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  1. Hi All This is more a question to the people who are running Unraid for a much longer time than me! 😉 So normally I manage to work with the files before they are moved from my Cache to the Array during the night But today I wanted to move some files (Yes I have set up the rootshare so I don't know why its moving any data across the array?) Anyway I got speed like these: Update the went up after 30min.... to around 88 MB/s still the drives supports Max sustained speed of 210 MB/s Moving files from a 10T Seagate Ironwolf enterprise "drive 8" to my Cache drive (MM2_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_2TB_S4J4NG0M919326F) So I was thinking my system might need a faster controller? - 12 Gb/s I have the slot to support it? And it would be able to run all 24 drives not just the 16 on this controller My system specs: MB - Gigabyte C246-WU4 CPU - Intel’s Xeon E-2176G GPU - NVIDIA Quadro P2000 (Plex/Emby) RAM - 64G Crucial - DDR4 - ECC DIMM 288-PIN -2666 MHz PC4-21300 -CL19 LAN: 2 On Board + Intel Pro 1000 VT Quad Port NIC (EXPI9404VTG1P20) Controller: LSI Logic SAS 9201-16i PCI-e 2.0 x8 SAS 6Gbs HBA Card (Orig. old server controller not chinese one) The rest of the drives are using the Sata MB controller: 10 x Sata III 6 Gb/s Drives: Cache - Samsung 2tb M.2 (MM2_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_2TB_S4J4NG0M919326F) IronWolf 10TB Seagate Exos X14 12TB HP 3TB (7200 drives model: MB3000ECWLQ) few left to be replaced.... So would I benefit from buying the SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter? During running the Mover and running all the dockers and 1-2 VM's I can see that the CPU load is pretty high Also I cant even open the LOG terminal on Unraid during any Mover running? is this normal? Normal CPU load is between 15-50%: Update: I think the high CPU is caused by the Plex docker doing Thumbnails and Metadata? (Killing it and things seems to go back to normal) So maybe spending the same money on a bigger CPU? Intel® Xeon® E-2288G Processor (I really like the ratio of power consumption vs cores on the one I have its 95W on the above new one and only 80W but again you cant really count on these!!!) So upgrading the CPU or the Controller? As always your input and knowledge is much appreciated Thanks Casperse
  2. I have the same error in my Log file but I dont have any VM's with this -1 value?
  3. Hi All I started to have Plex docker just stopping? So I disabled auto update in the Unraid Plugin but I still get these "Shutdowns" I then got the logs right after a shutdown/stop of the Docker and I can see this: "Shutting down with signal 15 (Terminated)" This would normally mean that the system is shutting down, but Unraid and all my other Dockers run perfectly So how do I find out what is issuing this command to plex on Unraid? UPDATE: I have also excluded the backup of Appdata for /mnt/cache/appdata/plex/ so it shouldnt stop the Plex docker should it? Okay : I think it's the update vs the backup plugin that need more time difference in order not to conflict with each other... more date = more time
  4. @SpaceInvaderOne I finally got everything working now but I would like to know if you have any special rules for the VM's on Unraid? My Unraid server IP is used and shared by the Docker and the same gateway (subnet) Unraid server IP: like most people have... I have virtual machines VM's on the Unraid server with their own fixed IP like: BUT If I route any traffic through the Pfsense for the server Unraid IP, dockers etc on the it will overrule any traffic coming from my VM having IP: and route everything over the rule set for the Unraid server IP hosting the VM's !!! 😞 Do I need to passthrough NIC's to my VM's? in order to separate them from the Unraid server IP?
  5. Same her but since the router and ISP is only for this server it doesn't really matter if the server is down I have run into another problem that I hope you might can answer... The server IP is used and shared by the Docker and the same gateway (subnet) Unraid server IP: There are VM's on the Unraid server with their own IP like on the Br0 (Bridged IP) = If I route any traffic through the Pfsense for the server Unraid IP, dockers etc on the it will overrule any traffic coming from my VMs? and route everything over the rule set for the server IP? So is this only possible to route traffic from my VM's if they have a real physical NIC's that I can use and passthrough to my VM's?
  6. I have 2 NIC on the MB for Unraid and I have 4 NIC's on the Pfsense VM would that be enough? Update my Unifi supports 2 x ISP on the USG3 - But I really like all the options I have to do VPN and Alias rules, pfBlockerNG and so much more in PFsense! (Also looking into having a 2x10G card for the Pfsense when my ISP upgrade their infrastructure, cheapest 10G router you can have :-) I think I will use the Pfsense with ISP2 only and keep ISP1 for my Unifi and Home Now I just need to find a way to separate traffic from Dockers in Pfsense by Port traffic? and not IP's.... That should be possible?
