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There is a big problem with using the docker appdata share.


Without utilizing events, the plugin will prevent the system from being able to stop the array.


TBH, I'd suggest switching to a ram based system as its far easier to handle, and screw keeping the history between boots.


But, if you still want history and docker appdata, then you'll need to have a directory called /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/networkstats/event,


And a bash script (executable) named according to an event listed in cat /usr/local/sbin/emhttp_event to stop the service accordingly (and another one to restart it if enabled)

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I'm not 100% sure on default behaviour. Worth checking what's in the zip? But regardless of that, if you haven't enabled docker as a service you're then resigned to having an appdata folder solely for network stats which seems a little extravagant.

Just trying to think through all the use cases here with you, ultimately you do what you think best.

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22 minutes ago, dorgan said:

Yes, what I am asking though is your system using eth0, or do you utilize a non standard port. Right now I filter the list display so that it only displays interfaces that contain eth, bond or br

According to vnstat, everything is running through eth0

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6 minutes ago, dorgan said:

Can you open the image source in a new tan and add “&debug=true” to the URL?

vnstati -s -i eth0 -o /tmp/php5UZta7�PNG  IHDR���7�*PLTE���```����������������������`�```...�s��	pHYs���+�IDATx�흽n�8��8\�������70�@�k$�Hm�����y���Qj7�w9��(��F4EEC��%Y���?5�e_����T߲F��!K}-���稂�r���G|�Џ��b?)���W�6��a���7�=�zUI[KcW�\����]n�QJ^��F.��+�r7;��'�[=�յJ�K�-�y۳:��^�[;|E������Xy�X��*R�D���}��F_w5�y~Pt����<�y�~\�I�Jx���7�ݡ����ɫtdsTA�Q=G}�{2z韰� z�*�9���'nVļ癮�>�3�١�Յ�L�O�y.A t��5ӟ�0��gk��^8e��56��>���wjxiq���G�����4J�.>MQ/#�,U�sTA�Q�хY�FL�� ����t���s��RgX]��)���:��a�̓ޞ�?�9���z�'�qc�>|���#���;w�cy�q�������1S�������0���Θo�.�[Y����Nz�F.�ާ��X���͙�0�uE��ti#v���G�{���c��[G���%2:�Ѓ�6jB�+��5�w�����-�?��3r?Y	�4��{U�/�tj&���Ю�����*�)D祠�����M��Ng<��i�uo�?r۩��ɰ����QR����m'���XW�sНn$����ޜS�G}x�~n�c��k����>r���՜�vc���:Z�.D�� ѭ���ۋ=���>�r2:%�b�����������1I�}�������w�{����������:�=��PGD�ښ������a1uDt��5�����f�UaY��մ&�v.��쫌��C׭Im���^>��簺Za]��{���e_i��@Ct|��������8(Ŭ漭	ֿ��l��q�&p��;��2|�����]�}/�KĐ��1(OAL�[email protected]�〢�>9�E}z��z� z�*�9���ӭ-��7c�H�O�q�"����Ut�����O�[email protected]�@�v��(��T2�ϓ��(�w�nQͅn�����!�?����B���� 1g���}�T�l��c�F��ۧ��)�l�����uA��	]ࣥFy�c�X^wi3�|�j.��h��pa���'�>��0qd'�� U���&�K�F���u=��Do~��H]W�ބ�	;Y���sӴzmBպ�T'|K���Dw l�u�.Vsdѱv��ڹ大GT�X֯H�V\�<��T�Ȗ<�%��{\�#[�Ȯ�ٗ�g�JْGvY���#;I���N�<��E&��t��#;Yd��N�<��E&��t��#;]9䑽ro�L2U�˅�;���v<�����]��ۖ���4"�Vљ��h�袮�����9,���Y�S(���y�_.�,V���;�՜i�KْG��-yd{�#�.�L�<��<�����k�yd���<��Z�`�?�l�f�#������#��ȚΌ^�F�����J�yd���6_��j�<�˻�yd�c���Ȇ*~��� ���#,ydCE�)�þ����q���W�z�A-��7�Z�;�F���5 ��Tv�o4�B��u�o�K�)���nD� p�R���M��%��o�W$� �(S�7��r�7{�4�6.����7���sx��VUA�Q=G}c_����Qy)�C�IEND�B`�


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New version release 2018.10.10 this reverts to the old path to store the vnstat db(/var/lib/vnstat) that will not persist across reboots.  This should solve any of the unintended issues i have cause with peoples unRaid setups.  I'll work on a future release to copy the vnstat db in/out of memory and will utilize emhttp events on when to do this, and not impact array functions.

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On 10/7/2018 at 7:26 PM, Squid said:



Dorgan just needs to include the stats.page file from the dynamix plugin so that it'll work without stats being installed (it's just a header page file that creates the tab)

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If I include this it looks like there is a config path hardcoded into this page file, i wouldnt want to do that as it could then conflict with that plugin if installed....  Suggestions??

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22 hours ago, dorgan said:

If I include this it looks like there is a config path hardcoded into this page file, i wouldnt want to do that as it could then conflict with that plugin if installed....  Suggestions??

I *think* that the cfg path there is simply to have the webUI assume that the particular cfg file references that page if a setting is changed on that page (ie: the Stats page).   @bonienl?  Since your settings are on a completely different page, I don't think there's any issue.


I've ran the network stats plugin with the Stats page as is in your directory with an without dynamix.system stats installed with no apparent problems.


And, moderator comments removed from the plugin in CA

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  • 1 month later...
vnstatd[37382]: Traffic rate for "vnet0" higher than set maximum 10 Mbit (30->42, r208 t509), syncing.
This is spammed in the syslog every time I have something download on my windows VM. Anyway to fix?

Yes, actually meant to fix this. I’ll get it updated this week.
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