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  1. Thx for the great podcast and the links Will be moving soon to a new home so i can do a clean setup of all new and fun stuff
  2. i did increase the timing somewhat but that is a good idea to time that. Will do that once the check is done in a day or 2 or so
  3. yes the partiy check did start automaticly.
  4. i did a normal reboot via the Gui on unraid and i got the warning Parity Check Tuning Automatic unRaid Non-Correcting Parity Check will be started 1629649753 Unclean shutdown detected warning i dont have any VM currently running they are off and only 6 dockers online.
  5. 64 GiB DDR4 Multi-bit ECC on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X
  6. that would be nice to see. i also saw that video if the gpu is using less kWh if the VM is on then when its off. Would be great if unraid detects the nvidia/Amd gpu to load the driver so it can put it in a lower powerstate. Saves power and maybe some heat also.
  7. Yes i know i can do that with the second picture. But in the first one i can only enter a host port.
  8. i moved to this docker because the linuxserver ones isnt beeing updated anymore. i disabled the VPN option because i dont need that. A Big problem that i have with this docker is i get often [12.08.2021 00:56:44] The request to rTorrent has timed out. [12.08.2021 00:56:50] The request to rTorrent has timed out. When i than press F5 to refresh the page it just keeps loading. I have to restart the Docker but often than also it doesnt get to the gui. it doesnt want to run at all. So what is different on this client then the old linuxserver rutorrent ? When i run the old docker of linuxserver. i start that one i can add 100 torrents and it goes instantly no problems no lag nothing. for both dockers all ports are open on the router etc.
  9. When i edit a template and i add a port i see this when i have it on anything else than bridge. When i put it on bridge i see containerport and Host port.
  10. Yes i agree, doing it all in 1 go is a hard task as ZFS isnt that easy and pretty complex. Like next release introduce the ZFS pool. User can make a new "array" pool etc the normal zfs way with no ability to add a single+ hdd's. And work on it with new releases to increase support for ZFS to be more stable and better about it so that finally that you can make a ZFS array where you can do like you can do now with the unraid array but with the ZFS features. That would be almost the best of both worlds unraid and zfs.
  11. Well ZFS or not ECC RAM is always a nice to have in the Unraid server. It helps extra against data corruption etc. For a normal PC it isnt really needed. But for a Nas system or a server with important stuff its a very nice thing to have. ECC is an additional feature which adds a new and directly applicable protection, something that does not exist in any capacity without ECC. ECC is always used on hardware RAID cards and by the same measure should be used when implementing software RAID or any other software storage technology which uses RAM as a cache or integrity calculation buffer.
  12. would need atleast 1 extra empty disk in the system then to make a begin and copy the data. But we'll see when its that far. I think it will take some time before it will get a final version that can do this in unraid.
  13. It would be really great when that is possible with ZFS yes. Best of both worlds. The freedom of how Unraid does it currently and the extra taht ZFS offers. Would be great if we can convert our current array to the new zfs one with this feature. Ofcouse with the hope that you can add any size upto the parity one etc.
  14. if you going to make a ZFS pool does that still enable adding hdds like we currently can in that pool. In normal ZFS that isnt that easy/impossible ?
  15. Old topic Sure but would be great to beable to add in the template that you can do the multiport thing. Also if the docker is on Custom Br:0 so i can give it a own IP. i cant "redirect" ports like when its on bridge.
  16. KoNeko

    Help: Mail backup

    i got a own mail server in a VPS that runs fine. mostly my gmails are for the older things i still use and for some spam things. there is docker-mailserver. but that is a complete mail server. Im just looking for somekind of client that can pull all mail and store it. So if the email on the other email is removed or whatever i still have a copy local on my unraid. Before my unraid i had qnap and it had a qmailclient that could do that. But that is for qnap only and its paid now which wasnt when i was using it. there is fetchmail or getmail those are in a docker but havnt been updated for years.
  17. Im looking for a way to backup my email adresses like my @gmail's and my @own domains. Is there a docker or plugin where i can fetch the emails from those email adreses via Imap?
  18. Im wondering how to restore a VM backup.
  19. is it possible to change some sections from the like the first row to the second or rd row on the frontpage? because my first row is getting long while the 2nd and 3rd are the standard ones.
  20. Swap stopped renewing my Letsencrypt cert since this week. i didnt change anything in the docker or any config file of this docker. i do it via DNS which always worked the credentials are in the ini file at that location. Failed to renew certificate .nl with error: Missing properties in credentials configuration file /config/dns-conf/transip.ini: * Property "certbot_dns_transip:dns_transip_key_file" not found (should be RSA key file(convert with openssl rsa -in transip.key -out decrypted_key)). * Property "certbot_dns_transip:dns_transip_username" not found (should be Transip username). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - All renewals failed. The following certificates could not be renewed: EDIT: maybe its new or it got removed somehow but after i added and restarted the container its all fixed.
  21. It seems the Linuxserver/rutorrent isnt beeing updated anymore or so. So was checking this. But it has stuff like VPN which i dont need. I can disable it i saw that is ok. BUT can i also move ALL my settings over from the old one to this one ? Just copy some files start and it works again ?
  22. I run all my Dockers on br0. all have a custom IP that i assigned. i read vlan this and vlan that. Why would i want to do that? if it fix the locks that isnt a good reason in my Book because then something is wrong. and the setting this up without the Vlan should not be possible. i just trying to find out why this happens. I dont like answers like So you have put it on Vlan than it works. That sounds to me like when you go with your car to the garage and say my car isnt driving anymore but backwards/reverse still works and the Garage says so then you just drive it in reverse. i had a Medusa docker which was the only one not on br0 but that one seems to be gone after i tried to safe settings. So i have to recreate that one now Its runnin for 5+ days now.
  23. like many i have this problem since upgrading to 6.9.1 from 6.8.3 Im running a docker that runs on bridge. not the custom BR0 ip and that one was also not availble Friday my dockers were still running and could access them. But now that also stopped. I can reboot the server via SSH. But im not planning to do this every X days. So Question. What is the solution to this ? Because the way i see it this is a BUG that started at 6.9.X for me.
  24. i know i can reboot the server. But this problem started at 6.9.1 never had that problem with 6.8.1 and i do have custom ip's for docker yes. Question is if i reboot it does it stay fixed. i dont want to reboot it every X days just because of this "bug".
  25. added the diagnostics that i got via SSH thanekos-diagnostics-20210320-2020.zip