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My favorite thing about unRAID is how easy it was to setup. The whole UI is so intuitive and easy to navigate. I also love how bug free my experience has been. I have had a few issues but was able to work around them. I already have a Pro license and it was 150% worth the investment.


I think the notifications delivered via web can be improved in 2020. Another feature I would like would be the ability to perform snapshots of my VMs so I can easily roll back if need be. Maybe duplicating the vdisks or something? I am a novice at this so it may not even be possible but it would be great to have.


Thanks for all your hard work and creating such a fantastic product. Happy Holidays!

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Best thing about unRAID: Easy expansion of storage through adding disks or replacing a disk with a larger one.  In 8 years with unRAID, I have never had to replace a failed disk, but, that is easy as well.


2020 request:  LSIO Nvidia Unraid plugin functionality built into unRAID (and I don't even use it yet 😁)

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I've been using unraid because a regular NAS wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Especially the fact that I can add docker containers makes it an OS that I absolutely love.

I'll be building a 2nd machine which will run my gaming VM as well using Unraid, and it's also going to run heavier containers such as plex.

Features I'd like to see added, though might be outside the scope of Unraid. Are features that can be found in for example proxmox.

Having the ability to build a virtual network with switches, etc. would be really great to have. Docker already has this, but I feel like the VM section is pretty limited when it comes to it's features. (Though honestly I haven't really checked it thoroughly yet either, so maybe it already is possible albeit in a hack-ish way).

Another feature that I still cant emphasize enough is 2-Factor authentication. Since we now have form-based authentication, this must be a feature that can be added without too much difficulty, yet dramatically improve security.

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I love the flexibility of it all. I can mix and match drive sizes, I can swap between dual and single parity, I can run containers to use those extra clock cycles, it's just amazingly flexible.


Edit: forgot what I want to see next: better data integrity tools, I've had some aging disks lose data quietly and parity check just tells me the data is gone, I wish I could go further than that to rebuild or figure out which disk is bad

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My favorite thing is that it just works and doesn’t cause me undue stress when I’m trying to tinker. I’ve got two Dell servers and one HP racked in my homelab, with unRaid running on all three for the last year. Zero issues with unRaid itself, nice and stable. Such a pleasure to navigate/manage, and adding disks is effortless.

My wish for 2020 would be some sort of cluster management solution, and/or an easier way to “link” local servers. I’m currently having some issues with remote SMB shares, but not yet sure if it’s due to unRaid or my own AD config - but regardless, an easier way to manage multiple unRaid servers from a single dashboard would sure be nice! 

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Only one thing?... 

1) dynamic raid for my old ass drives, with ease to add/swap out better ones as my budget allows. 
2) Simple user interface.

3) Some really good plugins. 
4) best of all: KVM! I was able justify upgrading my CPU and SSD to the wife by show how much we could both benefit by sharing resources. 2 gaming rigs, plus plex, plus hackintosh, plus work NAS all in one!


Biggest request would be multiple arrays, one for fast SSDs and one for huge slow HDDs. But would also would like to see a parity option for non cache pool drives to the array, a scheduled one so that performance isn’t hit, but some degree of protection can exist. 

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For me one thing would be how much I've learned through this product. Having so many features and a helpful and knowledgeable community has made the last few months both fun and challenging. 


As for something in 2020 to add, honestly, still working on utilising the myriad of existing features, so definitely content at this stage! 

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How do I begin? There are so many things to like about Unraid. I’ve been storing data (on more than just the conventional desktop platform) for over 15 years. For years hardware RAID was the king of redundancy. RAID 1, 5, 1+0…these were my bread and butter. And back then, having so many gigabytes at my disposal came with the peace of mind that my data was safe (of course, by means of backup both locally and remotely) with a disk failure or two. But those days were difficult as hard drives kept increasing in size and changed brand…heck even PATA was gone in favor of SATA. Those were different times. Fast forwarding to Flexraid, that was my first software raid. But weekly snapshots? An old clunky system? Using Windows as the backend? I don’t want to slam anyone here but that just…wasn’t a long term solution.  A number of years ago, I was introduced to Unraid. The simplicity of the software, the fact that it’s based on linux, the ability to not only use VMs but also Docker in addition to the core features of a NAS? These are all amazing. The real time parity calculation is the icing on the cake.


To answer this question, the best thing about Unraid, is its versatility. The fact that there are many solutions out there for a NAS or a Hypervisor or even a powerful OS that is great at using Docker (through portainer or otherwise). Unraid does it all, and that’s what I love about it. The fact that Unraid isn’t just an OS..it’s a platform for servers everywhere (especially in my homelab!)


What would I like to see in Unraid in 2020? As a datahoarder, I have a ton of data from all different sorts. Redundancy is a huge piece of the puzzle, since I know that two of my drives are always protected from failure. But, I’m a firm believer in the 3-2-1 backup methodology. And I think, if Unraid had the support to span multiple arrays where one could be backed up to another, this would be a game changer. Multiple pools is no new request, but I think backup is a huge part to long term support for Unraid. And it would be a nice to have.

Unraid is awesome. I’ve recommended (and so far a dozen have implemented it) to a ton of my friends. We all love unraid and we all love the community that goes with it. Thanks for making such a great product!


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I really like how quick and easy it is to get up and running with Unraid. Like most others, I tried two other popular nas OS’s and Unraid was the only one that worked right out of the box. You really do get what you pay for.


I would like to see a mobile optimized site or official mobile app for Unraid.


Congrats on the 99k+ members so far! I’m happy to be part of a great community.

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I absolutely love the simplicity of UnRAID. It’s easy to set up, maintain and iterate on.


I’d love to see some improvements in Docker resource monitoring. Perhaps something graphical, showing which containers are using which resources and how much. The advanced view is ...ok, but not necessarily easy to get an overview with.

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