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Will look into it - there is a way to limit the amount of time a shell command can run before returning an error. Thanks for the bug report!

basically, not easily.  you have to write a wrapping function with its own timer and kill command if it times out.
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Will look into it - there is a way to limit the amount of time a shell command can run before returning an error. Thanks for the bug report!


Maybe it can be done in tthe same way as smartctl does it:

Smartctl: Device Read Identity Failed (not an ATA/ATAPI device)A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options.


I don't know how it is implemented in SimpleFeatures, which I still like a lot BTW.


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Issue: Since update Plex to 9.6.0, Simple Feature is not running correct.

On the Main-Page, Button "Stop" and "Sleep" are not longer available.

Also the Sleep plugin shows not all Features.

Can someone help?


I think, there is something wrong with "plex-media-server-plugin-noarch-0.2-ds.plg"


EDIT: I reinstalled "plex-media-server-noarch-" and the Web-Interface and both buttons working again.

So there is a Failure in the other plg-file!


EDIT2: Sorry - this post belongs to the Plex Plugin and not Simple Feature - sorry sorry sorry  :-X



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On 5.0-beta8d and using the latest simple features plugin. How would i go about disabling the status pop ups as it keeps saying unraid has not started even though it has. Liking the other features.

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How soon should I see the STATS graphs appear ?


I get "loading" text for processor, network and memory and it looks like nothing is happening, have been there for a minute or 5 .. Matter of time to gather data or is something wrong ?

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I have the following in cron:


# Run hourly cron jobs at 47 minutes after the hour:

47 * * * * /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.hourly 1> /dev/null


# Run daily cron jobs at 4:40 every day:

40 4 * * * /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.daily 1> /dev/null


# Run weekly cron jobs at 4:30 on the first day of the week:

30 4 * * 0 /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.weekly 1> /dev/null


# Run monthly cron jobs at 4:20 on the first day of the month:

20 4 1 * * /usr/bin/run-parts /etc/cron.monthly 1> /dev/null

#Add sa1 data collection - 1 data point per 2 min

*/2 * * * * /usr/lib/sa/sa1 1 1

02 00 * * * rsync -avz /mnt/user/Users /mnt/user/Users_Yesterday >/dev/null 2>&1

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http://tower:8080 will take you to unmenu


Thanks so much! Goolge[sic] Chrome makes this into a search, however it worked it Firefox


Always wanted to use [sic] for something...


Anyway, typing in http://tower:8080 works fine on Chrome for me. Try adding it as a bookmark or something. I think chrome did the same for me but now it knows what I want, lol. I have a bookmark for SimpleFeatures and I can just type tower:8080 for unmenu.

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Do you have another PHP package installed? Perhaps via unMenu?


I have several stuff installed thru unmenu:



Bandwidth manager & hdparm (shows currently installed, not reinstalled on next reboot but has been rebooted since)

c compiler


jre 6.11



mail & smtp & status email (guess I can remove this with simplefeatures now installed)






Basically it is supporting transmission and subsonic, some of the other stuff is pre-simplefeatures and can be removed from the unmenu I guess.




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Another thought....


Now that we have dropbox running on unraid, and we also have mail.


Would it be possible to set up some kind of share browing and file sending function ?


Send mail to the system with requests to find files and possibly send them back ?  Or send output of a directory listing ?



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I just want to say that you speeding_ant, and those that have helped improve this mod, have done a fantastic job. I've been running 1.0b6 since release day without issue (and previous versions). I would love to see Tom incorporate this into the primary build so that others who are afraid of modifications such as this would be forced to be exposed to it :). Keep up the fantastic work!

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