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  1. Hi All I need some help on how to do this in the best way possible I have followed this guide to create a VM running pfSense with 4 Intel NIC added (Not virtual NIC's) I would like to set this connection up to another ISP2.... In my new setup I have two ISP's so one for the household on Unifi (ISP1) and now this (ISP2) on pfsense for the Unraid server Everything runs on the Unraid server and that is where I need my ISP2 to connect to The Unraid server have 2 physical NIC's The VMpfsense have 4 physical NIC's The Unifi network controls everything else and WLAN using and I need to be able to reach the Unraid server from this LAN. Options? 1) Split the two NIC's on Unraid into 2 different networks and connect the new LAN to one of the free NIC's on the pfsense as a NIC switch? 2) Some virtual connection between the pfsense router and Unraid - the internal dockers/VM's ? 3) Some VLAN setup in pfsense? 4) Other solutions? Hope this make sense (Didn't have time to create a drawing 🙂 ) Sorry this is new territory to me and normally I have managed with only having one LAN and one ISP but I like the idea of dividing access and speed on two ISP's Any and all input would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  2. Hi All Just found this post which looks allot like mine :-) https://forums.unraid.net/topic/71071-video-guide-a-comprehensive-guide-to-pfsense-both-unraid-vm-and-physical/?do=findComment&comment=822768 But I did go out and bought a Intel Pro 1000 VT Quad Port NIC (EXPI9404VTG1P20) so I wouldn't have any problems LOL So now I wonder if its about the firmware of the card? (Worked perfectly in Unraid before stubbing it and adding it to my VM) Any suggestion?
  3. Ups forgot the limitation of the PCI-E .... reading this I think adding a extra M.2 would break my last PCI-E for my plans adding a 10GB card So I guess its option 2...
  4. Hi I really like the cache setup but I would like to have all Appdata + VM's + Plex metadata + temp downloads on it Not having the array spin-up is a plus and speed is great To do that I have to extend my cash size, I have two options 1) Buy another M.2 SSD 1TB and setup as Raid 0 (Auto monthly backup to array?) 2) Replace the M.2 SSD with a Intel-600p-Series-SSDPEKNW020T801-2TB (Cost would be around the same and speed would be 1/4 of the above solution) Loading metadata from plex and scrolling through my media collection seem to be a bottleneck need all the speed I can get... :-) Any drawbacks using Raid in cache setup? - I have read about Cash in Raid 0 it should be well tested now right? I want a stable system so that would be a deciding factor going for 1 single M.2 SSD As always I hope to learn from people who already have or have tried this Thanks Casperse UPDATE: This answers my question pretty good (So I went with one M.2 and not 2 in raid 0
  5. This is much larger error, just found that it randomly doesn't move all subtitles anymore? Can someone tell me if I can rollback to a old version of Radarr? (This worked before) I have Appdata backup back to 2019 but when I restore them I still get the latest Radarr version?
  6. Update: I tried so many things and honest don't know what caused this? But my VM's are running (The few that didnt was caused by some network DHCP problem and I mistakenly thought that was related to all my VM's not working) Short version I have my VM back but I can only connect to them by Firefox (Like other reports above) - Chrome in VNC seem to be broken (New update?) also listing the VM page seem to take much longer time than on Firefox? Docker is still working fast and show all dockers quickly so only on VM page
  7. I Finally got the stub working and I can select the 4 NIC intel card in the VM - But for some reason I only see one interface during the install - I wanted to setup pfsense before I get my new fiber connection but I just get this one interface? And no other for LAN the 4 Nics are visible and selected in the VM? what am I missing? But I can't see the 4 NIC's during install only one and always link down I have tried to do this with both seabios and OVMF Also stubbed them tried both with vfio-pci.ids and pci-stub.ids? Can't think of anything new to try? Ok went through every setting again and by chance changed the Machine type to Q35 but not any version went back to the old Q35-2.11 and not the Q35-4.2 And got this... :-)
  8. Is there any "security" difference between the Binhex Deluge and the Binhex rTorrent? (Only one I can think of is the Space invader IP Block list in Deluge that isn't available in the rTorrent) But beside that its the same right
  9. To help others you can rename the plugin to match the 3.8 python and it will then show up in the deluge UI BUT IT WILL NOT WORK... so I guess we have to wait for a new version to come out here: https://bitbucket.org/bendikro/deluge-yarss-plugin/downloads/ I can see that others are using the other docker just to get the RSS feed :-)
  10. The python version of the last deluge is: sh-5.0# python --version Python 3.8.1 sh-5.0# So Far all the plugin I have found doesn't support this new version? I need a RSS plugin does anyone have one working? As always your support and knowledge sharing is highly appreciated Thanks!
