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Unraid Forum 100K Giveaway

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My favorite feature about unraid is just the webui and how much flexability the OS has. 

If i could add a feature, it would be a package or installer to add drivers to the OS for ease of device passthrough into dockers or VM's. Obviously that increases the size of the OS but i think unraid is at that point that it needs to be an option at least. 

Keep up the good work and i look forward to multiple pool support in the future releases.

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I love how easy it is to add more storage capacity compared to regular RAID. I also love how much unraid has improved over the years.


In 2020, I would like to see multiple arrays and possibly multiple cache pools. Would be nice to have a share span those said arrays too. That way someone could have 60 or more drives and store close to or more than a 1PB in a 4U chassis.



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I like that I can just add any disk to enlarge my pool and that I only lose one disk to protect them.


I also like the ease of adding apps using the community applications plugin and docker.


I would like to see snapsots for shares and shares with the ability to be cloned to multiple disks so like having multiple parity for specific shares.



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2 hours ago, SpencerJ said:

The Unraid forum is about to hit a major milestone: 100,000 members! As of Christmas time, 2019, we're sitting at approximately 99,000 forum members. To commemorate this awesome community achievement, let's do another giveaway!


What's at stake?

  • 90 winners will receive limited-edition Unraid case badges! These 2x2 inch domed, polyurethane server badges will look great on your own home lab (badges not for sale, sorry)!
  • 9 winners will receive an Unraid case badge AND a $25 gift card to the Unraid merch store.
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner: receives a case badge, a $25 gift card AND an Unraid pro license! Pretty sweet huh!?


See the linked blog post for pics and additional info!


How to Enter:

Simply tell us:

  • one thing you like most about Unraid


  • one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020



That's it! Winners will be drawn at random from the forum entrants here. 

At our current rate, we will likely hit 100,000 members late January or early February 2020. Follow the Unraid twitter account for periodic forum # updates!


Entries will close as soon as we hit 100,000 forum members so don't delay in entering! Good luck.



I love that unraid is both a "NAS" and a full Linux server. It gives us the ability to do so much more. 


I'd love to see a richer LVM/QEMU GUI. The current one is good but it could be better with snapshots and backups. 

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