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  1. Yes I can see that this is the libvirt I have disabled VM and I am running mover now, shouldn't that move the file to cache? (I have system prefer cache setting)
  2. I think I will end up doing another default gateway on the same subnet... --> ISP1 --> ISP2 That way I can manage everything on the same network and I can point Unraid to one ISP and the rest to the old one Any problems doing it this way? Would it be possible to have a secondary gateway if the first one goes down?
  3. No its ok "appdata" just a misspelling here....
  4. Update: This might not be related? But all this started after upgrading to a new bigger M.2 cache drive, from a 1TB to a 2TB drive Could this somehow be the problem? (I formatted it like the old one "btrfs encrypted") Recreated the docker image and re-installed all the dockers! Only the Apdata is copied back to the new cache drive Below removed this had nothing to do with the error! Focusing on testing Plex for my stability testing... I just did a small test by copying the Plex Apdata folder to a UAD SSD and did a install with the same user "docker profile" but pointing to the SSD for Apdata and then Plex started to work like it did before (Exactly the same files) now HW encoding for TV works it doesn't when running from the cache drive? - This is so weird, it's like all logic is out the window..... Again this might not be related and just me grasping at some point of error origin I have so far removed the latest added plugins: Custom Tab Dynamix File Integrity Dynamix Active Streams Server Layout
  5. @jonp Yes I am "like many others" a Space invader fan 😊 - and moving from Synology I found many great plugin that helped me accomplish this But you are right I need to remove the non essential plugins! - problem is that many are now "mandatory" I guess if possible it would be better to move to dockers if I can find a similar application to replace the plugin I am now running in safe mode and have attached a new Diag file - hope the error is gone now! What to do next? - retracing and uninstalling every plugin, starting from the latest ones? (If you tell me where to look for this python error I can search for it after each reboot?) Again your help is much appreciated - hope we can find the source of this problem and kill it @trurl I have all my drive numbers in Unraid assigned to the corresponding numbers of my servers HD cases (Make it much simpler to find a failing drive) Drive one is a Un-Assigned Drive - so I dont spin up the array - was inspired by this post about seeding and ended up with this solution - another forum post ,(Drive 8 and 9 is temporary empty because I am slowly replacing all my 3TB drives with larger ones - So drive 8 and 9 was moved to a larger drive 6 and so on its slow but it works and it requires $ so it's a slow process 😉 ) plexzone-diagnostics-20200226-0809.zip
  6. Thanks @trurl I added my logs to the first post in this thread: BTW: Just took my server apart to get the USB out and I did several disk check in windows all was fine no errors
  7. My USB was placed inside a rackmount server in the middle of the motherboard - Safe place but hard to get to I did run several test and all was clean? My hope is that the logs above will give a hint to what might caused this....
  8. Update: Following the error leading to the Nvidia plugin which apparently also located on the USB? I re-installed the plugin and rebooted the server, sofar it looks like everything is running again? Could this cause the loss of User shares? (I didn't know that the Nvidia plugin was such a big deal of the Unraid server, if this is the case?)
  9. How to run this manually? or see the log? I currently have a very strange problem and it might be the USB? I had the user shares disappear! - I did manage to get a Diagnostic before rebooting if anyone would take a look I would be really happy
  10. You might be right... just got this new error I think the Nvidia files is on the flash so that would make sense! How to check in Unraid a check command from the command line?
  11. This really scares the shit out of me...... How can the user path be gone? Should I reboot the system? Seems my User shares disappeared? Starting and stopping the array didn't help.... Rebooting and hooping that will get my user shares back....
  12. Hi All After replacing my cache with a large drive I have had problems with my dockers I then did a rebuild - deleted my old docker-file and downloaded and reinstalled all my Dockers But afterwards I see strange behaviour Dockers that will not start but seem to be running (Green arrow) Dockers that just stops? or Emby that was running perfect before just stops and give errors? (Didn't change anything) Here is my Diagnostic files I hope someone can help me! Your help is much appreciated this is so strange? Gone from a stabile system to a "GHOST IN THE MACHINE" My container size is 40G no where near that: plexzone-diagnostics-20200224-2209.zip
  13. Hi All, I had this working before but not on Unraid :-) Could someone tell me how to read the log files from Plex in Tatulli? I have set the path like this: Path: /mnt/user/appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Logs/ And in Tautulli So any input to what's missing is much welcome
  14. I had moved my docker.img away from my cache (Replaced it for a bigger cache drive) and after moving it all back I have no warnings anymore! :-) One thing that worries me, I mistakenly did run a "New Permissions" and included the appdata folder 😞 After a reboot it seems that all dockers are running okay - should I be worried? and what can I do about it? (Appdata permission is not the same)
  15. Hi Everyone Unraid is great and I am like many others using my Unraid server for Plex (And of course other things) So I would really like to collect all the tweaks and "Hack" done by others to increase performance of large Media servers doing transcoding First just to get the "normal" recommendation listed: Appdata on cache drive (Fast as possible - SSD/M2) HW encoding using Unraid Nvidia plugin + GPU Structure of media in each folder/optimize files for transcoding? Specific Unraid tweaks: Moving transcoding to RAM DB optimize over time (Mostly Plex not Emby) - people with large collection run this even if the DB is not corrupt? And afterwards should load much faster? https://support.plex.tv/articles/201100678-repair-a-corrupt-database/ https://hub.docker.com/r/nouchka/sqlite3/dockerfile/ Move the sqlite3 db file into a ramdisk? Link from Reddit - I guess it would just be a matter of copying to /temp? (If you already have your Appdata on M.2 then might not be big difference) What other things or tips do you have to speed things up? Speed up the UI? have anyone tried to move the DB to RAM? and did it help? Looking forward to getting some input from the power users! 👍 and updating this post with new things! Thanks for a really great forum with so many help-full people (I placed this post here because it should not be about the dockers but things around it and Unraid, please move it if you find a better place for it!)
