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6 hours ago, wgstarks said:

It’s my understanding that deluge v2 hasn’t been released for Windows. Maybe this isn’t correct. If you’re running deluge v1 on your windows machine you won’t be able to use the thin client. WebUI only.

Well, that's just balls.

You're right, I'm on 1.3, unless I want to roll my own. HaHa, yeah right.


Thanks for the reality check.

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3 hours ago, odyseus8 said:

I assume that you are using the latest version of Deluge in unraid which is 2.x.x

If so you should use this link 


to download the unofficial latest version of thin client to be able to connect to your unraid.

The official version is not compatible with newer versions. Hope this helps.


Thank you, that works awesome. I think I just peed myself a little with how easy it was. It even saw my daemon without having to configure anything!

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Hey folks, struggling with a weird new issue. Suddenly, Deluge is not downloading anything. I have a feeling it's related to a storage update DockStarter ran recently.

These are my configs:




Any idea?

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2 hours ago, Dukko said:

Hey folks, struggling with a weird new issue. Suddenly, Deluge is not downloading anything. I have a feeling it's related to a storage update DockStarter ran recently.

These are my configs:


Any idea?

Same issue here.  Just installed a few days ago and was working fine.  I can add torrents but none are downloading and all show paused.  

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19 hours ago, nfragol said:

This is for the folders

drwxrwxr-x   1 nobody users  796 Jan  4 17:00 config

drwxrwxrwx 1   1000 users     938 Jan  3 15:21 nzbToMedia


and this is for the script

-rwxrwxrwx 1 1000 users 16938 Dec 14 10:34 TorrentToMedia.py


Hi guys,


I have been struggling for 2 days to get the execute plugin to work.

On Binhex's advice i tried the following command but still cant get it to work.


"/usr/sbin/python /config/nzbToMedia/TorrentToMedia.py"


Above i have the permissions for the folders and script.

I am new to linux and unraid, can someone please point me in the right direction ?



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Hello All!  first time posting here.  Thanks in advance!


I tried to setup DelugeVPN and its not wanting to load the webui when the vpn is set to ON.  I went through the config settings and put the cert+vpn list in the openvpn directory just like spaceinvaderone did in the demo but it won't work.  I start the console on Deluge and run the curl ifconfig.io and it gives me a different public ip, so something is working.  I go through the same steps with qbit and it seems to work but would rather not use that client. 


What files do I need to look at for logging?  Anyone have suggestions?

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4 minutes ago, nfragol said:

What provider are you using ?

Did you use 1 country file ?

provider = PrivateInternetAccess

I've tried using one country file (netherlands), i've tried using the list that SI1 displays, i've tried using all of them.  I restarted it several times out of frustration and the webui works now.  Does that seem very stable?


Now I go to do a test torrent (ubuntu) and get the message Failed to Upload Torrent.  same torrent worked in qbit.

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8 minutes ago, nfragol said:

As far as i know, you can only use one country file. It takes some time to connect to certain spots.

If you have webui, that apparently means you are connected.


Try the france file.

I get the webui, but still get this failed to upload torrent message.


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6 minutes ago, nfragol said:

at the bottom right of the deluge webui, do you see the new ip address given by the vpn provider ?

I get the new public IP, everything looks great but I get this message when I go to test the torrent.  


actually, i forgot i have to work now.  I'll work on this again tonight.


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10 minutes ago, nfragol said:

Thanks good to know.

I think that @DaSlinky has already created a connection to one server.


can he still use this multiple servers addition ?

Just need to edit the ovpn file and restart the docker. It will attempt to connect to each server (in the order listed) until it gets a successful connection.

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34 minutes ago, wgstarks said:

You should attach your supervisord log to your next post. Be sure to edit usernames and passwords.

Where do I find that at?  :)  Will reply when home, just got in the office.

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4 minutes ago, wgstarks said:

The log shows a successful startup and then 4 minutes later a shutdown. Did you stop the container?

It started working, but whenever I go to start a torrent it throws that error message. Failed to Upload Torrent

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Just now, wgstarks said:

What is working?

Initially the WebUI wouldn't load.  Some how that self-resolved. 


Now, the WebUI starts up, I'm able to login to it, has the public IP.  But when I submit a torrent to download it throws the error.  Am I missing something?


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