Do Upgrades to Next Major Version Cost?

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Joining the thread. 

Pretty sure this amazing community won't survive a payment plan, but maybe that's intended.....

If the Pro license isn't grandfathered, I'm sure most of us will drop.

I'm tired of everyone trying to get monthly payments out of their customers.....

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Meh, I do not want to pay a yearly subscription but I will pay for major updates from one version to another.

I do not think the current "Your license is good for every future version" is a sustainable model.  I have no problem, and never have had a problem, being charged for upgrades from one major version to another major version.


Edit: I have a half dozen licensed licenses that would likely have to pay to upgrade, though not all boxes would likely get upgraded if the features in the release were needed/wanted.

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What I am wondering from the linked blog post:


[...] Starter and Unleashed licenses will come with one year of software updates. After that, customers will be able to pay an OPTIONAL extension fee, which makes them eligible for another year of updates. If you choose not to renew, no problem.

Coud a new user use f.e. "Starter" for 1 year, not renew for updates in the 2nd and pay for the updates in the 3rd year, or would he have to "pay" for the updates in the skipped year as well.

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