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  1. I have actually removed that before didn't do any difference? Also between it working and it stopped working no changes was made? Anyway to stop all script during boot - would safe boot do that? (Would be easy thing to check then?)
  2. Great! Thanks - But can anyone tell me what does this mean? ๐Ÿ˜€ I have no fancy boot settings just GUI as preferred boot
  3. So sorry My BAD I got a little freaked out and did a reboot - hoping all my data would reappear again and it did.... I am monitoring my new cache very closely. I promise to send a new Diag if it happens again
  4. I have updated it multiple times.... also rebooted it Just tried to run it again.... And just after running it I loose my new Win 11 icon again? Not sure how to get it again last time I added a new windows 11 and just copied my XML data after making sure the docker was not running No special settings:
  5. Hi All I had problems with a blinking cursor on the stable release of Unraid 6.9 but after upgrading to 6.10.rc4 it worked again! Now I have upgraded to Unraid 6.10rc5 and I get the dreaded cursor again ๐Ÿ˜ž No Firefox UI I have tested this on a 1080P monitor with a HDMI cable And another 4K monitor and another cable and result is the same this is what I see on both screen: Hard to explain I made a video: (Sorry for the shaken picture) Diag log attached below
  6. THANKS again! - I decided to change every path to get the better performance and everything worked great! Also updated plugins to do appdata backup etc.... so everything was running just fine and I wanted to check files on my new cache drive But this time it was EMPTY! and in my main view I had this: (This was not present when running the new cache drive at start?) Somehow my new cache drive was in both places? Afraid that I had now lost all my cache files I did a reboot and everything is back again? I upgraded to rc5 yesterday, not sure this is an error or something else?
  7. I can now confirm that the VM icon Docker from spaceinvader did something to the windows 11 icon? Only problem now is have missing icons on all my VM's ๐Ÿ™‚ That I got from spaceinvaders docker
  8. Thanks trurl I found a post saying I should reboot again, but that didnt help. I then removed the new cache drive it was empty anyway, and then I started without the new cache and stopped and added it again and now its active! But I have a question , very afraid to mess up my existing Appdata on my existing cache drive! If I rename my existing cache to a new name cache_appdata and then start the Docker service! Whar will happen to all the paths that are assigned to the currunt path So its actually best and recommended to just use the default /mnt/user/appdata and set prefer Cache! And NOT like me and others to have set it manually on each docker to use the /mnt/cache/appdata - because when adding pools and renaming you have to change the paths on all dockers!
  9. This is very strange after adding the new cache drive I have it listed as un-assigned? its the Cache_shares
  10. Hmm the only thing related to icons is Space invaders docker? GitHub - SpaceinvaderOne/unraid_vm_icons: To download and install custom vm icons onto an Unraid server Could tha be causing the problem? Just updated to rc5 same problem (Diag below)
  11. Argh no its a black screen right after the last load on screen of the nvidia loading So somehow the login promt and the local UI resolution does not like my 4K monitor? I could see that it changed resolution while loading on the screen 1080P -> 4K (Very small text) -> back to 1080P and at the login promt black screen? Is there any setting to get this working on a 4K screen? I am now pretty sure that is the problem Diagnostic attached below
  12. Yes of course, anything to help #!/usr/bin/env php <?php #begin USB_MANAGER if ($argv[2] == 'prepare' || $argv[2] == 'stopped'){ shell_exec("/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/usb_manager/scripts/rc.usb_manager vm_action '{$argv[1]}' {$argv[2]} {$argv[3]} {$argv[4]} >/dev/null 2>&1 & disown") ; } #end USB_MANAGER if (!isset($argv[2]) || $argv[2] != 'start') { exit(0); } $strXML = file_get_contents('php://stdin'); $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->loadXML($strXML); $xpath = new DOMXpath($doc); $args = $xpath->evaluate("//domain/*[name()='qemu:commandline']/*[name()='qemu:arg']/@value"); for ($i = 0; $i < $args->length; $i++){ $arg_list = explode(',', $args->item($i)->nodeValue); if ($arg_list[0] !