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  1. Dear Trurl, Thank you for your answer. So the procedure should be as follows: 1. Restore super.dat in config folder. 2. Restart the unraid server. 3. "New configuration" button press. 4. Assign the drives to its original places 5. Start the unraid server. 6. The unraid will start to build a new parity. Thanks again. I am a bit scared of losing data.
  2. All, I upgraded an old data drive (750gb) with 1,5 years old 3 tb drive. The preclear of the 3 tb drive went unusually slow compared to all my other drives precleared in the past but with no errors. The rebuild took 3 days to complete. The next day the same disk gave a red ball status and the smart report says there is 1 pending sector. As the drive is still in warranty there is no problem to be replaced but meanwhile I would like to set my previous config with the old 750 gb hdd in service. I did backup the whole boot folder from the flash. Which files needs to be copied back to the config folder? Thanks.
  3. Dear all, ran out of space and decided to re-purpose one of my WD30EZRX desktop drives and to put it in the Unraid. The pre-clear process went painfully slow. It took around 47 hrs. for a single cycle. Most of my 3tb drives finished the first pre-clear in around 35 hrs. The hardware/software is in my signature and all drives are attached to 2xSupermicro SASLP-MV8 controllers (except the parity drive which is attached to the main-board's sata port). The DELL Perc H310 is still free (no disks attached to it). Please, let me know is there something strange in my pre-clear logs (I dont see any pending sectors or other weird signs) which I am attaching here. I have never experienced such a slow pre-clear before and I am afraid that if added in the array, later it may be the bottleneck of my parity checks speed which are usually finished in 9 hrs. Thanks in advance. Here is my syslog preclear_finish__WD-WCAWZ1658291_2015-02-03.txt preclear_rpt__WD-WCAWZ1658291_2015-02-03.txt preclear_start__WD-WCAWZ1658291_2015-02-03.txt
  4. Fixed. The vboxwebsrv Host IP should be the real IP of the unraid server, and not In my case 192.168.1.xx After this change, everything works as expected.
  5. Dear RivaSABB, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this didn't helped. My webserver is based on Mamp for OSX and is not installed on the Unraid machine but on my Mac. Tried "one-thousand" combinations for the last few days and just can't get rid of this message.
  6. Some comments on the above topic would be highly appreciated.
  7. I need some help with Virtualbox. Installed the latest version. No problems here: Here is my config.php in the webserver: Restarted the webserver as well as virtualbox plugin. When I try to connect via browser I receive the following: I am really not an expert and cant debug the problem so will need a hand to solve this. What is also strange that virtualbox plugin is not creating a log file at all. Please help.
  8. Every single time I have a power loss for more than a 3 minutes my UPS stop the array. When the power is back on and I log into the web interface to start the array the cache is always showing as unformatted after the array is already started. Only a reboot of the server is solving this issue. I am using Unraid 5.0
  9. All 4 fans of my SM cages were swapped to 92mm silent fans with no issues. I used Noctua NF-B9 PWM. Noisblocker fans are also great and cheaper then Noctua.
  10. If you ask me it comes down mainly to the availability. I found H310 over the UK eBay for the "huge" price of 12 GBP, including 2 SFF 8087 cables. About S3 sleep, cant confirm as I don't use this option at all and do not mind 24/7 operation of the server.
  11. Never used IBM, but have 2xSASLP-MV8 and 1xH310. Never had issues with the DELL card. There was a complete howto flash in IT mode with all the necessary files available in the net just cant find the blog now.
  12. Not so long ago Tom stated that his primary goal is to keep the end user away from the console. In this regard I believe a VM UI is going to be implemented.
  13. Obviously one needs to stay away from higher end Corsair (RM) series as well. I was using CX series (430) when the HDDs in my system were less. Then upgraded the power supply to a RM. it is deadly silent, that's true, but the extensive tests are showing poor results. Here is the review I've read today: The price of this model in my country is not low and all we need to be aware that nowadays the price is not always a proof for a quality. The CX series was working great for my setup last three years with a total of 9 disks in the system without a single issue. Moreover it is still in the recommendation list. Probably it is high time to revise it.
  14. Hahah...Thanks garycase. Will stop writing from iOS. Promise.
  15. Very nice build. Congratulations! Just one question: why so much memory? Probably further plans for visualization?
  16. Dear joshpond and sgibbers17, Thank you for your great explanations. Now I feel much more comfortable and will start playing with esxi. Thank you very much again.
  17. Thank you garycase, My floor is completely leveled. The vibrations were due to the single aluminum sheet LianLi manufactured the side panels of the case. I glued 5 mm rubber sheets on every panel and this way managed to slake the vibrations. Most probably my expectations were a bit higher than needed regarding the build quality and maybe I overreacted initially. I am happy with the case in general. Moreover there are not so many cases (excluding server class cases) offering space for 30 HDDs. I am just waiting for Tom to invent 60 HDDs support in Unraid with triple parity and will purchase a second case My other hobby is connected with high-end audio and what I've learned during the years was that every single audio component need to stand on 3 points in order to ensure the best footing. Probably need to apply this policy here as well.
