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20 hours ago, Roudy said:


I noticed you blacked out the IP in the photo from your original post. If it is a private IP, you don't have to black it out. What is the address you are trying to reach Deluge at? Do you have any VPNs or multiple network cards on the system you are trying to access Deluge on?

Excellent point, my issue is IP passthrough, thanks :)

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Just now, RichJacot said:

Well... I set DEBUG but now I can't replicate it.  Maybe it was a problem with my VPN provider, but it has happened a couple times.  The next time I have the issue I know where debug is.  ;-)


Thanks Binhex.

most probably a vpn issue yes, if you haven't pulled down a new docker image then its highly unlikely that its a coding issue with the container.

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Hi All,


Is PIA down for everyone else too ?


I keep getting:-



DEBG 'start-script' stdout output:

parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 2, column 0


today at 18:39:51 2021-11-15 18:39:51,729 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output:

 [warn] Unable to successfully download PIA json to generate token from URL 'https://privateinternetaccess.com/gtoken/generateToken'

[info] 7 retries left


DEBG 'start-script' stdout output:

[info] Retrying in 10 secs...


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I have a VPN setup on my UniFi Dream Machine and I am unable to load DelugeVPN WebUI. When I'm at home, everything works just fine obviously but when connected over the VPN for some reason i cannot access DelugeVPN. I am able to access Sonarr, Radarr and Prowlarr's WebUI no Problem.


According to another post i made, a comment was to add my VPN subnet into the list of allowed addresses, how do i do that?

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5 minutes ago, JonathanM said:

Your VPN login credentials.

Okay, good. That's a starting point. Though I'm at a loss as to how that could be because nothing has changed on my end other than the container updated.

*EDIT* That did it @JonathanM! All I did was go back to the container, put in my username and password (I noticed it was the older style one that PIA used) and then the UI came back up after a couple of minutes. Thank you.


So next question is, what does the webui have to do with a wrong username/password for a VPN provider? Technically the container should still start, no?

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