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3 minutes ago, trurl said:

Probably your server is having a problem reaching the internet. Can you ping github from your server?

I'm actually currently connected to my LAN through Guacamole running on my server.  But yes, I can also confirm that my server can ping github from the terminal window with no issues.

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3 hours ago, trurl said:

Looks like several similar reports on @Squid's threads. He will probably be along soon to give us some insight.

Nothing wrong with the URLs.  What it appears to be is that where ever the users in question are are being blocked from raw.github.com, but have access to raw.githubuser.com (technically, the first redirects to the 2nd, and it works perfectly fine for me, and the urls haven't changed in years in the plugin)

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FCP is reporting this error on my unRAID 6.6.6 box:




The plugins page shows that I'm running version 2018.08.29a of the system stats plugin, which the release notes claim is compatible with 6.6.6 — 2019.01.12 is the first version to set a minimum unRAID version of 6.7.0. (The plugins page, quite correctly, won't let me update to this.)


Is FCP scanning against the latest released version of the plugin rather than the currently installed one? That seems a bit odd to me — and it certainly shouldn't be reporting it as an error when the fix involves installing a release candidate version of unRAID, as that's not really an option for important systems…

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Deprecated plugin fix.common.problems.plg:   

This plugin has been deprecate and should no longer be used due to the following reason(s): Because this plugin has the ability to delete your entire array in the case of a severely misconfigured docker application, it is now deprecated in favour of manually deleting the appdata folders via Krusader and the like. While this plugin should still be functional, it is no recommended to continue to use it

Uhhh...  So the plug-in flagged itself?

Any advise on how to proceed?  Is there a new alternative to Fix Common Problems?

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3 minutes ago, Draven said:

How long is it supposed to take for my first scan? About 5 minutes now...and no progress whatsoever...

After 120 seconds if it doesn't complete, it never will.  Reload the page, and if it doesn't bring that back up, then it's done.  It's on the todo list to change how that popup works

Edited by Squid
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2 hours ago, geekazoid said:

Just an update on my issue with FCP always running a scan automatically when I load the page (do not want) and the scan never ending or giving any feedback to the user.

After reinstalling unraid I still am stuck in a scanning loop. If I reload the page it just scans again.

What do you mean exactly by a reinstall of Unraid? Normally I wouldn't expect a reinstall of Unraid to have any effect on a plugin or much of anything else, since Unraid installs itself fresh from the archives on flash at each boot.


Did that reinstall also include removing and reinstalling the plugin?


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I've reinstalled the plugin. With my data and my configuration, I get this flaw. FCP has updated twice since, no change.

If I got to the FCP page it will run the scan.php script, which I can track in the shell and see it quit after the time runs over. If I reload the FCP settings page, it will just do this again. So I can no use FCP as I was before to list my problems and fix them.

It should never scan automatically when you open that link. Why would I ever want that?

It should provide feedback on a scan's state, and not just leave a floating status with no way for the user to provide input.

Some error handling for timeout would be nice too.

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11 hours ago, geekazoid said:

It should never scan automatically when you open that link. Why would I ever want that?

It only scans when opening that page if no scan has yet completed.  Scans run 10 minutes after start of the array and also on whatever schedule you may or may not choose.

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While testing the "Virtual Machine Wake On Lan" plugin, I discovered that I had two VMs using the same MAC address (sloppy editing of the XML's).  It would be useful if Fix Common Problems could scan the docker configs and VM configs for duplicate MACs, and the docker configs for duplicate IP's.

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On 3/13/2019 at 1:58 AM, Squid said:

If you're running 6.7, then it's no longer there.  Been superseded by the syslog server feature you can find in the Settings tab

I'm running 6.6.7 and it seems the syslog feature is not available with your plugin, but also not available in the Settings tab (available as of 6.7).

Could do with an easy way of tailing syslog but can't seem to be able to until I either upgrade to 6.7 or find some other solution :( 

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