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  1. after the last docker update, i can't log into. looks the last update is broken?
  2. Got the same Problem with my SMB and NFS Share to my Plex Ubuntu Maschine, everytime the SABnzbd Docker was writing to that share. I found this: But for the first i will try to deactivate the cache on this shares, because i don't understand what are the Tunable Hardlinks for. I am worried about breaking functionality on my unraid.
  3. do you have any news? i think i got the same problem/peeks with my cpu usage. maybe the nextcloud docker is involved in this.
  4. So, for the first, English is not my first language, so sorry for confusings. I have 2 physical machines: Unraid and Ubuntu for Plex with webmin. Two shares mounted in Ubunutu with SMB. Fresh reboot, no problems and i can access my shares from Ubunutu. I updated my Unraid from 6.7.2 to 6.8.0 in the middle of december. Problem: After i loaded files with the binhex/arch-sabnzbd docker (with file permission 777) i can't access the mounted drives from Ubunutu (no problems with windows). The shares is still mounted under Ubuntu, but they where showed with "?". I can unmount and then mount them again and there are accessible again till i loaded files again. When i change the file permission that the binhex/arch-sabnzbd docker gives the loaded files to 755, then there is no problem. Workaround: Using NFS Share for Ubuntu, but with SMB it works on 6.7.2. Maybe it's me, i don't know but, thanks for your help.
  5. Hey there, i upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.0 in the middle of December. On my vacation i recognize a higher CPU usage on my unraid server. this equals in a higher energy usage. On 6.7.2 with all drive spin down my server was at 28W, now 6.8.0 with all drive spin down it is on ca 32W. 4W isn't much, but i want to know, what the reason is. I am not 100% shure the reason is 6.8.0 or, a docker/plugin which better works with 6.7.2. my running Docker: -binhex/ach-krusader -binhex/ach-sabnzbd -linuxserver/duckdns -linuxserver/letsencrypt -linuxserver/mariadb -linuxserver/nextcloud -organizrtools/organizr-v2 my Plugins: -CA Auto Update Applications -CA Backup / Restore Appdata -Community Applications -Custom Tab -Disk Location -Dynamix Active Streams -Dynamix Cache Directories -Dynamix SSD TRIM -Dynamix System Information -Dynamix System Statistics -Dynamix System Temperature -Fix Common Problems -Nerd Tools -Open Files -Preclear Disks -Speedtest Command Line Tool -Statistics -Tips and Tweaks -Unassigned Devices -unBALANCE -User Scripts -Virtual Machine Wake On Lan -Wake On Lan support
  6. thank you very much guys! topic can be close
  7. Hello, i'm new to home-server and unraid. i tested unraid für around 15 days and i want to buy a licens. in the past i used the to calculate my array and it shows me the "pro" licens. but i think the "plus" licens will be enough for me. now i am confused and i need you help. my setup: -hpe proliant microserver gen10 x3418 16gb RAM -IBM ServerRAID M1015 in IT Mode -Array Parity: WD RED 4TB DISK1: WD RED 2TB DISK2: WD RED 2TB DISK3: WD RED 4TB -Cache Samsung 840 EVO 250GB -Boot Cruzer 16GB Maybe i will mount a usb drive at some times with Unassigned Devices At this point i understand, that i have 6 drives + 1or2 USB drives = 8 Devices = "Tier2 Plus Plan" or? Thanks for your help.