  11. Does anyone else experience this after updating Radarr? https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/issues/4067 Might only be related to this naming convention?
  12. I am writing here because I think it's more of the same... I accidentally deleted my libvirt luckily I had a backup and I copied it to the "/mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img" But when I start the VM service I get this: Libvirt Service failed to start. I deleted the file because of this error any thing I need to change? UPDATE: copy using mc in terminal - reboot and start stop VM service it got back to normal
  13. Both will work - Space invaders video was for the Emby docker not the linuxserver one and he used the Nvidia stuff Anyway I will experiment and see how things work out
  14. Server IP:5900 Thanks for all your help, I will try to do a roollback tomorrow (I can not reboot the server before then...) And remove any changes I did the last couple of days... (didn't really do big things) Getting late here need some sleep - Again BIG thanks for your time I really appreciate it !!!
  15. Sorry no same problem - Also some of the VM's like hassio start their own webpage gui and that is not working either Real VNC
  16. Sorry yes they all start - just tried 4:
  17. The picture in my first post like this BTW I just remembered I followed the guide and added my 4 NIC's to be used in the future for Pfsense but have not selected any of them in any of my VM's Could this be what is breaking all the other VM's - seem like a missing network connection? I was told to add the line for any boot option I use (GUI and without) (Docker works and I have internet just not VM) I cant remember if it worked before this changed might as well try to remove it again and see if it change anything? (I have tried anything else)
  18. Hi @jonp didn't expect any reply before monday :-) No actually none of the VM's work? dosent run amd I cannot connect to them? I really have no idea why? (I have stated what I changed, to do the data migration without writing to the array, while copying data) The v. 6.8.1 have worked without issues before (Would downgrading and upgrading overwrite VM functionality? Been trouble shooting on this the whole weekend and really don't know what to do? Docker works perfect....
  19. I enabled the ACS mode again: No change? I am running 6.8.1... Diagnostic file attached - I never thought VM would be so sensitive to changes (Dont know what broke it?) These all worked fine before: diagnostics-20200202-1740.zip
  20. How to split media content to a unassigned drive in the Docker config? I can see that this Docker image uses: So would I keep this and just create a new path for: metadata? On the Emby Docker created by Emby I just pointed everything to the Unassigned drive in the:
  21. I used the Space invader guide to install and setup the docker long time ago, but now I keep getting And I have to setup things from scratch again..... every time I add the --runtime=nvidia I get this (Worked 100% before so maybee a update?) I have my media for meta data on a unassigned drive maybee this is now a problem? So I was wondering is more people on Unraid using the Linuxserver docker for Emby? Is it more stable?
  22. Hi All I have been moving a lot of data around and had to disable VM/Docker and anything that could write to the Array while moving files Now after starting VM service again (Several reboots) I cant connect to any of my VM's VNC gives I have enabled turbo write and I disabled PCIe ACS override (Only used it for my Nvidia card and I don't use the passthrough anymore The network is back to "Default" I removed the 4 NIC card for a Pfsense project But the network looks ok, and works for my Dockers... If I look at the logs for one of the VM's I see I can't understand why its not working anymore (Might just be a stupid newbie error) Any help is much appreciated - last migration from Synology UPDATE: Any repair mode - If something got broken? (Its everyone of my before working VM's that just stopped working?) Is ACS forever if you first enable it then it has to stay? I am sure this isn't a misconfiguration of the XML because all of the worked before
  23. Right! Same size not same model! - Should I be concerned about the type: Old Age? I have looked and all drives show "Green thumb" so I don't know what drive this Helium warning could be for? Guess I just have to complete my data migration from my Synology and start Parity 1+2 for the array, and see if the error re-surfaces?
  24. Yes it's very strange? Here is the downloaded file, could the notification be a old one? I have swapped and added drives during the last 4 days? I just noticed that one of the WD drives same model does not show any Helium status on the SMART status? I am currently moving all data away from drive 10 but that might be a mistake! Thanks @johnnie.black for helping me making sence of the SMART info WDC_WD80EFZX-68UW8N0_VKHR62YX-20200130-1153.txt