== 'vfio-pci') { continue; } foreach ($arg_list as $arg) { $keypair = explode('=', $arg); if ($keypair[0] == 'host' && !empty($keypair[1])) { vfio_bind($keypair[1]); break; } } } exit(0); // end of script function vfio_bind($strPassthruDevice) { // Ensure we have leading 0000: $strPassthruDeviceShort = str_replace('0000:', '', $strPassthruDevice); $strPassthruDeviceLong = '0000:' . $strPassthruDeviceShort; // Determine the driver currently assigned to the device $strDriverSymlink = @readlink('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/driver'); if ($strDriverSymlink !== false) { // Device is bound to a Driver already if (strpos($strDriverSymlink, 'vfio-pci') !== false) { // Driver bound to vfio-pci already - nothing left to do for this device now regarding vfio return true; } // Driver bound to some other driver - attempt to unbind driver if (file_put_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/driver/unbind', $strPassthruDeviceLong) === false) { file_put_contents('php://stderr', 'Failed to unbind device ' . $strPassthruDeviceShort . ' from current driver'); exit(1); return false; } } // Get Vendor and Device IDs for the passthru device $strVendor = file_get_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/vendor'); $strDevice = file_get_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/device'); // Attempt to bind driver to vfio-pci if (file_put_contents('/sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/new_id', $strVendor . ' ' . $strDevice) === false) { file_put_contents('php://stderr', 'Failed to bind device ' . $strPassthruDeviceShort . ' to vfio-pci driver'); exit(1); return false; } return true; } could do the list /bin/ls: cannot access '/etc/libvirt/hooks/qemu.d/': No such file or directory?
  13. Hi All I am finally going to setup multiple cache pools! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am wondering how to go about it in the right way? Current setup: One cache drive called "cache" Future setup; Having 3 cache drives - cache_apps / cache_vms / cache_shares Would I have to manually go and change all my dockers from /mnt/cache/appdata/ --> /mnt/user/appdata/ before renaming my existing cache drive? Would it be best to move all things back to the array (Change prefer: Cache --> Yes : Cache) and then setup all my cache drives? (The system files and the Docker image files and the Appdate would be keept on the existing cache drive!) I have all my Media dockers on my current cache drive and moving all these small files would take days! Would love to just rename the current cache drive to cache_apps and move the rest to the other cache drives? I might me overthinking this LOL Did see the video about multiple pools but in that they where all empty
  14. Thanks I have removed them now! I cant get the File activity working in RC4?
  15. Just did another reboot also checked the connected monitor local GUI And its still not there But everything else seem to work fine!
  16. Could it be because I upgraded directly from 6.9 --> 6.10.rc4? (Skipping the other RC?)
  17. Hi All I am using the OZNU Homebridge docker. And it works for everything except the Sonos ZP plugin? I have by troubleshooting with the auther found that it is upnp that causes these problems? What network setting are you running with? Mine is: And in the UI: But I keep getting periodic UPnP announcements for .6 - the HOST! ? [4/19/2022, 9:00:21 AM] [Sonos] upnp: RINCON_542A1BE254D901400 is alive at Any input on how to resolve this?
  18. This is with the iGPU (Sorry I cant reboot for some time adding disk space)
  19. The monitor is a standard 1080P monitor Example opening the LOG window (Works fine on any PC accessing the UI!)
  20. No, I tried accessing this on 2 different machines and 4 different browsers And in incognito mode no cache No it worked before, and I have not added any plugins (I have removed some old ones)
  21. Thanks Trurl! How can a single file be in two places? OK I can see that the Docker img file on the cache is the new one the System file on the drive 7 is from 2020 so I deleted it (Could this write to disc 7 happen if the cache drive have run full?) So I dont think this was spinning the drive up
  22. I just updated to 6.10.rc4 and installed the File activity plugin (My drives keep spinning up) But no matter what I do I dont get any activity in the plugin? Log: But its already over the default size? I then updated it to: I dont get the warning anymore but still no activity listed? Diag file attached below
  23. I know this is an old post but every one is talking about the SC847 and the 36 bays! And it has been on my list for a very long time (Hitting the max supported drives on Unraid) But isn't it a big problem that all cards have to fit in the low-profile expansion slot? (Or is it full?)
  24. Yes thanks! I had to do the XML changes to get the serial USB device added in the VM - and then the HA process above to change the Zigbee HA path and keeping the DB for all my existing devices ๐Ÿ™‚ - so I am really happy to now be on 6.10.rc4