[Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

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14 minutes ago, Squid said:

No.  They will only spin up when a write to any of them happen


I figured, but wanted to make sure

Also, I know it is not built into this plugin, but I was wondering if it is possible to have turbo write invoked anytime writes go to certain shares or come in from a certain user (for a windows PC). I have a few shares that are set to not use the cache as the files are sensitive and I would prefer they get written to the encrypted array ASAP.

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55 minutes ago, Mr.meowgi said:

Do we need to enable reconstruct write on disk settings for it to work? Mine is set to auto

Auto in disk settings is correct. The script will change it as needed.

Keep in mind that it won't change instantly, however: It'll take (up to) as long as the polling time to activate.

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Does this work with Unraid 6.10 RC2?


The current status drives spun down (as of last poll) sits at 3 all the time (i have 3 drives plus a parity in my array), even when all drives are spun up, and the polling time is set very short.


I can get it to activate turbo writes by setting the Disks Allowed To Be Spun Down Before Invoking Turbo Mode to 3, but I want to be able to set this to 2 or 1 so that turbo writes will only kick in if most of my drives are spun up anyway.


EDIT: had a reab back about smartctl and hdparm, and looks like my USB enclosure for my drive isnt passing this info through correctly :(

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