ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

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33 minutes ago, kingpin said:

i have the port set to the same number on both the app on the settings for the plugin


Ok, use port 80 in the app.


It should work (unless you've set a custom emhttp port in the /boot/config/go file).


The app uses the same port as the unRAID webGUI's, it doesn't use the plugin's port defined in the plugin's settings.

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v2.10.0 is now available on Play Store and App Store !


- Server indicators are presented via a scrolling marquee !!!

(If the content exceeds the width of the screen, otherwise it will be static)

- Board & cpu temperature, system load and fan rpms indicators are available.
(Dynamix System Plugin required for version prior to 6.4.x)


- Temperature unit is obtained from unRAID settings.

(ControlR plugin v2.2.0+ must be installed for this to work)


- Timeouts are now applied when pinging the server.

Settings are reset to 1000ms (1s) for both automatic and manual timeouts.

Adjust accordingly as needed.


Additional changes:
- Fix display on iPads
- Fix UI issues on Android (excessive space, wrong circular progress)
- Use native Switch component (Ops tab)
- Fix issue with Back hardware button (Android)

This is a very important release, because showing server indicators had me blocked for a long time.


Now that I was finally able to get it working, new features should come in faster.


The next release will most likely refactor the data (servers) storage structure, which will probably require an app reinstall, but I'll try to convert data to new structure first.


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6 minutes ago, Ashe said:

All working and looks great, only comment is about how the CPU load is shown, is that correct?


That looks awful !!!! :D


My 6.4-rc6 server has an i3-4130T (dual-core), while your AMD A8-7600 is a quad-core.


But the cpu load data comes up completely different.


Let me pm you to ask you for that cpu load data.



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How hard would it be to include a button on the docker tab to show the individual docker logs within the app?

(I would think you could just have it run the browser api (or however apple does in -app browsers) and display the http://tower/$DOCKER/log with a close button) <--- Instead of leaving the app?


I like to monitor some active logs as the dockers are running and this would be a neat feature.


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