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Application Name: Double Commander
Application Site: https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io/
Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/doublecommander/
Github: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-doublecommander


Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker you have in this thread.

If you are not using Unraid (and you should be!) then please do not post here, rather use the linuxserver.io forum for support.

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10 hours ago, UNOPARATOR said:

The version of double commander is pretty old, any plans to update it to the latest version (0.9.9 beta)? Or you are waiting for the v1.0.0 which is supposedly coming out in a few days postponed 3 months?

Roadmap - Double Commander Bug Tracker (sourceforge.io)

It's the latest stable release they have. If you want beta versions, you have to build it yourself.

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This container doesn't shut down gracefully, so it will always time out when Unraid tries to shut it down (with `docker stop -t xx`, where 'xx' is the Docker stop timeout you've set), e.g., when backing up appdata. The usual trick of adding '--init' under 'Extra Parameters' isn't working either.

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1 hour ago, Johns6977 said:

I left the docker install at default


How do I navigate to my user shares? I cannot find them on double commander gui. 

Default settings from lsio do not include any path mapping to the shares.  Add another path mapping of /mnt/user mapped to /unraid, then you'll find it within the container at /unraid

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