  16. So it seem to be working now! 😊 One questions... The unpackerr creates a new folder side by side with the existing folder like this: Directory A Directory A_unpackerred/Directory A/file A Is this how it should be? After Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr moves the file will it then be deleted? (If the file is something they accept! not iso etc.) Again thanks for creating this! - Really love to disable the other built in-unpackers
  17. You have to run the command in the CLI its the command prompt that opens a new window here:
  18. Yes I actually did - have spend allot of my time to get this to work.... and currently could mean that at some point it will be used so doesn't hurt to fill it in right!
  19. Sorry I just need to know if the mappings in the docker is going to be subst for the "mount" like: /downloads/tv/ --> ( /downloads/ = /mnt/user/downloads/) --> /downloads/tv Or should they be "spelled out in full path" in the docker UI so they have the full path: /mnt/user/downloads/tv? These 3 fields: Sorry for the many question if you have an example on how you have configured it then please share :-)
  20. This is exactly what I have been struggling with "Temp & Share on cache? vs UA-drive? vs Array?" I have tried many different things, if you need to seed and store data then cache is quickly not big enough... I came to this conclusion: 1) Seeding for a long time needing lots of storage! = UAD --> set movie/tv shows folder on array cache: yes 2) Temp download to cache? (torrent to move) completed download to --> UAD? --> Movie folder (cache: Yes) move to --> Array (much moving files around?) 3) All on cache drive --> Array? (Not enough space and needed time for seeding!) 4) All on array - so many drives spinning up 24/7 Cache 2TB M.2 usage: Appdata (Plex is huge!)/VM/System - and cache setting to (Yes on important shares) I went with option 1 - Eager to hear what others are doing?
  21. Sorry I think I am getting to used to having all needed fields provided to me in the Docker Unraid UI 🙂 I thinking was that filling out all available fields would be enough So you are saying that I need to mount the drives and that the Sonarr/Radarr path with the API does not provide this kind of access right? This would then solve it? And then change the path in the docker to: /downloads/tv/ /downloads/movies/ /downloads/music/
  22. Thanks! For some reason it doesn't unpack folders... I am running a synch folder with files TDB (status: Waiting, pre-Queue, elapsed: 14h14m0s) 2020/02/20 10:20:08.648757 helpers.go:65: [Unpackerr] Queue: [210 waiting] [0 queued] [0 extracting] [0 extracted] [0 imported] [0 failed] [0 deleted], Totals: [0 restarts] [0 finished] The only thing I can think off is the download path? Which points to my Unraid Unassigned drive - top level download folder same as And my Radarr settings: I have also tried writing the full path but still dosent work... /mnt/user/downloads/tv/ /mnt/user/downloads/movies/ /mnt/user/downloads/music/ Is it scanning the folders even if Radarr & Sonarr haven't registered a download? Would be nice if some RSS feed also was unpacked 🙂
  23. Yes that did also take me a very long time and afterwards getting pfsense to see them... 2 things i missed. 1) If you use other boot configuration then remember to disable the NIC in all of them! 2) The "machine model" must match the one in the video from space invader the new Q35-XX breaks the 4 NIC has to be 2.11 Looking forward to hear about how you are going to set this up.... 🙂
  24. Maybee a stupid question I just installed it and I got a OK And its been running for some days and nothing was unpacked so I turned on debug and went to the appdata dir and its empty? Where is the installation files and debug log kept?
  25. My dockers run perfectly but just noticed this message today: I have all the dockers in Appdata except Plex and Emby where I have meta data on unassigned devices SSD? Would this not destroy both Emby and Plex? or would it recreate them with the file paths to the SSD's? The meta data have been generated over years and I would hate to see it go Also when recreating the image file is it important to keep the same size as the orig file? (could I just do a backup of the image file and restore it if things go bad? Sorry if this i stupid Q's I have read this post but this is not clear to me Thanks!