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  1. No move - I only copy from SMB share to local Unraid share folder! Yes the move was done with unBALANCE and that worked perfectly, and just to remove the over allocation on drive 1 - only problem is that now Krusader have filled up drive 1 again... I think it works perfectly initiating the transfer on my Synology --> Unraid so maybe just keep it flowing in one direction
  2. I did read this and came to the conclusion that split level 2 was perfect (All is mkv files) so dir is in a relative flat structure But maybe I need to count the sub dir of the shares? Movies/Kids Movies/Movie name/Movie file.mkv --> Would this be split level 2 or 3? No The transfers are from Mounted share inside Krusader to the shared Unraid folder, so it should move to the next drive... Update it just moved to the next drive but it didnt leave any room left on the disc (I have set 50G free space on all shares?) Looking at the folder it looks fine all movies in each folder on the same drive - like I wanted ?
  3. I just did a unBALANCE and then restarted Krusader and startet the transfer to the share under user (Not user0) I dont have any cash on this share and I dont have any parity drives (Waiting to add them after the copying is finished) But Krusader is now again filling up disc nr 1 - transferring from my old server by SMB it looks like it levels the data? Any help is much appreciated
  4. Did I select the wrong share? shouldn't it be under "user" I just used binhex-krusader to copy a very large media folder and for some reason it just filled up a single drive and stopped? I have copied to the "root\UNRAID\user\movies" and I have the shared folder setting to "High-Water" any way to do the copy with krusader and not filling up the individual disks? Its movies: So split level is 2
  5. First line is Emby ffmpeg second line is Plex :-) just standard settings for both.
  6. IM Stupid! - But to my defence running the command in the docker command for plex it actually starts the UI like this: Running the same command in the Emby Docker prompt gave the above error And running the command in UNRAID promt everything is working Thanks!
  7. I just installed Emby to see if I could get the "watch nvidia-smi" working but I cant even get the monitor up? (Is it only for the beta emby server version?) As posted before I had it working on the P2000 card for a glorious hour or two and then never worked since. So I thought that maybee Emby with support for both encoding and decoding would have better look :-) "watch nvidia-smi dmon -s u??" this doesn't work either.....
  8. I am looking into emby and I found two Unraid containers: EmbyServerBeta EmbyServer Which one are you and most people using? and does they both work with the Unraid nvidia setup? Is this just like running the latest in Plex as a plex pass subscriber = EmbyServerBeta?
  9. I don't know if this makes any difference but I started with a rollback to v.6.6.6 stable and then to RC4?
  10. @clowrym I just tried again on the Rc4 and it works now!
  11. Thanks! not having all the nice updated apps and my stats menu was a huge loss
  12. Can I downgrade move the files to Unraid and then upgrade afterwards? its really slow, it's going to take weeks transferring all the data
  13. Is it correct that Emby already does this natively? - Would it be possible to run Emby & Plex in dockers side by side using the same P2000?
  14. Oh one last thing adding the second sound output: doesn't seem to work for some reason I get this
  15. Thanks I already found that file and edited it in one of the other videoes to remove the vbios Nvidia header but at that time it didn't work? I think it's because I run the script it now seem to work just took a little time to process Here is the edited file to anyone else who need it: quadroP2000.rom Also here is the line added: And Voila (Thanks for all your help!) Last thing, how do I get the user script to run the script at boot up? Seem it doesn't have the root access to run the 3 lines any input on how to fix that?
  16. Ok here are the logs still same error in windows
  17. Ok thanks for the links... Maybee a little beyond my skill level but I will try, and document my learning here I tried to use the user scripts and got this: Script location: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/Fix Gpu Passthrough/script Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/Fix Gpu Passthrough/script: line 4: /sys/bus/platform/drivers/efi-framebuffer/unbind: Permission denied Then I used putty and executed them manually, that went ok echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon0/bind echo 0 > /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon1/bind echo efi-framebuffer.0 > /sys/bus/platform/drivers/efi-framebuffer/unbind That went ok, I then went back and tried to start up the VM Still getting the: I then tried to change the Change the VM machine type between i440fx and Q35 But that wasnt allowed - Do I have to create a new from scratch? Also trying to setup VM as Seabios, HyperV on vs off, is greyed out and cannot be changed Finally passthrough a BIOS for the Card, I tried looking for a bios file for my Quadro P2000 card at techpowerup.com but they didnt have one, and I could only see a way to dump it using CPU-Z if it was placed in a local windows machine which I dont have. Anyone having a vBios for the Quadro P2000 that they would like to share then give me a ping Thanks!
  18. I have been ad it for 2 days now so it starts to seem a little complicated to me 1) I did that, 3 times thinking I did something wrong, because the nvidia-smi mention did not show any running processes. 2) Yes as unraid console for now, would like to have it available for pass through? or if I needed the GPU for special Adobe project I could then start Plex in another docker with the modprobe (But I removed to get the console back) 3) I think you nailed it by this comment! - I just did a BIOS change Intel Processor Graphics = Disabled and after that I still got HW transcoding but nothing showed up in the nvidia-smi mention any running processes! so this was working initial (See picture showing 10 processes, so I believed it had to work) 4) I did that 2 times, but stating the above it's probably working just not showing anything and most here use that as a test for success 5) I was afraid that me trying to test some GPU passthrough (Unsuccessful other issue) had caused some problem in general with the GPU? 6) Ok, then I will change the BIOS back to having the iGPU as primary using this as a console, and that would also fix my Black screen bug? during boot So lesson learned - Don't trust the nvidia-smi and disregard that it doesn't mention any running processes - if Plex is showing HW encoding! THANKS @saarg for taking the time to explain this
  19. Hi All Facing some trouble having two display adapters one Nvidia GPU and the other Intel iGP especially when selecting one primary for "Nvidia Unraid" but that's a discussion in another thread I am like many others following the video on getting passthrough working on a windows 10 gamer VM and found that my MB had grouped the adapter with alot of others devices so I had to enable "PCIe ACS Override" I then got a Group 16 with the Nvidia card I then selected the card in the VM And fired up the VM and got this The card was not being initialized and updating the driver didn't help. The log file states: Any input to what to do next? do I need some BIOS file for the card? Thanks
  20. I just tried rolling back to Version: 6.7.0-rc2 because I think it was working at that time, but no change? Without the modprobe I just can't switch between the GPU and the iGPU (If I wanted to use it, temporarily example for some passthrough to a VM) And on top of it all I can't see if its really working anyway? - Is there any monitoring available for the iGPU some linux command? Last thing... is there any way to remove everything related to the Plex setup and transcoding and just start over with OUT creating a new UnRAID USB stick? I was under the impression that dockers was contained, but it seems that GPU changes can happen many places in UnRaid Remember this was working for a very brief moment and it might be working now? just cant see any of the streams in the "watch nvidia-smi" As always your valuable insight is most appreciated!
  21. I found that if I remove the binding for Plex IGPU HW transcoding in the go file I get my screen back? #Setup drivers for hardware transcoding in Plex #modprobe i915 #chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri #chmod -R 777 /dev/dri Only change... how can that be?
  22. Ok that could indicate that there is another problem, I just closed my firefox running 6 streams and they all continued to run on Plex? I had to reboot them to kill the streams, even tautulli and the Plex dasboard couldnt kill them! only a reboot
  23. Okay removed the modprobe it and did at reboot and now I have my console screen back on the primary P2000 card. 😊 I then started to play files and many files and I still couldn't see any stream on the "watch nvidia-smi" output console But then I noticed that the load went up, and so is the memory so could it just be an error on the output screen?