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  1. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis auch an @vakilando, das war mir bisher noch nicht bekannt. Ich schau es mir später mal an.
  2. Moin, ich schau mich jetzt seit einer Stunde nach Cloudspeicheranbietern rein nur für Backups meiner Daten um und irgendwie scheint nichts wirklich in Frage zu kommen. Entweder gibt es Bedenken beim Datenschutz oder die Geschwindigkeiten sind zu langsam. Daher dachte ich mal in die Runde zu fragen was ihr so nutzt. Ich dachte erst einmal an 100-200 GB mit Luft nach oben, Backups werden mit duplicati laufen, wohl dann per webDav. Kosten soll es kein Vermögen aber solange der Service passt muss es auch nicht spottbillig sein. Beim Datenschutz geht's mir eher um's Prinzip,
  3. Hello, I've set up my phone so it syncs all taken pictures to my server. What I keep thinking of is a way to detect documents which are then moved out of my nextcloud share to a document management system like paperless. I'd like to avoid having to use a dedicated app for that, some automated detection method on the server would be awesome. Anyone an idea how to achieve that? Cheers
  4. Noone using a x1 PCIe network card?
  5. I want to pass through a dedicated NIC to my VM and only have one free x1 PCIe slot available. I'm more interested in compatibility and stability than getting 2.5 or 5 GBit/s, but that would be a bonus. The only card I found being x1 PCIe and offering that higher speeds is the QNAP QXG-5G1T-111C which isn't supported from what I read here on the forums. Can you suggest a fitting NIC? Thanks!
  6. Managed to solve it myself thanks to the many helpful posts in this forum 😃 For anyone who stubles over the same problem: edited the VM in xml view, added video and sound device to same virtual slot and marked video device as multifunction see this video, exact timestamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlTVANDndpM&t=250s downloaded vbios of techpowerup and removed header - for some reason I don't understand my own vbios dump of that card did not work... see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IP-h9IKof0
  7. Hi there, I am currently trying to get GPU passthrough running. I have successfully installed Win10 on a passed through NVME, so passthrough itself works. Now I've tried to switch from VNC to my single GPU (a GTX 770) but I can't get a picture to show up. When booting up with both VNC and the 770 as graphics adapters I can see that the graphics card is beeing detected in the device manager though. Here is some additional system info: Not sure what else you need, just give me a hint and I'll try to deliver What I've tried
  8. Hey koaly, I ended up getting the x570m pro4 too Very happy with it so far, about to setup my gaming vm.
  9. I have a peculiar problem with plex: I added a new library entry and mapped it to a cached share (via /mnt/user/*). Scan works, playback works, all is perfect ... until my array drives are spun down. When I try to play a video, I get the following error: When I spin up the drive containing the video manually playback works as expected. So plex isn't accessing the file in a way that makes unraid spin up the drive. Any idea why that may be? I tried the search but most hits are regarding plex spinning up their drives, that's not really my issue. Initially I assumed it might
  10. How can I add my nitroflare account, I get this message: EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized I can set up accounts on my.jdownloader.org aswell
  11. I have figgured out the problem: I had the zsh, tmux und ncurses-terminfo installed via nerd tools. After removing those the disks didn't keep spinning up anymore. My guess is zsh was accessing disk1 for some weired reason ... will survive without it and maybe try later to get it working again.
  12. Thanks for the hint @itimpi, pretty new to unraid - I'll keep in mind attaching it immediately next time I attached the diagnostics log to this post. Tried to find out if anything remaining on disk1 is being used but can't find anything... hal-diagnostics-20210301-2103.zip
  13. Hi, this weekend I set up my first unraid. Now I'm at the point where I would expect my hdd drives to spin up only when doing certain things. Having set up a spin down time of 15 minutes I don't see them spinning down at all. After some investigation I realized docker to be responsible. When stopping all docker containers the disks spin down and stay that way. Now to make it easier to troubleshoot I limited my further testing to only a single docker container: CaddyV2. It's a reverse proxy not doing much file wise and I have all volume mappings pointed to the cache drive:
  14. Another thing: I didn't really think about buying a b450/x470 chipset board but since my choices are so limited that might be an option too. Would you buy a b450/x470 board in 2021?
  15. Hi there, I'm in search for the right mainboard for my upcomming build. I'm pretty much set on the 3900x and got a case I want to use, so it has to be a micro-ATX AM4 board. Since I need 2 mechanical x16 PCIe slots and have 2 M.2 drives and 5 sata drives I need to connect the field of possible contendors is limited. Basicly it comes down to those four: ASRock X570M Pro4 MSI MAG B550M Mortar ASRock B550M Pro4 ASRock B550M Steel Legend Another possibility could be to accept 4 SATA ports and throw in a SATA controller, that would make the ASUS TUF a possi
  16. A bump from me, maybe someone would like to help
  17. Hi everyone, I'm planning to upgrade my whole pc/server home system and condense everything in one big machine. I will be buying everything new, the only things that will be migrated are my 2 WD Gold WD4002FYYZ drives. My budget is capped at around 1200 € or $1300. The setup should support the following: 2 Windows gaming VMs, no crazy requirements, one purely for streaming, the other with output to periphery connected to the server docker containers running: keyvault, nextcloud, http/ftp server, ... around 8 drives, pure data storage capacity