  7. Yes only one gateway for the Unraid server (I can manually change it if one of my ISP's goes down.... Thats fine the Unraid server can have the same gateway to ISP2 (Pfsense VM on Unraid server) I have created Firewall Aliases that will route selected Host IP traffic through the ISP2 I just need to use the two NIC's on the server for two different IP's that I can select on each Docker? I can see that in the Docker settings I have this: But I cant get one docker to use and another to use (Same gateway) Is this also not possible? Br Casperse
  8. Does anyone know if there is a Video tutorial for OpenVPN and PIA in Pfsense? The introduction video talked about installing Openvpn on pfsense but I cant find the video? Thanks! 🙂
  9. Hi All I am trying to setup to separate IP's with different ISP's/Gateways (NIC's) that I can select for my dockers? eth0 IP: Gateway ISP1: (Unifi USG3 router) eth1 IP: Gateway ISP2: (Pfsense VM running on Unraid) But after separating them I got into a lot of trouble with my Dockers which sofar have used ISP1 and kept pointing to Is this possible using the Unraid UI for LAN settings? Current IP configuration: I tried splitting them by disabling bonding and removing eth1 and then adding static IP's to each of the NIC's with different gateways? That really messed things up, and I had to restore my "network.cfg" on my flash drive from a backup to get things working again Is it the routing tables I need to define? It would also be great to have a secondary gateway definition in case the primary ISP went down? - But that is not a priority Right now I would just like to get my new ISP setup for UNRAID dockers Thanks Casperse
  10. I just changed it to a value below 1mio and then it worked! :-)
  11. Hi Great plugin! I just tried to change the value: But when I look at the right side its not changed in the tweak plugin And running the command: cat /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches Shows that its still set to: 524288?
  12. Hi All I have installed it 3 times and it stoppes around 80% been running for two days now and it just crashed Emby Hangs here: "Calculating movie statistics" Is there any files or changes that I have to make? I saw some forum post about a fix, but I guess that would be in the docker by now right?
  13. Found a new useful powerful setting if you have a very large Plex/Media Library.... Install the Tweaks plugin and increase the: fs.inotify.max_user_watches You can read more about the problem here: LINK BTW: I would really like to hear from more power users about their tweaks and settings, please share if you have some tweaks or performance improvements
  14. I think I found the solution but have no Idea on how to implement it in a docker/Unraid? https://forums.plex.tv/t/increase-the-number-of-directories-linux-can-monitor-notify/209156 Hmm increasing this in the Tweaks plugin? would that help Plex?
  15. Hi All I have a solid system for a very long time but after encoding to RAM I am getting some problems once in a while some TV shows doesn't play and then later they play fine? Error log: [Transcoder] [eac3_eae @ 0x15422c0] EAE timeout! EAE not running, or wrong folder? Could not read '/tmp/pms-018fb146-d1c7-4f41-84cb-cae419d0ca06/EasyAudioEncoder/Convert to WAV (to 8ch or less)/e12d43b76d37f1d2-com-plexapp-android_7893-0-0.wav' I found this post? Anyone have a solution to this? (Just upgraded to 64GB RAM to use RAM for encoding) And only for TV never movies? so the tmp folder si working....
  16. Ups didnt like that getting a Libvirt does not start error now....
  17. Yes its on both? - which one should I delete Update I deleted the oldest file not updated on drive 7
  18. Yes I can see that this is the libvirt I have disabled VM and I am running mover now, shouldn't that move the file to cache? (I have system prefer cache setting)
  19. I think I will end up doing another default gateway on the same subnet... --> ISP1 --> ISP2 That way I can manage everything on the same network and I can point Unraid to one ISP and the rest to the old one Any problems doing it this way? Would it be possible to have a secondary gateway if the first one goes down?
  20. No its ok "appdata" just a misspelling here....
  21. Update: This might not be related? But all this started after upgrading to a new bigger M.2 cache drive, from a 1TB to a 2TB drive Could this somehow be the problem? (I formatted it like the old one "btrfs encrypted") Recreated the docker image and re-installed all the dockers! Only the Apdata is copied back to the new cache drive Below removed this had nothing to do with the error! Focusing on testing Plex for my stability testing... I just did a small test by copying the Plex Apdata folder to a UAD SSD and did a install with the same user "docker profile" but pointing to the SSD for Apdata and then Plex started to work like it did before (Exactly the same files) now HW encoding for TV works it doesn't when running from the cache drive? - This is so weird, it's like all logic is out the window..... Again this might not be related and just me grasping at some point of error origin I have so far removed the latest added plugins: Custom Tab Dynamix File Integrity Dynamix Active Streams Server Layout
  22. @jonp Yes I am "like many others" a Space invader fan 😊 - and moving from Synology I found many great plugin that helped me accomplish this But you are right I need to remove the non essential plugins! - problem is that many are now "mandatory" I guess if possible it would be better to move to dockers if I can find a similar application to replace the plugin I am now running in safe mode and have attached a new Diag file - hope the error is gone now! What to do next? - retracing and uninstalling every plugin, starting from the latest ones? (If you tell me where to look for this python error I can search for it after each reboot?) Again your help is much appreciated - hope we can find the source of this problem and kill it @trurl I have all my drive numbers in Unraid assigned to the corresponding numbers of my servers HD cases (Make it much simpler to find a failing drive) Drive one is a Un-Assigned Drive - so I dont spin up the array - was inspired by this post about seeding and ended up with this solution - another forum post ,(Drive 8 and 9 is temporary empty because I am slowly replacing all my 3TB drives with larger ones - So drive 8 and 9 was moved to a larger drive 6 and so on its slow but it works and it requires $ so it's a slow process 😉 ) plexzone-diagnostics-20200226-0809.zip
  23. Thanks @trurl I added my logs to the first post in this thread: BTW: Just took my server apart to get the USB out and I did several disk check in windows all was fine no errors
  24. My USB was placed inside a rackmount server in the middle of the motherboard - Safe place but hard to get to I did run several test and all was clean? My hope is that the logs above will give a hint to what might caused this....
  25. Update: Following the error leading to the Nvidia plugin which apparently also located on the USB? I re-installed the plugin and rebooted the server, sofar it looks like everything is running again? Could this cause the loss of User shares? (I didn't know that the Nvidia plugin was such a big deal of the Unraid server, if this is the case?)