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  1. I have VNC set on mine and can't connect to the VM via VNC at all. It seems like the VM is running but VNC is not.
  2. Mine is not working now either. Plex will run but it can't play any media as if it has no permissions. Where is the db file that you changed permissions on Ademar?
  3. Good job team and thanks for all the hard work! The only issue I'm seeing so far is that Plex seems to not be able to access any media now and is unable to play anything.
  4. Just to update.. I completely uninstalled NerdPack and still see the same message.
  5. I noticed my log starting to fill up after the upgrade and it had the following repeating over and over. idmap_hash_initialize: The idmap_hash module is deprecated and should not be used. Please migrate to a different plugin. This module will be removed in a future version of Samba Diagnostics attached below.. zerver2-diagnostics-20210304-1855.zip
  6. Everything went smoothly for me with the upgrade as well. So far so good! Thanks to all those involved for getting this rolled out!
  7. @FlippinTurt Thank you very much for this! I really appreciate you!
  8. I would check for an IP Address conflict somewhere meaning something might have the same IP including a Docker container. You can also always boot into the GUI of Unraid if you catch it at startup if you have a monitor/kb/mouse hooked up to it too if you want to see things in action. That's not necessary but one way of doing it.
  9. Yeah I noticed that too and sent him a PM earlier today hoping to get a response. We just need to know what's up even if it means he's bailed on his projects. I certainly hope not because they are very useful. I'm using his Pihole docker and I don't see anybody else putting anything else out there like it unless I just missed it.
  10. @DemonWarrior I don't get it man.. you're mad because @ich777 won't bend over backwards for you for an old release? @ich777 is a non-paid community developer sharing his hard work and time with us for free. If anything you should be more respectful and have a thankful attitude for what he has done. I know I am. I don't think you're looking at the big picture here with all those accusations. Ease up, not everybody is out to get you..
  11. Great work as always and thanks for all you guys do!
  12. Hi and thanks for all the work done on these! I was curious if there is a new docker update coming anytime soon for Pi-hole as there are updates ready for Pi-hole, Web interface, and FTL? Thanks for your time!
  13. I updated mine a few days ago and have yet to see the change update. Was wondering if I was the only one.. Edit: This was my fault. I was editing the signature in the wrong area of the settings. My bad.
  14. 32GB so far and haven't really had a need to upgrade it yet.
  15. I just finished my build at the end of last month and can say I have been able to find all my answers here or the videos as well as people helping to answer directly in the forums. It's been a great ride so far and I'm loving Unraid
  16. Yeah that's where I screwed up. I formatted after pre-clearing instead of letting Unraid do it..
  17. I wish I had noticed this post earlier, lol. Thank you for pointing this out. I had the same problem as the previous poster and that would have saved me some time on a 12TB drive.
  18. Lol, that's the spirit! Sounds like something I would do
  19. I went with the advice thankfully given to me HERE which solved my problem.