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  1. Right I was asking what you'd use it for. If, for example it's movie storage, a raspberry pi with a single external drive would be very low-power. I don't think many setups run 3 data and 2 parity so you may want to research the pros and cons. That's impressive. I'm about 24W with 6 2.5", 2 cache but no ECC.
  2. My setup meets your requirements but what's your use case? Unraid might be overkill.
  3. I discovered that if you leave the login popup open (without logging in) then repeat the action that opened it the previously-opened popup will update to show the expected data. This works in all cases except Web VNC which opens a new window every time.
  4. I watched your video again and noticed you can access docker logs but not docker consoles. I can access docker consoles but docker logs give a login prompt. Strange! Can anyone point me in a direction to debug the php? I wonder if I can track the problem down. I do see this ambiguous error in my log file when nginx is restarted root: Error: Nothing to do
  5. No but only to test which is why I'd like a permanent solution. Is there a fix? (I use Safari on MacOS like the original poster)
  6. I had this problem and the only way I found to fix it was setting a blank password for root in the users tab. If there's a better way I'd like to know.
  7. It doesn't satisfy your ethernet port(s) requirement but I'm very happy with this low-power, almost silent build.
  8. I got around it using the M.2 slot (mine was limited to Key A+E)
  9. Here's my test with 1 hour of iotop -ao Standard 6.8.3 with no customization 2x 500GB WD Blue SSD BTRFS RAID-1 default Cache, docker.img and libvirt.img with a dozen dockers and 2 VMs, mostly idle I'd like to know what's responsible for the shfs /mnt/user -disks 7 entries
  10. Great resource, I hadn't seen that before. (The GCM cipher significantly improved my download speed.) One question after reading it re: Privoxy for Sonarr, etc: Does the proxy setup offer some advantage over setting qbittorrent as the container network for Sonarr, etc. (per Part 2 here)?
  11. No Boosting at 105 so at least in my case (Cyberpower 685AVRG set to High Sensitivity) the low bound for AVR is 104V.
  12. Today I saw evidence of AVR kicking. Voltage at the wall outlet was ~104V Voltage at the UPS was ~116V My UPS is set to High Sensitivity $ upsc cyberpower | grep 'ups.status' Init SSL without certificate database ups.status: OL BOOST
  13. Purpose: Shut down MacOS gracefully prior to system shutdown to extend battery runtime Setup: Cyberpower UPS connected to a Rapsberry Pi running NUT in netserver mode (see TUTORIAL: Networked NUT for Cyberpower UPS) MacOS VM (Mojave) Requirements: Xcode Xcode command line tools Macports 1. Update macports sudo port selfupdate sudo port upgrade 2. Install NUT sudo port install nut 3. Create graceful shutdown script This will mimic Apple Menu -> Shutdown The upside: A clean s
  14. Anyone with a verifiably working AVR? (Cyberpower or otherwise)
  15. I just updated and tested. (1) and (3) are fixed but re: (2) it looks like PAUSE (correctly) references the highest temperature disk but RESUME references the lowest temperature disk (it should be highest). Still, plenty good enough. Thank you. Aug 1 12:20:01 NAS parity.check.tuning.php: DEBUG: -----------MONITOR start------ Aug 1 12:20:01 NAS parity.check.tuning.php: TESTING: parity temp=38 (settings are: hot=40, cool=35)) Aug 1 12:20:01 NAS parity.check.tuning.php: TESTING: disk1 temp=40 (settings are: hot=40, cool=35)) Aug 1 12:20:01 NAS parity.check.tuning.php: TESTING: disk2 temp=
  16. I noticed my drives getting hot during a parity check. It had been a couple of months since I cleaned my fan filter and it was pretty dirty. Cleaned it, reinstalled, and drive temps dropped 8°C ! Maybe monthly or even weekly maintenance is common knowledge but this is my first case with a filter (Silverstone CS01-HS) and it's news to me.
  17. Happy to. Attached with identifying information anonymized (I think.) If I had a nickel... Ha! Yeah I realized I confused you two and edited my post but not in time (my apologies.) disks.ini.txt
  18. First, thanks for this very handy plugin. I think there are minor bugs in the temperature-pausing code: The assigned-slots check (which I believe you just added) reports an incorrect total. I have 3 array disks, 2 cache disks and 4 Unassigned Devices disks. The plugin shows 4 total (I assume array) disks Parity check is paused with hot=1, warm=2, cool=1 and resumed with hot=1, warm=1, cool=2. Seems like pause/resume should be based on hot alone The PAUSE debug reports the label of the overheated drive as "temp" Aug 1 07:50:01 NAS parity.check.tuning.php: DEBUG: -
  19. Thanks, I meant the Grafana pane settings, maybe a screenshot of the query and customizations if you don't mind? I'm collecting the relevant data with the HDDTemp docker and have everything displaying properly except for spin-up which I couldn't figure out.
  20. Just to follow up on my earlier post re: configuring the plugin to only keep 1 weekly backup, I hacked the code to accept "6" in the Number of days to keep backups field (7 was the lowest non-zero limit) and it's working as expected.
  21. I've got PCI passthrough working for a USB controller (Renesas uPD720202) with the following XML. Mojave recognizes it but performance is terrible, it can't even keep up with mouse movements. Is there a known solution or path to investigate? <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x02' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> <alias name='hostdev1'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x03' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/>
  22. Rebuild-DNDC will automatically restart the main container (qBittorrent) as well so it'd help if you lose connectivity but it looks like you haven't since the curl command returns your VPN IP. I don't see any inactivity timeouts in my log just a series of successful curl commands to portchecker.co Sorry I can't help more.
  23. I switched from AFP to SMB in preparation for 6.9. In my environment (High Sierra, Mojave and Calatina) with regular shares and Time Machine, SMB is reliable but with consistently worse performance, and yes I've made the recommended client tweaks. It's Apple's fault for dropping AFP without improving SMB, can't blame Unraid.
  24. Next time it happens test container connectivity by running something like: docker exec -it vpn curl ipinfo.io I renamed my container vpn. Substitute whatever name you have in the command above. If everything's working it should return your VPN IP and additional details. To test the connection and restart containers automatically you can run Rebuild-DNDC available in the Community Apps. Detailed description here: https://github.com/elmerfdz/rebuild-dndc