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Unraid tweaks for Media server performance?

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Hi Everyone


Unraid is great and I am like many others using my Unraid server for Plex (And of course other things)

So I would really like to collect all the tweaks and "Hack" done by others to increase performance of large Media servers doing transcoding


First just to get the "normal" recommendation listed:

  • Appdata on cache drive (Fast as possible - SSD/M2)
  • HW encoding using Unraid Nvidia plugin + GPU
  • Structure of media in each folder/optimize files for transcoding?


Specific Unraid tweaks:

  • Moving transcoding to RAM


What other things or tips do you have to speed things up?

Speed up the UI?  have anyone tried to move the DB to RAM? and did it help?


Looking forward to getting some input from the power users! 👍 and updating this post with new things!

Thanks for a really great forum with so many help-full people


(I placed this post here because it should not be about the dockers but things around it and Unraid, please move it if you find a better place for it!)

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Found a new useful powerful setting if you have a very large Plex/Media Library....

Install the Tweaks plugin and increase the: fs.inotify.max_user_watches


You can read more about the problem here: LINK


BTW: I would really like to hear from more power users about their tweaks and settings, please share if you have some tweaks or performance improvements

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