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One thing thing I love - the simplicity of adding new containers through the community aggregated app store,


Something I would like to see added in 2020, VM snapshots would be radical.  


Thanks for all your hard work and happy new year!



Below is my rambling testament to what I like about the platform far outside the scope of the entry requirements


How do I leave it to one thing. 

I love the community app store, which makes docker simple to work with . Yes, once you grasp how to use docker or docker compose, then it is simple enough.  However, developers love their shorthand and instructions on github and dockerhub tend to be a bit barebones with assumptions made that the end user will "know how to open a linux socket" for instance.  

I love how this software really re-sparked my interest in tech (though it has become a quite expensive interest).  This has now led to multiple servers, rack mounted switches, re-purposed hardware for a pfsense router/firewall, and countless new projects with which to learn new things.  

I love having virtualization so easily handy so I can spin up a VM or launch a container to teach myself IP PBX software, Windows Server, IPTV through TVheadend (which is then ported into Plex through Xteve or tvheadend), CC TV security through Shinobi or Blue Iris, countless Linux distros, hosting my own website, sharing my media with family, having Terabytes of Storage at the ready (plus the ability to easily pop in more drives individually at a whim).  

I love being able to run a VPN to get into my server from my office and access any of my files though my own cloud service (be it OwnCloud, NextCloud, or OpenVPN and mapping a windows network share).  

I love not dealing with external Hard Drives.

I love Space Invaders video tutorials for all of the above. 

I love that this forum exists and Reddit too.  For support or simply to inspire new ideas for the next project / learning experience.  

Everything posted above doesn't scratch the surface of all this software does and all that I have done with this software.

I love that it keeps getting better with each release and every addition to the community app store.

I also love that it keeps showing me how much more there is to learn and how much further I can research and develop my skills in tech.  Be it learning Linux, enterprise and networking hardware, network administration, systems/server administration, software development, etc.  As I said this has re-sparked my interest in tech and is steadily getting me closer to my goal of working in tech, as I am currently studying to acquire certifications for Cisco and maybe M$ too.

As I said it is hard to keep it to just one like, as this software has opened the door to so much for me.

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I love unraid for the true jbod experience, having moved from freenas, the ui and features by well worth the pricetag.


I'd love to see proper ssd, m2 and nvme integration, including full flash arrays, or at least improve compatibility of them. Implementing a number of community addons and plugins would be nice as well.

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I'm relatively new to unRAID , having just joined the dark side in the past less than 30 days. Since then, I have spent countless hours on the forums and have even had two interactions with the support team ( my own fault for some licensing issues and new , unsupported thumb drive). 


This community is, simply put, amazing. I have not seen such a helpful , friendly knowledgeable environment in all my many years dregging the shores of the web. This is what drew me in and is likely what will keep me here. 


As far as a feature I would like to see included in the future, native zfs and zfs encryption support. While there is a zfs plugin in existence, I would like native support for encrypted drives. And zfs for caching may be a bit appropriate / stable than btrfs. 


Regardless of that, I am happy I made the decision to ditch free-nas and give unRAID a shot, and will be purchasing several license for home and rest servers in the near future. 

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I like that in only my first week of using it I was able to spin up a 40TB array with 2x4TB parity drives and a 250GB cache drive in a matter of hours. Then when my Unifi NVR box died, I was able to bring up a replacement, allocate storage for it, and get it up and running with all my cameras connected and recording in less than 30 minutes. If I want to add more storage, it just takes a few clicks to allocate more to the share. I've done freenas and other drive pool systems, but how everything works so easily takes a lot of headache out of setting up this host. All of these things made it really easy for me to pull the trigger on the unlimited license.


I'd like to see more notification agents going forward such as Pushover and Telegram bot integration as well as official docker support, the community driven one is good, but it always gives some piece of mind when it's from the official developers. 

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My favorite feature of unraid has to be the dashboard. All your NAS information at a glance. Beyond that, it’s Linux based so we get all the The great software and features of the Linux kernel such as Docket container support and KVM machines.


id love to see a clustering feature in a future release that would allow containers and virtual machines to fail over to another node in even of an outage. Maybe use Kubernetes or docker swarm to accomplish this?

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