  18. Thank you Gary for your reply. Helpful as always. iOS spellcheck is not educated enough, hence the "visualization" I also know that ver.5 and "working extremely well" is an oxymoron, but haven't had any serious issues except the usual web interface disappearance which is obviously an Incurable illness of ver.5. 1. Obviously esxi is the way to go and according to you the speeds and the general behavior of unraid should stay as it is. 2. It is still a question of time. Version 6 as I read is far from a stable release and I don't want to wait and rely on a still non existing software. 3. There will be no need of another hardware as there are already two presented and want to aggregate them in one. Thanks again for your input. Yours and others experts additional elaboration, especially on the USB questions would be highly appreciated.
  19. Dear All, Please excuse my ignorance but feel very green in the virtualization world. Have read a lot around but still have some questions. Before asking them would like to give you some additional information helping to understand my situation. Currently I have Unraid 5.0 final (32bit) running extremely well. Along with the user shares I successfully managed to install Plex, MySQL, AirVideo, Transmission and some other plugins living their life on the cache drive. As I am feeling nervous to start from scratch with the 64 bit version as everything is working smooth now, I would like to try virtualization, running Unraid as a guest and not touching anything in its current configuration. It must stay in secret for Unraid that "he" is not alone in his house anymore. The aim is to have Ubuntu based server environment in parallel where I can run various specialized software not available for unraid or docker at the moment. This way I will get rid of one more server to take care in my house and utilize the power of my current one where unraid is. So here are my questions: 1. Obviously I can run a Hypervisor from a flash drive (not sacrificing a precious sata port). Are there any known problems with this idea except that probably it will boot slower which is not such a problem especially if it is stable enough and not needed to reboot more then once in 3-4 years 2. Am I right saying that having in mind there will be two flash sticks (the hypervisor and unraid) there is not going to be a problem with the boot priority which I am going to setup in the bios of the MB. 3. If all goes well obviously I will need to pass-through the sata controllers to Unraid. I have 2 Supermicro SASLP-MV8 and one Dell Perc H310 (IT mode). What I read was that the Supermicro controllers are not the best choice. This was some years ago. Are there any changes in this case? If not I can replace them with H310 (I have 2 more). 4. Once unraid is up and running as a host practically I shouldn't notice any difference in terms of performance or am I not right in this statement? Currently the parity checks are going with app 95 MB/sec (app. 9 hrs). 5. What is the most stable hypervisor and easiest to manage? Xen, KVM, Esxi or something else? I am a lawyer and not an IT guru 6. I will need to install Ubuntu on a Sata port HDD. Ideally I would like to use the sata port from the Mainboard. This means the sata port from the MB have to be passed-through to the VM running Ubuntu? Is this possible or I will need additional controller just for 1 HDD hosting Ubuntu. 7. Once Ubuntu is working I will need to have access to 5 USB ports. There are not so many on my Mainboard so obviously I will need to use a hub. May I passthrough them to Ubuntu and be sure that their address is not going to be changed once the VM is restarted. This is important as the USB ports are needed to serve a bunch of card-readers and their address must stay the same all the time in order to prevent a mess with their settings. I know I can use ver.6 and make things easier but I learned during the years that often the easiest option is not the best one. I do not want to ruin my current unraid configuration as it is working stable enough and the plugins I use are working great. Docker is just not for me. Just don't have the time and expertise to build my own containers for the software I need and in general don't feel comfortable with this. So what you guys can recommend me. My hardware details are in my signature. Thanks for reading this boring stuff.
  20. My server is full of movies, tv shows and pictures of my family. You all are right saying that collecting video becomes an addictive hobby. Me personally haven't had the time needed to watch more than one movie a week. But this doesn't mean that I don't get my hands on 10 newvideos a week. This means that we are just investing in the future when we get retired and will enjoy our media library Currently my server hosts around 500 1080p movies, 120 full tv shows (720p) and 2tb digital pictures. Every 4-5 months I need additional 3tb of space to feel I am on the safe side storage wise. I am not good in Mathematics, but I don't know what will be better- to buy the hard copies of the movie/show or to store them digitally. Currently I broke the 2000 Eur threshold for the unraid hardware/upgrades and can imagine that I am rather on the lower level when it comes to the hardware investments compared to other folks around.
  21. Thanks for your rapid reply, Tom. I will make an order for the badges later. Kind regards.
  22. Its pitty LT doesn't have an European partner so that we (the European customers) can get badges easy way. Personally have at least 10 friends using unraid which would buy badges for their servers.
  23. Dear all, Does someone have an experience with this controller? I have a chance to buy it on a very good price and was wondering if it will be unraid compatible. It is a hardware raid controller and I don't know if it will be IT mode flashable so that I can use it in the future as an expander... Please find the link to the PDF specification of the controller from LSI website. Thank you in advance.