox plugin from theone (download virtualbox, extension and guest addition, install it)

    - install the docker Apache-PHP from hernandito (port mapping by default)

    - download phpvirtualbox from their site (last version 5.0.5) and unzip it under /mnt/user/appdata/apache/www/

    - rename this folder phpvirtualbox5.0.5 to phpvirtualbox


2) Configure:


  a) phpvirtualbox:

    - rename the config.php-example file in /mnt/user/appdata/apache/www/phpvirtualbox to config.php

    - modify it:


/* SOAP URL of vboxwebsrv (not phpVirtualBox's URL) */

var $location = 'http://your unraid ip:18083/';


// Disable authentication

var $noAuth = true;                ---> you can change it after


  b) virtualbox:

    - modify the file virtualbox.cfg in /boot/config/plugins/virtualbox


VBOXWEBSRV_HOST_IP="your unraid ip"



  c) apache:

  - modify the file proxy-config.conf in /mnt/user/appdata/apache/config


  DocumentRoot /var/www/phpvirtualbox


3) Run:

  - start or restart the apache service (docker)

  - start or restart the vboxwebsrv service (plugin)

  - run in your browser http://your unraid ip:81/


Rem : 81 is the port which map the 80 port in the hernandito apache docker, the port 80 is used by unraid,

          it was a little complex because virtualbox, vboxwebsrv and apache are not all installed on the same server.


That's all.

Hope it helps.


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I am proud to present:

VirtualBox plugin for unRAID v5 and v6



This is my first attempt at a plugin.


I love your plugin but am now dead in the water because your site is down. Would it be possible to change the links so it will work when your site is down?  I can host something, I just need to know what needs to be pointed and where to get it working again. Or maybe make an option to manually point to the location of the files?

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It is not my site.


If indeed it is down forever I will need to look for an alternative hosting site.

Is there anything I can do with my local dns to point to an internal resource? Or can I make a site that holds it? I am on 6.1.9 now and can't get virtual box running, my local version is for older kernel.  Or is there a way I can download and convert a rpm or Deb from virtual box myself? 

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Is there anyway i can force my local version to run?  It says local version 4.1.17 in red. or will i need to go back to 6.1.8 of unraid until the site is up?


You have to have the correct compiled version for your kernel. I will PM you.


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