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  1. Was there anything else that needed to be done to CompreFace for it to all work correctly? I know there were some issues that were going to be taken to the unRAID devs.
  2. If only having an Intel Integrated Graphics CPU/GPU, would I be able to utilize the GPU build of CompreFace? I already use the Intel onboard GPU for Frigate if that makes a difference.
  3. This was the link I was given that he said he would post in when he finished the work. I didn't reach out through GitHub though. I emailed them.
  4. I reached out to the developer of CompreFace and I was told that they're working on getting it to work properly with unraid. They noticed the demand for it.
  5. I would think whatever dependencies were needed for the whole thing to work, that they could be integrated into one app. I have a lot of apps installed and the only time I ever needed to install more than one thing was if it needed to use a separate database like mariadb. I think it would just be a matter of somebody packaging all of that together oh, so hopefully that can be done, as this seems like the best overall option with facial recognition apps from my understanding so far.
  6. I would love for this to be added to the Community Appos or at least some kind of template to make it much easier to install. I've shied away from trying this app out because of the complexity of setup.
  7. I seem to have this working correctly, but I didn't see "Primary Display" setting anywhere. I saw "VGA Priority". Otherwise, settings are the same. Is this just due to different BIOS version? I have 1.1 on a X11-SCH-LN4F. IPMI is blank after unRAID boots, so it seems I don't have it configured correctly all the way.
  8. Requesting this Docker app, invoice system called Crater.
  9. Thanks. Working now. I actually figured it out around the same time you said this while I was walking around brainstorming, so perhaps my phone sent me the info without me knowing it. 😃 I kinda knew that, but not entirely and it finally clicked when I was thinking about it. I don't think I meant to not set things in a way that didn't work, but I didn't realize exactly how they were "needed" to be, so I ended up a little off.
  10. I'm having a helluva time switching from the standard multiple /tv and /downloads mount points to one. I was tired of all the additional copying of data due to multiple mount points, so I'm switching, but I cannot get it going no matter what I do. I have to add back the /downloads mount point in Sonarr for it to find the completely downloaded file. Is there something different about this version of Sonarr that doesn't handle this right? I don't quite understand how Sonarr finds the files without the container path to the downloads folder. There is nowhere to enter besides when setting up the Docker. I've read that the Sabnzbd API tells it, but with container paths, I'm not sure exactly how that works and simply cannot get it working with just one.
  11. I'm getting this warning from Fix Common Problems and the fix doesn't stop the scan from still reporting the warning. Fix appears to have been applied okay. Template URL for docker application AdGuard-Home is not the as what the template author specified.The template URL the author specified is The template can be updated automatically with the correct URL.
  12. I'm strategizing for the DNS servers I may use in future, was wondering if it was possibly to specify a different DNS port for unRAID's settings? Looking at the settings, it just asks for DNS server like most devices would, no port section. I know from other devices some don't allow simply adding a colon and the port, that they just want the DNS server and they use the default port 53 or whatever other one they may use.
  13. Nice. What is not working on it?
  14. Thanks. I will give it a go, just need to decide on SSD.