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I love how easy it is to add functionality to unRaid through the strong community applications.  Also this platform allows me to reuse all my old drives more efficiently than solutions by QNAP and Synology.


In 2020, I would like to see VM backup and restore functionally added via the GUI.


Cheers and Thank you. 

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I love the flexibility it gives your hardware, hardware passthrough and adding/removing single drives at will. It allows you to piece together a build with what you have and easily add and upgrade over time.


The feature I would love to see is a built in backup tool. Just figuring out what solution to use for remote backup is a job in of itself, let alone getting it working. Adding a built in tool (or endorsing 3rd party tools/methods) that work with Wireguard would be fantastic. That seems to be the only major area unRAID is lacking in.

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The thing about Unraid that, l didn’t even know that it exists, l was searching for something to be able to share my data through different operating systems in the same time, l read about it by someone else who mentioned it in reddit comment. I searched about it, form the day l saw how convenient Unraid is. 

l never look back, best money l ever invested in my life.


Thanks for the efforts that Unraid team do for us. 


• Next year l look forward for ZFS as choice along side other file systems. 

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I live the way that unraid is easy to managed. I love over from Linux Plex server to unraid full setup. I can use my server way better than just 1 app, love docker.


for 2020, maybe have a way to play with unraid like install monitoring tool (nagios, xymon) or do some technical stuff in CLI.

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I love as a professional storage designer (pre sales for most of the T1 mains over my career) that unraid doesn't give me a massive headache it is for the most part extremely simple and intuitive to use. 


I would however appreciate an option to use zfs rather than standalone xfs, as an SAdmin I do occasionally baulk at the raw write speeds and lack of versioning namely when doing large offloads from other large devices (way beyond cache ability), I however fully understand why and it weighs into my first point, perhaps an option to choose performance over simplicity? 


Either way a massive thanks to limetech and these forums! You all rock  

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I most appreciate the lenient licensing - for those of us new to Unraid, knowing I had time to tinker with the trial license was invaluable while I got my hardware configured. Really solid peace of mind, and at the end I bought a Pro license!


Wishlist: Perhaps some native disk preclear options (or just integrate the gfjardim plugin), Unassigned Devices (dlandon's plugin), and native IPMI support for hardware stats like temperature, etc. 

I'm a huge fan of how granular I can get - or go hands off and know I'll have it all running without needing to keep on top of anything except my notifications! Great work, y'all.

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  • Its an awesome design, the fact you can grow your storage capacity on the fly is excellent along with the really helpful community.
  • Only thing I would like to see is better I/O speeds, maybe some sort of tiering system like high end SAN's have, an SSD Tier, a SAS and/or SATA Tier, each tier has its own cache drives and then data can be moved between Tiers, far fetched and prob not possible but food for thought 😎
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What I love most about unRAID is having a useful way to store my family's data, shared or not, and to host multiple systems from one computer. We temporarily live in a 5th wheel but need two computers - not having to have two towers is huge for us.


One thing I'd love to see is assignable space limits for shares. Certain members of the household have a nasty habit of saving way too much junk and never going through it, so placing a limit on the junk saving would be super helpful

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What I like the most about Unraid is the ease of use of dockers. It's so easy to add new functionality to my home lab with that.


And what I would like to see the most in 2020 is an easy to use back up system (not just sync) from unraid to remote unraid. It is doable now but requires quite a lot of setup.

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Prior to Unraid, I had a QNAP device that died a horrible death. I built a new NAS with used server hardware from ebay and Unraid fit the bill. I probably have way too many docker containers.


For next year, I'd like to see OpenVPN baked in. The plugin works, but I've never been able to get it to autostart. 


Come to think of it, I could just set up a docker container for OpenVPN lol.

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1 Think you like most about Unraid

The one thing I like about Unraid is the ease of use. I can say Unraid has been the best and easiest to setup, learn, explore, and just fun to use. Unraid not only is my primary way to share network access to files, but also to docker, and vms. I have a platform to learn much more because of these features. The community is very intelligent and hope to one day fully understand what exactly they're talking about. Unraid is the tool for sharing important stuff to your friends and family. 


1 thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020

🤔I would suggest a build in data backup feature. To make it easy and secure way for beginners. 


Happy New Years!

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